My Newsweek 1.30.10

Since last week …

  • James Taylor came up in a conversation.  You either love him or hate him and it may be a generational thing, which is interesting because I have been impressed how “my” music overlaps with my children’s music.

See full size image

So I give you a litte James this week  (and some then and now images) … http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5BGlTV1ywmQ

Maybe it’s the hair??

And my good friend Cary reminded me of her blog post on JT  where she compared him to Mister Rogers —  I’ve Seen Fire, and I’ve Seen Rain « Holy Vernacular!

  • Recombobulation Area … 

Daniel Pink  found this at  Milwaukee’s airport.

I posted it on FB and had a great discussion about “discombobulate” — we southerners thought it was a southern expression … unique to our mammas!  Right CHS and EWP?

Obviously I run around with a crowd of discombobulated folks … all in need of a “Recombobulation Area”

Emotionally intelligent signage . . . in an airport? | Daniel Pink

  • I wonder if anyone’s child in 70 years will be proclaiming that their father “held the ropes” for the stars at the Avatar premiere?

  • [SB10001424052748704509704575019331456584838]

Another interesting architectural tidbit; this one on the history of golf clubs/country clubs — From the WSJ – The 19th Hole Goes Back to Golf –All-Purpose Clubhouses Are Giving Way to Havens More Focused on the Game

  • My first Twitter Party — I don’t think I would do it again.  It is very distracting when watching a show.  Tweeting is enjoyable for sporting events … since I never pay attention anyway.  Masterpiece | Emma | PBS
  • fun …

“But the tablet seems driven by nothing more than desire. Just take a breath…put the tablet down…and back away…slowly.”

  • This week, Tom Marshburn (Davidson ’82) returned to campus and talked  about his experiences as an astronaut and his first space shuttle mission last summer (“What I did for my summer vacation …”) . It was interesting on so many fronts.  He was someone who fulfilled a lifelong dream, yet was “happy at every stage of life”.  Here are two posts from Davidson.net about his visit.

Marshburn with students

  • Interesting story of Davidson student’s success.
Student’s Paper for Economics Class Merits Publication in International Journal  …
  • I just love the Clydesdales.  In marketing at its best, my mom always chose her holiday beer pruchases by who had the best ads.  The clydesdale ads are by far some of the best.  This article links you to A-B’s post 9-11 clydesdale ad.  I vote for the clydesdales.

  • And Joni posted this on her daughter’s wall …

“The first fall of snow is not only an event, it is a magical event. You go to bed in one kind of a world and wake up in another quite different, and if this is not enchantment then where is it to be found? ” – J. B. Priestley

There don’t seem to be enough nice things to say about Davidson’s Stephen Curry.  Stephen Curry: The son also rises – CharlotteObserver.com

And thank you all for the kind birthday wishes (one of my favorites was from Davidson friend James Baskin “Alenda Lux Ubi Happy Birthitas” … a play on Davidson’s motto – “Alenda Lux Ubi Orta Libertas” (Latin)/”Let Learning Be Cherished Where Liberty Has Arisen” (English)) … It was a great day.  I accomplished something (a new driver’s license), got something for free (Daniel Pink’s Drive),  shared time with friends, ate a good meal, and enjoyed family.  It was a great day!

Love to you all …

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