My World News & Reports 2.27.2010


Just when I am feeling guilty thinking my week is boring … there is a major earthquake, and I think who cares  if I am bored …

The World: “The last major earthquake worldwide was the 7-magnitude quake that hit Haiti on Jan. 12 and devastated the country, killing more than 200,000 people. Under the scale used to measure the shaking strength of quakes, Saturday’s quake in Chile was about 500 times stronger than the one in Haiti, according to media reports.”  Tsunami warnings across Pacific after Chile quake – MarketWatch

Davidson/Movies: Should I see it just because a Davidsonian is the executive producer?  Laeta Kalogridis ’87: English Major at the Movies

Davidson/Life: I wish I had taken a classics at Davidson … “Pay Attention!” 300 Words from a Davidson Classroom

Encore Careers: From Wall Street to Mancakes: A Lawyer Turns to Cupcakes – WSJ.com

Bank of America: Hugh McColl: ‘No regret’ about building Bank of America into giant – CharlotteObserver.com

Life: Be lucky – it’s an easy skill to learn

Design: Interesting article about the impact of 2010 Olympic symbol. Thee Vancouver Olympics Logo: A Pile of Rocks – WSJ.com

Places: I always loved the Duck Pond … as a child feeding the ducks and as an adult visiting a family friend Olga Duffy. Great memories!
“Nestled away in the heart of Buckhead, the duck pond is a small, quiet greenspace that is a sanctuary for many of the city’s wild creatures. Originally a development of Peachtree Heights East made by Eretus Rivers in 1932, his widow, Una Sperry Rivers, declared the duck pond area a park for the residents.”

Detail – Northside – Neighbor Newspapers

So two major earthquakes in 2010.  So what is news or interesting to me is really irrelevant.  I will rethink blogging about this.  I am intrigued by “encore careers”  … so maybe that is why I am doing this.  Trying to figure out what is next.


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