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My World News & Reports 2.27.2010


Just when I am feeling guilty thinking my week is boring … there is a major earthquake, and I think who cares  if I am bored …

The World: “The last major earthquake worldwide was the 7-magnitude quake that hit Haiti on Jan. 12 and devastated the country, killing more than 200,000 people. Under the scale used to measure the shaking strength of quakes, Saturday’s quake in Chile was about 500 times stronger than the one in Haiti, according to media reports.”  Tsunami warnings across Pacific after Chile quake – MarketWatch

Davidson/Movies: Should I see it just because a Davidsonian is the executive producer?  Laeta Kalogridis ’87: English Major at the Movies

Davidson/Life: I wish I had taken a classics at Davidson … “Pay Attention!” 300 Words from a Davidson Classroom

Encore Careers: From Wall Street to Mancakes: A Lawyer Turns to Cupcakes –

Bank of America: Hugh McColl: ‘No regret’ about building Bank of America into giant –

Life: Be lucky – it’s an easy skill to learn

Design: Interesting article about the impact of 2010 Olympic symbol. Thee Vancouver Olympics Logo: A Pile of Rocks –

Places: I always loved the Duck Pond … as a child feeding the ducks and as an adult visiting a family friend Olga Duffy. Great memories!
“Nestled away in the heart of Buckhead, the duck pond is a small, quiet greenspace that is a sanctuary for many of the city’s wild creatures. Originally a development of Peachtree Heights East made by Eretus Rivers in 1932, his widow, Una Sperry Rivers, declared the duck pond area a park for the residents.”

Detail – Northside – Neighbor Newspapers

So two major earthquakes in 2010.  So what is news or interesting to me is really irrelevant.  I will rethink blogging about this.  I am intrigued by “encore careers”  … so maybe that is why I am doing this.  Trying to figure out what is next.



Dennard’s CLT OBSERVER – Mostly Local Section 2.20.2010


This week was filled with personal things.  Valentine’s day, Presidents’ Day and Mardi Gras and Lent.  It made me think of winter and food and chocolate and religion.

Architecture:  “After the success of the Guggenheim in Bilbao [Spain], people have been talking about the so-called “Bilbao Effect,” the effect of a sculptural building helping a small town. I wanted to design a museum that is monumental but also functional as a museum.”  Japan’s Shigeru Ban has designed Centre Pompidou-Metz, a new contemporary art museum in northeastern France.

Wow, Shigeru Ban “created temporary shelters in disaster zones from paper tubes in 1995, building short-term housing for earthquake survivors in Kobe, Japan. Since then, he has used tubes to build schools in Sichuan, China (after the earthquake there in 2008), and a music hall in L’Aquila, Italy (following an earthquake last year).”

(source:  Architecture –

Buildings made with paper tubes … Just found this fascinating.

Life:  I don’t follow haute couture, but Alexander McQueen’s death and the related press coverage has been interesting.  “The twisted tale of two larger-than-life eccentrics at the pinnacle of haute couture who committed suicide within three years of each other is more like something out of an F. Scott Fitzgerald novel than the Twitter era.”

(source: Alexander McQueen and Isabella Blow Were a Star-Crossed Pair – AOL News)

When an article references F. Scott Fitzgerald, muses, twitter, suicide … it has to be edgy.

Davidson – Steph Curry: Knock on wood …

“When comparing the three players, there’s one thing that stands out between them: The fact that Jennings and Evans still have major growth to do with their games.Curry, on the other hand, has proven that he’s the most complete rookie so far. His numbers may not reflect this in terms of the points per game average, but his ability to score in a variety of ways and his tremendous court vision Curry is far from a one dimensional player.At the end of the regular season, it shouldn’t be a surprise when the Rookie of the Year is announced and it’s Curry walking home with the award.”  (source:

My Davidson and sports fans liked this (LBB and JSM).  But EWP, one of my oldest friends,  challenged my interest in basketball.  So I had to respond  … I’m just like my mom. I get attached to certain personalities. If it weren’t for Curry I could care less. But I have always liked college basketball, then braves and baseball, then college and pro football. Pro basketball is not really on my list. But I like Curry. So I will watch for him. …

If you are not a Curry fan, I am sorry … because I will continue to post updates.

But I have always liked college basketball, then braves and baseball, then college and pro football. Pro basketball is not really on my list. But I like Curry. So I will watch for him.

Winter Olympics 2010: No curling til the 26th! 😦  My new favorite winter olympic sport.

Olympic Schedules | Winter Games | 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics | Today’s Schedule

Political Cartoons: This one IMO hit both  Palin and Obama.

(Source – February 13, 2010 – February 19, 2010 – Cartoons of the Week –

Davidson – Steph Curry: It’s going to be fun to follow his career!

Curry finishes 2nd, one-ups dad –

ASG and BK   … what’s not to like!

RIP – John Wayt, Jr. : A friend’s dad died last week. I always cry when an extended father or mother passes. Mr. Wayt was gruff and funny and down to earth. He was the original model for the cartoon character Mark Trail. To Marty, her mom and family, I want you to know how much those great memories mean to so many. We will miss you, Mr. Wayt.
Obituary for John Wayt – H.M. Patterson & Son, Funeral Directors, Atlanta, GA

Jane Austen: Pride & Prejudice in Emoticons … pretty funny … 🙂

-and –

Stephen Colbert’s take on Jane Austen and Baseball. Hilarious!

I am so glad there are other Janeites out there!

Holidays/Life/Apple iPad: As I sit with my laptop, watching tv and surfing, I am beginning to think Steve Jobs may be on to something with the iPad.  And JBT did not even comment on the ecard I sent him!   Hope you had a wonderful VD!

Nothing Steve Jobs ever creates could fully replace you in my life |

Holidays: After seeing criticism about poor food choices for MLK Day, I researched what would Washington and Lincoln eat.  I am glad Presidents’ Day is not a food day!

Happy Birthday (actually 2-22), George!

Most holidays have a food association … maybe I am glad this is not the case!”According to Brookes, they sat down to a leg of boiled pork, a goose, roast beef, cold boiled beef, mutton chops, hominy, cabbage, potatoes, pickles, fried tripe and onions.”

So toast old George today –

“The hero whose birth we celebrate — may the virtuous principles which ever have influenced his conduct be preserved through succeeding generations.”

Source: Papers of George Washington


Happy Presidents’ Day, Abe!

When it comes to food, I think I am more in tune with Lincoln.
“President Lincoln did have two favorite dishes, Chicken_Fricassee with Biscuits and Oyster_Stew. Actually, he loved oysters just about any way they were served. His dessert tastes were simple as well with Apple_Pie being a favorite. His seldom drank alcohol of any sort. Water was his favorite beverage. On one occasion, a hamper of choice imported wines was sent to Mrs. Lincoln for use at White House functions. She sent it on to a military hospital saying, “I never use any and Mr. Lincoln never touches any.” Alcoholic beverages were seldom served at White House entertainments.”

Source: Lincoln’s Favorite Foods

I agree with EWP … Fried Tripe–yum, NOT

Children/Places:  It’s confirmed.  jack made a good choice.

“If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands.”

Boulder rated happiest, healthiest city in U.S. in new Gallup poll – Boulder Daily Camera

Basketball: Not a surprise … Larry Brown: Michael Jordan intent on buying Bobcats –

Davidson: Really neat story about a Davidson grad… » A School Grows in Brooklyn: ‘Saw 6′ v. Barnes & Noble

Architecture/Design: Slide show of design and architecture at the 2010 Olympics.  Designing the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics | Slideshows

Design: A little long … but definitely one of the coolest things have seen in a while.

The 9-Minute History of Charlotte, NC, in an Animated Pop-Up Map …

Media/Davidson ’82: Very interesting Admissions Video. Viral Video: Yale University’s Admissions Video | Kara Swisher | BoomTown | AllThingsD

Funny extra … If you go to the version below, you will see the daughter of a fellow Davidsonian. ” She’s wearing a blue. and white wide-striped shirt with a bright yellow cardigan. … pause the version below at 13:37 you’ll see her a couple rows back. ”

Education: New Plan Would Let High Schoolers Graduate Early – i agree with Mp that there is some value in spending four years in a place.

Movies: I wonder if John would do this??  Man Endures 30 Chick Flicks in 30 Days –

I joke that HIS “perfect” movie would have naked women shooting guns on horseback in a submarine/spaceship … and he jokes that HER perfect movie involves two people staring at each other never leaving the confines of 4 walls … but with a great view.

Religion: “Lent is a time for intentionality of care for the interior self. Not for self’s sake at all, but so that it will be “good soil” to receive the Resurrection Word.” Source: The Fast Track « Hopelens Blog

Life: Well, I can’t imagine life without a good library. More people check out their libraries – BackTalk

Local Eats: … had a delightful lunch (grilled cheese sandwich and cup of corn chowder at Mert’s) with delightful friends (Barb and Allison) … great recommendation ASG!  Mert’s Heart and Soul Restaurant Charlotte NC Merts Official Site

Bookshelf/Book Club:  … just finished this month’s book club selection – The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. Have you read it? What did you think?  The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

I hope you had a week filled with good things. Thanks for sharing my week EWP, ARM, LHM, MP, CHS, EWM, ASG, BK, JSM, LBB.



Some weeks are PEOPLE weeks 2.13.10

This week was a week was a week of beauty, the beauty of winter.  It was a “historic” snow for those in the mid-Atlantic and those in the deep South.  It was also wonderful to read fun articles about Valentine’s Day, Happiness and Steph Curry’s great game on Wednesday.  And then the garden articles are starting … everyone is hopeful for spring!  Politics seemed to take a back seat … maybe because Washington was snowed in.  But still there was room in the spotlight for Sarah Palin and Jenny Sanford.  (Are they really politics or just tabloid news?) It seems strange that the Super Bowl was just a week ago … still thrilled for the Saints. And the Olympics began last night (is Vancouver the on only place in NA without snow?) … saddened by the death of the Georgian luger.  I tell people I love winter.  When I look out on my yard this morning glistening in the sunny cold of the day  … I smile and take another sip of my homemade latte. Life is not just good, it is beautiful.

Weather/Snow: “Patrick Marsh said it’s likely by the end of the week snow will be on the ground in all 50 states.”

Everybodys first question is… Hawaii??  And the answer is yes, even in Hawaii at the tops of mountains.

OU Student Collecting Pictures of Snow in All 50 States –

Bookshelf: I would love to meet Gretchen Rubin. Has anyone read her book?  The Happiness Project

Garden: If you are into Urban Gardening … Boulder Community Roots Farm.  I could so see Davidson doing this!

Holidays:  Professor explains economics of true love |

This is fun … crazy college professors get to have fun.

Davidson- Stephen Curry: “… in the words of a headline writer at the San Francisco Chronicle, he “exploded.” Said the Chronicle’s Rusty Simmons: ‘There was already a growing sentiment that franchise-future Stephen Curry was a better player without franchise-face Ellis on the court. The Warriors’ 132-102 humiliation of the Clippers on Wednesday night at Oracle Arena will do nothing but add fervor to that opinion.’ “

Curry’s 36 lead Warriors to big win over Clippers | Sports

Favorite NBA player is doing great.  Hope to see him play in Charlotte in March.

Garden:  “Some gardeners skip the glossy seed catalogs and turn to seed exchanges. These frequently offer unusual varieties of plants not typically found in catalogs, whether it’s a species grown by few collectors, or an ‘heirloom’ seed passed down for generations.”  See For Old, Rare Plants, Gardeners Turn to Seed Exchanges –

I loved MP’s “heirloom bulb” memory.  It makes me want to recreate some favorite gardens from my past … maybe I will plant a magnolia tree this year!

LifeValentine’s Day might be lonely in Chapel Hill –

This article has generated a lot of conversation.  As a mother of  three, one son in college, one son to go next year and a daughter in a few more  years, I think this amazing how their social life is different from ours.  The original article appeared last Sunday in the NYT and the journalist has been challenged on it.  See On College Campuses, a Shortage of Men – -and- NYT reporter answers questions about ‘New Math’ | .

What do you think about their dating culture? Is a generation’s dating culture  negatively impacted  where gender ratios are skewed towards females?

Thanks EWM and LNB for participation here.

LifeCarry a Poem

“Edinburgh is Carrying a Poem this February! Our annual City of Literature reading campaign is giving away thousands of free books & poetry pocketcards, and we’ve planned a month of poetry events.”

I found this neat cultural program via this post in
My favorite Atlanta poem was written by an Irishman by Keith Graham | .  Mr. Graham’s favorite poem was FLYING INTO ATLANTA by the late Irish poet Robert Greacen.

A velvet evening at fall’s end,
Day in retreat, I flying high
Look down on diamond lights.
John Keats, come with me now.
Let’s travel in these realms.
Un-misted, mellow, fruitful,
And drink from brimming beakers
Above this city’s radiance,
Nor speak of hemlock, nightingales,
Or northern islands we have fled.
Through this rich Georgian sky
We’ll ride in dazzlement
Deep in romantic images
Yet hear a voice proclaim:
O my America, my new-found land!

NOTE: Protestant Without a Horse was published by Lagan Press in Belfast and copyrighted by Robert Greacen.

So all this made me ask: What poem would I carry?

I would carry Sidney Lanier’s Song of the Chattahoochee .  My dad would recite this every time we drove through the mountains.

Are they doing this in the US?

-and –

What does it take to be named a UNESCO City of Literature?  Edinburgh is one … who else?

Edinburgh UNESCO City of Literature logo

Politics and  People: “Only one GOP congressman is on the guest list – Louisiana Republican Rep. Joseph Cao. And he’s the only Republican in the House or Senate who supported health care legislation.” Only One GOP Rep Going to White House Super Bowl Party — Politics Daily

Although ARM thinks I post things just to antagonize her … I really just love the dialogue.

This post lead into a great discussion of Mrs. Sanford and Todd Palin.  So we really were more PEOPLE than Washington Post this week.
But from this article, I wondered if other republicans were  invited and declined? Or would the president just leave himself open to attack?  And does it matter who the president invites/are there any purely social occasions at the WH?
Love to you all … I hope you too are enjoying the beauty of winter and the love of friends and family.  Happy Valentine’s Day!

It’s about TIME 02.06.10

This week —

Politics: Did anyone else think this Gallup Poll interesting?  Ideology: Three Deep South States Are the Most Conservative

“Nationwide, conservatives outnumbered liberals by nearly 2 to 1, 40% to 21%, in 2009, with 36% identifying as moderates. Although the proportion of self-identified liberals has increased in recent years, it still ranks well below the proportion of conservatives or moderates in the United States.

Consequently, only in the District of Columbia did more residents identify as liberal than as conservative in 2009. ”

ARM and I had our usual political discussion … but I agree with her, “They’re stereotyping us! Damn Yankees! There are a lot of liberals in the south and people who are middle of the road too…”

It is the middle of the road piece that  fascinates me. Conservatives everywhere seem more inclined to claim the conservative label. Liberals don’t want to claim it, but rather claim the middle and vote with the left. I just though it very interesting. Only DC had more people claiming to be liberal than people claiming to be conservative. So the middle, those with no affiliation in  name or to a party, are really in control … maybe that is how it ought to be.

Do you think these numbers are interesting? As expected?

And these two articles about the role of a spouse in politics intrigued/disturbed me.

“It’s not clear from the e-mails whether there was a policy, unspoken or otherwise, that Todd Palin be copied in on certain matters either because he was a key adviser or a mere backstop to the governor.

Palin E-mails Suggest Todd Was Intimately Involved In Governing

“During Mr. Sanford’s first years as governor, said Joel Sawyer, his former spokesman, he consulted Mrs. Sanford on policy. “She attended a few meetings with other officials.” But she wanted to spend more time as a wife and a mother.”

(Anne McQuary for The New York Times)

Lunch at the Governor’s Mansion With Jenny Sanford –

Is this any different from Gov. Palin’s husband’s actively participating?

Travel: Just found this interesting.  Inside Disney’s exclusive Club 33, where the recession doesn’t seem to matter

“Located behind a nondescript green door marked “33” in Disneyland’s New Orleans Square, the members-only five-star restaurant was built by Walt Disney in 1967 as a place where he could privately entertain guests and dignitaries that visited the theme park. ”

Bob T. noted that he has a friend in L.A. who worked for Disney for years who mentioned “Club 33” one time, and he asked him about it. “Thought it might be where they stored Walt.”

Retail Goods; Miss Manners:  I loved this product.  Now who could I give a set?  Supposedly these were created by a friend’s friend’s niece … very creative … or am I just showing my age?

Manners Napkins Set of 6 in Linen Ginger Color

Manners Napkins Set of 6 in Linen Ginger Color

I also enjoyed a conversation on FB with a friend who had an  great aunt who would not allow you to put a ketchup bottle on the table.  I have similar relatives in my gene pool.  Loved laughing about memories of my white glove … no ketchup on the table .. you must eat fries and bacon with a fork … grandmother!

Supreme Court – As I have mentioned, I am fascinated by the Supreme Court, by the institution, by the people who are privileged to be appointed as justices, by the people who are privileged to work there.  President Obama highlighted this institution when he publicly challenged a ruling in his State of the Union Address on January 27, 2010.  He was applauded from both sides of the aisle.  This part of his speech was further highlighted when Justice Alito muttered, “Not true.”  I think the President’s comments  and Justice Alito’s mutterings were both inappropriate.

But because of the SCOTUS’s controversial ruling, the President’s comments at the SOTU Address and Justice Alito’s remark, my favorite branch of government has received much press in the last few weeks.

Here are a few of my favorites …

“Justice Thomas would not directly address the controversy over Mr. Obama’s criticism of the Citizens United ruling or Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr.’s mouthed “not true” in response. But he did say he had stopped attending the addresses.

“I don’t go because it has become so partisan and it’s very uncomfortable for a judge to sit there,” he said, adding that “there’s a lot that you don’t hear on TV — the catcalls, the whooping and hollering and under-the-breath comments.”

“One of the consequences,” he added in an apparent reference to last week’s address, “is now the court becomes part of the conversation, if you want to call it that, in the speeches. It’s just an example of why I don’t go.””  (Source: Justice Thomas Defends Campaign Finance Ruling –

This lack of respect shown by all parties in politics which is now carried over to the Supreme Court is disturbing.

I thought this an interesting comment – “Last week, when Obama took the nearly unprecedented step of criticizing the court’s opinion in a major campaign finance case during his State of the Union speech, some believed he was showcasing for the American people that presidential elections, and Supreme Court nominations count.” (source: White House Prepares for Possibility of Two Supreme Court Vacancies – ABC News)

Sandra O’Connor’s Choice: What Her Missing Supreme Court Vote Means to Women and America — PoliticsDaily…

Two more appointments for President Obama … this would be very big.

White House Prepares for Possibility of Two Supreme Court Vacancies – ABC News

Supreme Court Ruling Renews Rumors of Justice John Paul Stevens’ Retirement – Sphere News.

Southern Fare – I have served biscuits, grits, black eyed peas, turnips to many a wary Yank!  When we lived in Chicago I would make sure our guests had grits or biscuits and baked cheese.  Also loved to share New Year’s – Southern Style – black-eyed peas, turnips and pork.  I hope we brought them a little luck.

Convenient Food for the Soul by Mike Cox |

“There has been a lot of conversation about soul food lately. A school system in Denver is in trouble for trying to honor Dr. Martin Luther King by serving fried chicken and collards.”

An aside … I like Old Fashioned “Real” Grits or Instant Grits.  i don’t like Quick Grits.

And why couldn’t the MLK Family tell us what he liked to eat … rather than giving the press the leeway to  make an issue of it.  For that matter, Societies honoring our Presidents could tell us what they like to eat, and schools, etc could put it on the menu for President’s Day.  So my question for President Obama, MLK Family, Mount Vernon Society  .. what is your favorite lunch?

Home: I’d like to take Ms. Fagan to Pineview GA. I think she would like it.

“Never did he feel more at peace than during those years when he returned to the land and landscape of his place in the world.   …  A sense of place is a powerful emotion.”

Ms. Fagan’s Uncle is from Jasper County, GA (the red county marked).  My mom’s family is from Pineview/Wilcox County, GA which is due South about an hour.  This little town of maybe 500 brings back such wonderful memories to those who have ventured down.  As Ms. Jasper says, “A sense of place is a powerful emotion.” Other friends noted similar emotional attachments to places —   to hometowns or communities (e.g., my childhood neighborhood, Brookwood Hills – a small enclave neighborhood close to downtown Atlanta) or to various childhood retreats, camps, grandparents’ hometowns or vacation communities.

Bookshelf:  I Am reading Tunneling to the Center of the Earth … Thanks, EEG for the recommendation.

“This is not to say that the book isn’t daring and often exquisitely tender. But as Wilson continues to dig into the texture and mystery of the world, his fiction should grow, like his best characters, in strange and remarkable ways. Assuming, of course, he doesn’t blow up first.”  Book Review – ‘Tunneling to the Center of the Earth – Stories,’ by Kevin Wilson – Review –

Anyone, besides EEG and her students, read it?

Biblical References — When a WSJ article references Deuteronomy, Bambi and James Bond (and the latter two in the title) in the title,  how could I pass it up.

“The Persian fallow deer stands about 3 feet tall at the shoulder, with a tawny coat, white spots and flattened antlers like those of a small moose. In the book of Deuteronomy, the deer was listed as one of the hoofed animals the Hebrews were allowed to eat. The Book of Kings says the animal was tithed to King Solomon by his subjects.”


How Bambi Met James Bond to Save Israel’s ‘Extinct’ Deer — It Took Cloak-and-Dagger Effort to Return Creatures From Iran to Biblical Home. Modern-Day Noah Returns Biblical Animals to Israel –

Words:  After discussing Recombobulate/Discombobulate,  EWP noted the following:

“Just heard a sportscaster on ESPN X Games use the terms “discombobulated,” and “combobulated” when describing how a trick skier keeps from getting dizzy during his wild spinning as he runs through his routine in the half pipe. I wonder if the writer had seen that same article you posted the other day?!”

And this is a really cool dictionary … Visuwords™ online graphical dictionary and thesaurus (0f course I looked up “discombobulate.”)

Bookshelf/YA Lit:  I read Rebecca Stead’s When You Reach Me last summer because a review said it used L’Engle’s A Wrinkle in Time as a theme (time travel). Since A Wrinkle in Time was my favorite childhood book, I was intrigued. I found it enjoyable. The book has now won the 2010 Newberry. Has anyone read it? Has your child read it? Would love to hear your thoughts. Rebecca Stead Wins Newbery for a New York Children’s Novel –

“In this taut novel, every word, every sentence, has meaning and substance. A hybrid of genres, it is a complex mystery, a work of historical fiction, a school story and one of friendship, with a leitmotif of time travel running through it. Most of all the novel is a thrilling puzzle. Stead piles up clues on the way to a moment of intense drama, after which it is pretty much impossible to stop reading until the last page.” – CHILDREN’S BOOKS – Summer Reading Chronicle

Loved discussing “scary” children’s/YA lit with DHD.  Did anyone else find books or stories that they loved as a child disturbing as an adult?

Travel: Do you look at SkyMall? I have to admit I do. I, too, am “charmed by the King Tut Life-Sized Cabinet … for a variety of reasons.”  Now really, what would anyone do with a King Tut Life-Sized Cabinet?

SkyMall Monday: Travel Writer Favorites |

The Good Old Days:  “And, of course, I remember stating with absolute certainty that I would never be one of those guys who sat around remembering the good old days.”  Life, Stories, Talk of the South: The Good Old Days by Raymond L. Atkins |

Education: The Atlanta Public Schools System is building a new high school.  I live in Charlotte, and yes, we have a county-wide school system, but our public schools are busting at the seams and have been for a long time.  How can Atlanta have gotten by with one public high school and one public middle school for North Atlanta/Buckhead. It seems unfathomable.  Well, now they are planning a new high school and revamping the old one as a second middle school … so they still will have only one public high school for all on North Atlanta/Buckhead. That is a huge geographic area and a large population area. In Charlotte, within 20 minutes (10 miles) of my house, there are 4 public high schools, go out another 10 miles (30 minutes) and there are 4, maybe 5 more, each with over 2000 students.  Amazing.  I was thinking about it.  Until the early 70’s there were three high schools in North Atlanta/Buckhead: Northside (now North Atlanta), North Fulton and Dykes.   In the last 40 years, where did all those students go? Private Schools … or to Fulton County, Cobb County and Gwinnett County Schools?  A quality public school system should be provided to all.  Atlanta will build new high school in Buckhead |

Jane: Kinda silly .. but kinda fun.  Under the Mad Hat: Pride and Twitterverse|

A Mr Bingley–worth 50,000 followers a year–has joined Twitter! He’s brought a friend, Mr Darcy–worth 100,000 followers a year! Pls RT
@JaneB @LizzyB @MaryBsaphorisms @KittyB @LydiaB I will have one of you girls married into internet fame yet. Just you wait”

Great week this week.  Turning 50 is not so bad.  Only regret is that we were not a part of the greaat snow.  I am jealous of my DC/VA friends!

Love to you all … D

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