you say goodbye and i say hello … hello, hello … i don’t know why you say goodbye, i say hello … hello, hello – The Beatles week ending 5.1.2010

5.1.2010 … derby is today … relaxing at home … playing with a new toy … jack starts exams …

pirates, secrets: I admit it .. I love pirates … both fictional and non-fictional … and my great-niece was born on National Talk Like a Pirate Day!

“We might be able to look at the construction techniques and come up with a time frame, but there are no physical tests we can do such as carbon dating.”

Lawrence said that they will continue to look for candidates but they have searched the North Carolina database and none match. They might look at ships reported as sinking off Virginia to find a better match.

Included in the list of artifacts found are coins from about 1640.

via The Outer Banks Sentinel.

Apple, random: … and quite funny.  In case you were wondering my new toy arrived yesterday. 🙂  Oh, and Daily Show videos do not work on iPhones/iPads … that Flash thing!


Microsoft was supposed to be the evil one, but now Apple is busting down doors in Palo Alto while Bill Gates rids the world of mosquitoes.

via Video: Appholes | The Daily Show | Comedy Central.

business, brands: This is a followup to an earlier post.

Under the terms of the deal, which is expected to close at the end of the second quarter, Iconix will own 80% of the business, while the Schultz estate will hold the remainder. Though United Media owns the licensing rights to an array of brands from Dilbert to Good Night Moon, the majority of its licensing revenue is generated from deals involving the Peanuts characters. Retailers sell more than $2 billion worth of merchandise featuring United Media’s licensed brands annually.

via Rights to Older Comic Strip Characters Worth Millions – DailyFinance

quotes: Agree? Disagree?

“Natural inclinations are assisted and reinforced by education, but they are hardly ever altered or overcome.”

— Montaigne

via The Happiness Project: “Natual Inclinations Are Assisted…By Education, But They Are Hadly Ever Altered or Overcome.”.

4.30.2010 … coffee with catbird … waiting for a toy to arrive … last night, two owls were sitting on our basketball goal .. very hogwarts-ish …

great headlines, RIP, icon: This article tells the history of an iconic coffee cup … doesn’t that grab your attention!

It was for decades the most enduring piece of ephemera in New York City and is still among the most recognizable. Trim, blue and white, it fits neatly in the hand, sized so its contents can be downed in a New York minute. It is as vivid an emblem of the city as the Statue of Liberty, beloved of property masters who need to evoke Gotham at a glance in films and on television.

via Leslie Buck, Designer of Iconic Coffee Cup, Dies at 87 – Obituary (Obit) – NYTimes.com.

random, Atlanta: cops take to the roofs at Krispy Kreme …

Cops will take to the roofs of 14 Krispy Kreme shops beginning at 6 a.m. Monday until 6 p.m. Sunday. Donate as little as $5 and you’ll receive a sweet treat, according to organizers of the “Cops on Doughnut Shops” event.

via Cop + doughnuts = money for a good cause  | ajc.com.

environment: I had not been paying attention … until today.

As the oil nears shore, environmental experts say the damage may equal or even eclipse the 1989 Exxon Valdez spill off the southern coast of Alaska, the worst oil spill in U.S. history and one of the worst environmental disasters in decades.

via Oil Spill Reaches Mississippi River – CBS News.

first time for everything: … two owls were sitting on our basketball goal .. very hogwarts-ish

Jane Austen: You can just laugh at me … I love the P&P Annotated version … this S&S sounds odd.

Many of the annotations deal with scenes from film adaptations, which help to clarify them in relation to the book (look for the camera symbol). With the inclusion of these film annotations, Bethany House rightly assumes that many people reading Jane Austen for the first time seek out her novels only after seeing a movie based on her novel.

via Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen, the Insight Edition: A Review « Jane Austen’s World.

random, places: I loved trying to figure these out … GuessTheSpot.com – How well do you know landmarks?.

people, Supreme Court: A good friend, a lawyer that I respect, thinks Ms. Warren is our best choice for  SCOTUS.  I think she is brilliant … but I am confused why she would want banks to have to deal with 50 states consumer acts.

“Walmart operates in all 50 states, and it doesn’t come to Washington demanding that Congress protect it from state laws that demand workplace safety or environmental standards or anything else,” she said.

“Every other industry views compliance with state laws as a minor administrative cost of doing business. The big banks aren’t worried about the difficulty of following local laws — they have lawyers and computers to figure it out. Besides, thousands of little banks do it every day,” she added.

In the House, bank-friendly Democrats led by Melissa Bean of Illinois watered down what was initially a strong provision that effectively neutered the OCC’s authority to preempt state laws on everything from capping ATM fees to reducing overdraft charges and banning abusive home mortgage loans.

“Every day that goes by without a clear set of rules in place to guide our economy into the future is a day that costs us money,” she said. “Every credit card, payday loan, car loan and check overdraft that hides another fee or another bizarre interest calculation in the fine print costs American families. Every Too Big to Fail that takes on a little more risk, or leverages up just a little more, or that sucks capital away from another business that doesn’t have a government guarantee at no charge costs American families. Every lousy product sold to a family, to a retirement fund, or to a local township costs American families.

via Elizabeth Warren: GOP Reform Plan Is A Failure, Republicans Choosing Banks Over Families.

green, technology: OK, you have to admit this is pretty cool looking …

Hackenberg introduced the VW bik.e, a battery-powered two-wheeler that resembles a bicycle without the pedals.

via VW’s First Ever Two-Wheeler Fits in Your Spare Tire Compartment | Fast Company.

tv, culture:

The talk-show queen will “have more riveting conversations with the people we all want to hear from, in some very unexpected places,” a statement from the Oprah Winfrey Network said earlier this month. “From the Taj Mahal to her beloved oak trees, the Great Wall to her own teahouse, it’s a whole new kind of Oprah show.”

via Oprah Winfrey Embrances Indian Culture, From Bollywood to Padma Lakshmi – Speakeasy – WSJ.

Supreme Court: What are other criteria?

What should the president’s calculation be in balancing merit, diversity and political experience?

via Who Should Be the Next Justice? – Room for Debate Blog – NYTimes.com.


In a test conducted by researchers from the University of Cologne, participants on a putting green who were told they were playing with a “lucky ball” sank 6.4 putts out of 10, nearly two more putts, on average, than those who weren’t told the ball was lucky. That is a 35% improvement. The results suggest new thinking in how to view luck and are intriguing to behavorial psychologists.

via The Power of Lucky Charms – WSJ.com.

education, Charlotte:

Local administrators — and the Department of Education in Washington — should be paying close attention to what is happening in North Carolina’s Charlotte-Mecklenburg school system.

Two years ago, district administrators adopted an innovative staffing system intended to put the best principals in the most troubled schools — and give them the autonomy they need to succeed. While Charlotte was already one of the highest-performing urban systems in the country, it has made progress since then.

via Editorial – When the System Works – NYTimes.com.

Supreme Court: last case …

Justice Stevens capped his 35-year tenure on the bench on Wednesday with a muted farewell. But the case before the Court, Doe v. Reed, may shape the debate on the First Amendment’s free speech protections and same-sex marriage long after Stevens’ departure.

Echoing Scalia, Justice Stevens chimed in briefly at one point, suggesting that public disclosure could serve a public interest by fostering debate.”Would it be [a] legitimate public interest to say, I would like to know who signed the petition, because I would like to try to persuade them that their views should be modified? Is there public interest in encouraging debate on the underlying issue?”

via A Muted Farewell For John Paul Stevens In Provocative Free Speech, Gay Rights Case.

4.29.2010 … happy birthday, catbird and lisa … but i have to go to the dentist …

fears: I had my  every six-month anxiety laden visit  to the dentist today and he cleaned my teeth with an ultrasonic scaler rather than a manual scaler … very stressful, but MUCH quicker …  Now I am home with the cleanest feeling pearly whites in years, but I can find almost nothing on the internet about ultrasonic dental tools… Anybody else ever had your dentist use the tool?

food- Southern, chocolate: So they look divine, but do you think they taste as good as they look …

Where else would you find Sunday Brunch, a truffle infused with the flavors of freshly cooked pancakes, bacon, and maple syrup? Or any of the store’s Southern-themed truffles—Bananas Foster, Mississippi Mud, even a Biscuits & Honey?

via The Chocolate Artists.

weather, Chicago: I remember a few days like this in the Windy City .. and I know its not called that because of the wind …  be safe Chicago friends!





via Local Weather Alert for Chicago, IL – weather.com.

green, cars:

But one group of engineers have stuck their necks out and declared that a particular technology, the electric hub motor, is likely to become the most widely used drive system.

via Electric cars: Hub of the matter | The Economist.

green:  So what will the “farm” look like from the shore?

The approval of the 130-turbine farm gives a significant boost to the nascent offshore wind industry in the United States, which has lagged far behind Europe and China in harnessing the strong and steady power of ocean breezes to provide electricity to homes and businesses.

via Washington Approves Wind Farm Off Cape Cod – NYTimes.com.

economics, Atlanta: As a senior economics major at Davidson I remember one thing very clearly that the chairman of the department said …”water resource management will be the single most important economic issue in your lifetime.”

Georgia is already taking positive steps to address these challenges. Last fall, the state’s Water Contingency Task Force — a consortium of business, government and environmental leaders — convened to research and identify practical solutions to the state’s water crisis. Several of their recommendations, which call for greater water conservation, will be turned into real action under the recently passed Water Stewardship Act of 2010.

via Businesses can play a lead role in Atlanta’s water management  | ajc.com.

libraries: The Library Guy!

Over the past six weeks, Clark spent 17 days in Tallahassee, holding up two, sometimes three signs at once, logging 12-hour shifts.

Clark would just stand quietly, mostly, hoping for someone to ask him — anything. He talked to 40 senators, almost as many representatives. Once, he waited two hours to have five seconds of face time with Sen. J.D. Alexander.

“That gentleman has been a fixture around here. I came to expect to see him,” said Alexander, R-Lake Wales. “He’s just a librarian who cares, who’s been standing there, quietly reminding us how important this issue is . . .

via `Library Guy’ lobbies Capitol for public library funding – Florida & Local – MiamiHerald.com.

education, random:

Here’s a story about a different kind of book group. If you watched the NBC Nightly News last night, you probably saw the Making a Difference segment about Miss Kookyi’s Book Club. Miss Kookyi is a Florida school bus driver who has come up with an interesting solution to the problem of kids acting up on her bus—-books.

via Book Group Buzz – Discussion of Book Clubs, Reading Lists, and Literary News – Booklist Online » Blog Archive » The Books on the Bus Go Round and Round.

Apple ipad:

99-Year-Old Poet Celebrates iPad in Viral Video – mediabistro.com: GalleyCat.

Apple iPad/apps: The toy is in motion …

IPad owners, meanwhile, can download Star Walk for iPad $5. You don’t even need a starry night — or, for that matter, a view of the night sky.

via Phone Smart – Apps to Help You Navigate the Night Sky – NYTimes.com.

4.28.2010 … give to Davidson … it matters …

Davidson: I went to a local Davidson function last night and realized, again, what a great place it was for me (and the 400 others in the room) and is for many young adults today.  It is more than a great liberal arts college with laundry service … so give to Davidson, and give by April 30!

Davidson College – Support Davidson.

technology, culture: When this first came out I loved being able to “see” and “ride down” my old streets … not so sure now.  It looks a little demonic/Orwellian doesn’t it.

The Street View cars collect three main data streams, and theyre pretty much what youd expect. First up, the vehicles have accurate GPS logging systems to keep track of exactly where they are at any point feeding into Google Maps street atlas accuracy. Next, they capture continuous 360-degree imagery of the environs, which is the main data source for the Street View system that can plop users into a pictorial representation of a street locale pretty much anywhere on the planet. To augment this, theres a 3-D scan of the street sides too, which helps Google make accurate representations of building frontages.But theres a fourth data feed, and its one thats stirred things up in Germany. The Street View cars are also equipped with powerful Wi-fi antennas that constantly sniff the nearby airwaves as they drive. The attached computers then log any found networks SSID its name and the unique MAC address. In other words, if your broadband router is named for something personal or daft, and Googles data fleet has swished by, then Google has a log of your data.

via Google Street View Knows a Lot About You, but Your ID Is Safe | Fast Company.


Daniel Pink posts some great signs from around the world that he entitles “emotionally ironic signage.”  Take a look.

Emotionally ironic signage | Daniel Pink.

education, Apple:

“Tablets will change education this year and in the future because they align neatly with the goals and purposes of education in a digital age.

via How will the iPad change education? « PBS TeacherLine Blog.

food: I am truly grossed out … Is IHOP southern?

IHOP may just have topped KFC in the field of grotesque food creations: “Pancake Stackers” that feature slices of cheescake interspersed between buttermilk pancakes, topped with “creamy whipped topping.”

via Some Cheesecake with Your Pancakes? | The Food Section – Food News, Recipes, and More.

religion, politics: When discussing early American history, my best history teacher (my mom) used to remind me that several of the founding fathers were deists … so how does that play into freedom of religion and the intent of the founding fathers?

Arguments about the connection between religion and politics, church and state, have surely been perpetual. The civil and legal cases against religious coercion are well known: human freedom extends to one’s conscience, and by abolishing religious tests for office or mandated observances, Americans have successfully created a climate—a free market, if you will—in which religion can take its stand in the culture and in the country without particular help or harm from the government.

via Religious Case for Separating Church and State – Jon Meacham – Newsweek.com.

politics, alluring titles:   The discussion is interesting, but you can tell by the title what they think …Are Tea Partiers Racist? – Newsweek.com. (I consider a alluring, if it lures me in just by the title or if it is especially witty.)

quotes:  My dad used to tell a childhood friend and neighbor that his first wife lived on the same street and that my friend knew her well … so I just laughed at Mr. VP …

Joe Biden: ‘I’ve been sleeping with a teacher for a long time’

via HuffPost Politics (HuffPolitics) on Twitter.

Education: very interesting statistic …

Lost in the shuffle of university admission and graduation rates is a reality that those statistics often mask: about 1 in 3 students who enroll in either a four-year or two-year college will probably transfer, at some point, during the course of their postsecondary education

via College Students’ Transfer Rate Is About 1 in 3 – The Choice Blog – NYTimes.com.

NASA, Davidson ’82: After hearing classmate Tom Marshburn discuss his experiences last July, I hope that the program does not shut down … it embodies much that is great about America.

The space shuttle’s last big-time science experiment, the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer, has delayed the end of the shuttle era from mid-September to at least mid-November.

via Final shuttle flight delayed until November – Human spaceflight- msnbc.com.

Supreme Court: And SCOTUS Idol continues …

That thinking has continued even though none of the perceived front-runners on the list to replace Stevens would seem to embody Obama’s requirement that the person have a “keen understanding of how the law affects the daily lives of the American people.”

via Sensitivity to ‘ordinary Americans’ a key criterion of court nominees.

Supreme Court, great headlines: I used to get furious with my brother when we were kids because I felt like he made me prove I was not an idiot before he would engage in a discussion … Given the vote was 8-1, you have to look at the legal issue being decided rather than the social issue.

Words cannot adequately describe my disgust. Apparently the lunatics are running the Supreme asylum.

via How Stupid Are They? by Alex Kearns | LikeTheDew.com.

economics, cities: this article combines two of my favorite academic topics: economics and cities.

What makes dense megacities like New York so successful? One reason is that urban scale and density strengthen markets by bringing together an abundance of buyers and sellers in an information-rich setting.

via Cities Do It Better – Economix Blog – NYTimes.com.

The President, green, garden:

Assistant White House Chef Sam Kass, an old friend of President Barack Obama’s who oversees the garden, says labeling the crops ”organic” isn’t the point, even though the White House only uses natural, not synthetic, fertilizers and pesticides.

via CAPITAL CULTURE – WH Garden Promotes Good Food – NYTimes.com.

Apple:  I still have my first generation iPhone. 🙂

According to AdMob, 2% of its Apple traffic is coming from those old iPhones. By my calculations, Apple sold about 6.1 million units of the 1G iPhone between June 29, 2007, when it first started shipping, and July 2008, when the iPhone 3G came along to replace it.

According to Steve Jobs, Apple has sold more than 85 million iPhones and iPod touches, which means those 6.1 million iPhone 1Gs represent about 7% of the pre-iPad devices running iPhone OS.

If 7% of those iPhone 1Gs are driving 2% of AdMob’s Apple traffic, that suggests that nearly one in three is still ticking — and visiting the Web.

via Old iPhones die hard – Apple 2.0 – Fortune Brainstorm Tech.

The Press, media: when everything is going away from paper to digital, the WSJ is launching a new edition with local coverage of New York City.  Do they think the NYTs is not doing their job or that NYers have a special relationship with the printed page that is worthy of this effort? Will be interesting to follow.

The first volley comes today, with the launch of the Journal’s New York edition. The New York-focused staff will still provide in-depth coverage of the financial world — but now it will also produce a 16-page section within the city edition that covers areas the paper hasn’t traditionally competed in, including real estate, city government, the arts and local sports.

via Murdoch takes aim at New York Times with WSJ’s new city edition – Yahoo! News.

The Wall Street Journal’s much-anticipated New York edition hit the doorsteps of the city and brought with it the first broadsheet newspaper competition in decades.

via Wall Street Journal Says It’s Up to You, New York, New York – Media Decoder Blog – NYTimes.com.

4.27.2010 … be still …

Bookshelf:  Sounds intriguing …

It’s really two different sets of thousand years, one of them a Jewish thousand years and the other is a Greek thousand years. And both those lie behind Christianity,” MacCulloch says. “These two cultures — Jewish culture, Greek culture — they’ve got entirely different views of what God is. And then you get a man coming along who people regard as God: Jesus.”

via Pilgrims And Progress: 3,000 Years Of Christianity : NPR.

icons, childhood, advertising: Rights to the creativity of others …  I have never thought of Peanuts as a brand … but then I never understood the MetLife ads …

Snoopy has a new home.

via Iconix Acquires Peanuts Brand – WSJ.com.


But why would I buy insurance from MetLife because Snoopy is in their ads?  I do know that their blimp has snoopy on the side.  I’d buy insurance from GEICO because I think the gecko is funny before Metlife because Snoopy “endorses them  …

Over the years, the Peanuts characters have appeared in ads for Dolly Madison snack cakes, Chex Mix, Bounty, Cheerios, A&W Root Beer, Kraft Foods, and Ford automobiles.[27][28] Pig-Pen appeared in a memorable spot for Regina vacuum cleaners.[29]

They are currently spokespeople in print and television advertisements for the MetLife insurance company.[30] MetLife usually uses Snoopy in its advertisements as opposed to other characters: for instance, the MetLife blimps are named “Snoopy One” and “Snoopy Two” and feature him in his World War I flying ace persona.[31]

via Peanuts – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

colleges, culture: Reed has a great academic reputation and its campus is camelot-esque … but the second clause in a description always references drugs.  Reed has some work to do get rid of this tag.

But Reed, a small liberal arts college in southeast Portland, has long been known almost as much for its unusually permissive atmosphere as for its impressively rigorous academics. Two years ago, after the heroin-overdose death of a freshman, Alejandro Lluch, at the campus, Mr. Diver said as much in a cover story in the newspaper Willamette Week.

via Reed College’s President Is Told to Crack Down on Campus Drug Use – NYTimes.com.

Apple, law, media: Is the stealing and publishing of corporate secrets protected free speech?  Is a blogger protected?

Authorities seized computers, digital cameras, a cell phone and other items from a technology blog editor who posted pictures and details of a lost iPhone prototype.

Gawker Media said California’s shield law, which protects journalists from having to turn over anonymous sources or unpublished material to law enforcement during a search, should apply to Chen’s property.

via Gizmodo blogger served with search warrant :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Technology.

food, Charlotte, green: One of the best lunches I have ever had in Charlotte!

We wanted to offer our neighbors another option for food on the go, so we’ve launched our new venture, The Harvest Moon Grille.  We serve delicious, fresh food all made from scratch with locally-grown ingredients.  Our menus change weekly, and we are at a few venues around Charlotte each week.  Watch this page, or your email inbox, for updates on our locations, menus, and info on the farmers who provide our ingredients.  To sign up for our weekly newsletter, add your email address to the box at the bottom of this page.

via Grateful Growers Farm, LLC || Real Food, Real Farmers..


You would think no one could miss a big orange truck exuding a delicate porcine perfume. But a disheartening percentage of people I ask have never heard of the Harvest Moon Grille, much less bought lunch from it.

via It’s one tasty pickup truck – CharlotteObserver.com.

business, culture:

Is the journalism job market so bad that grownups willing to tolerate the digital equivalent of hall passes, attendance records, and dunce caps? Regardless of your profession, would you want to work at a place like that?

via Hall passes and dunce caps for adults | Daniel Pink.

Davidson, events: I was so excited when I thought Dogwood Farms – Cary (Davidson ’82) Unhau’s father’s business – would be running Aikenite in the Derby.  She said look for him in the Preakness!


Dogwood Stables is an ownership syndicate that was formed by former advertising executive Cot Campbell in 1973. The 81-year-old New Orleans native has put together many hugely successful partnerships, including the one that campaigned Summer Squall, who finished second behind Unbridled in the 1990 Kentucky Derby before winning the Preakness Stakes.

via Aikenite | courier-journal.com | The Courier-Journal.

4.26.2010 … happy birthday, Anne … happy baptism anniversary Will Shakespeare … prayers for a special person …

art, people, history, film/lit: Historians do not know the exact date of Shakespeare’s birth but they do know the date of his baptism … and that day is today.  Happy 446!

William Shakespeare (baptised 26 April 1564)

via William Shakespeare – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


In London in early 1795, a poorly educated apprentice of 19 named William-Henry Ireland forged a stream of papers that appeared to be in William Shakespeare’s handwriting. As nothing of the sort had ever been seen before, the documents caused a sensation. Especially exciting were papers clearing up vexing gaps in Shakespeare’s private life.

via Shakespeare’s One True Muse.


Now, 446 years later, on the day his birth is observed, his impact is still timeless and his work continues to transcend to modern-day society from Broadway to the box office.

via Shakespeare’s Birthday: Happy 446th to the Bard – CBS News.


Numerous musicians in genres ranging from classic rock to country have drawn inspiration from Shakespeare. Some quote directly from the playwright, while others use his work to highlight the drama in their own stories or to further investigate an iconic character’s point of view.

via Play On-Folger Shakespeare Library.


On film and video, the play has had many fascinating productions and adaptations, including the 1910 silent version from Italy, the Shakespeare’s Globe production with Julian Glover, two previous PBS presentations starring Ian Holm and Laurence Olivier, the Public Theater’s production with James Earl Jones, a Russian language version by Grigori Kozintsev, and now the Royal Shakespeare Company’s production starring Ian McKellen, which will air on Thirteen’s Great Performances later this month.

via Media Infusion.

media, sports, words: something out of nothing …

You have to admire the NFL for Frankensteining essentially a series of phone calls into a giant, three-day spectacle at a famed theater where Itzhak Perlman performed and Madonna tongue-wrestled Britney Spears.

via Romance Flourishes at NFLs Player Draft – WSJ.com.

technology, life: My name is Dennard and I am addicted ….

The fact that I was not able to communicate with anyone via technology was almost unbearable.

AN UNIDENTIFIED COLLEGE STUDENT, who participated in a University of Maryland study in which students unplugged from all media and electronic communication for 24 hours; many participants in the study described their dependence on media using terms of addiction

via Friday, Apr. 23, 2010 – Quotes of the Day – TIME.com.

Davidson Basketball:

But if the ROY award is based on the potential of a player, then Curry may have a leg up on both, because there is no ceiling to the type of player he could be, and he proved it this year.

via Stephen Curry’s Potential for Greatness Should Make Him the Choice for ROY | Bleacher Report.

marketing:  my own observation … Molly brought home a to-go box from Noodles and Company,  and the box was so “cute” that I plan to go there just to try the noodles … and get a cute to-go box to boot!

Noodles & Company – Home.

economics, business, globalization: I very much enjoyed this article.

The volcanic disruption is a classic example of the sort of low-probability event that might once have been marginal for businesses, but has acquired far greater significance thanks to the growing interconnectedness of the globalised economy. Such events are calling standard methods of risk management into question, says Erwann Michel-Kerjan of the Wharton business school. While not exactly a “black swan” (a volcano erupting is hardly unthinkable, even if it is highly unpredictable), the ash cloud is one of a series of recent catastrophes—natural disasters, terrorism, economic crises, pandemics—that have wrong-footed globalised firms. In a new book, “The Irrational Economist”, he and Paul Slovic argue that business (as well as governments and individuals) should develop a new approach to risk management and decision-making in response.

via Business.view: Not up in the air | The Economist.

life, random: I remember quite a few … some even made me cry!

Do you remember an ad that roused particularly strong or happy emotions?

via The Happiness Project: Happiness Is…Reminscing about Terrific Old TV Ads..

business, places, Boulder, children: Maybe Jack is in the best place for him.

The entrepreneurial spirit is alive not only at CU but also in the city of Boulder. Bloomberg Businessweek on Thursday dubbed Boulder “America’s Best Town for Startups.”

via Entrepreneurial spirit alive and well | CU Independent.


But that’s exactly what you’ll learn from this video, in which Nike president and CEO Mark Parker tells about the advice that Jobs gave him shortly after the release of the Nike+ product line. It’s a simple bit of wisdom that any entrepreneur can relate to: “Get rid of the crappy stuff.”

via Steve Jobs’ Advice to Nike: Get Rid of the Crappy Stuff [Video] | Fast Company.

random, history: interesting trivia.

VHS tapes and walkmans may have been firmly cast into oblivion but another 1980s invention, the Post-it Note, is marking its 30th anniversary this month as popular as ever.


Apple Apps: So what Apps do you like?

Oprah Mobile is the first official iPhone app for Oprah fans, of which I have been assured there are several. The content comes from Oprah’s litany of media, including The Oprah Winfrey Show, O (the Oprah Magazine), Oprah Radio, and Oprah.com. (Side note: In only one paragraph, I have written the word Oprah enough times that it now looks l

via Everybody Look Under Your Seats–It’s the Official Oprah iPhone App! | Fast Company.

travel:  John traveled west yesterday midday … he traveled via I-77 … I-40 opened last evening for the first time in 6 months.    He made the right choice.

Six months to the day after a rockslide thundered down into the Pigeon River gorge and covered Interstate 40 near the Tennessee border, the highway reopened Sunday evening.

via I-40 ‘lifeline’ reopens after rocks cleared – CharlotteObserver.com.

4.25.2010 … happy birthday, Catherine and Sally … for the times they are a-changin’ …

OMG, drink, travel, true confessions: Molly and I were talking about China yesterday and in the airport in Beijing we had a 5 hour delay … so we ventured to starbucks,  and always adventurous Dan ordered a Red Bean Frappuccino.  It was one of the best iced beverages I have ever tasted … and every time I am in Starbucks I always look to see if they have it …I don’t think they will ever have it.  But if you are ever in the far east in a Starbucks … look for it.  Oh … and although I honestly believe it undermines the true experience of international travel, I go to Starbucks in every country when I am traveling … McDonald’s too …

Starbucks Corp. will soon [2007] be offering a taste of Korea in 10 countries with the launch of the Red Bean Frappuccino, its Korean unit said yesterday.

About 2,100 Starbucks stores in 10 countries, including Korea, will be featuring the red bean-based icy drink, a suggestion proposed by Starbucks Korea, and the second one, after the Green Tea Latte, from the Korean unit to make the leap.

The Red Bean Frappuccino will be available in Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines and Malaysia from June 1 to mid-July. The new blend will be a seasonal drink.

via Starbucks Red Bean Frapuccino | San Diego | Yelp.

technology, cars, green: I told John yesterday that I want my next car to be a green car.  The Ford Start is very cute…but why would I want a car that is only 20% more efficient …

… The Ford Start, a super-compact car intended for city-dwellers.

You might remember the day when Detroit ran as fast as it could from small cars, because it couldn’t make them profitably given terrible manufacturing efficiency. Which tells you something about how much better Ford thinks it’s getting, and makes the Start’s future-forward design features all the more impressive.

The car is powered by a tiny, 1-liter version of Ford’s Ecoboost engine, which offers about 20% better fuel efficiency over comparable engines. That’s the smallest Ecoboost powerplant yet, and Ford says it will soon makes it way into a production vehicle.

via Ford Unveils Adorable Would-Be Smart-Car Competitor | Fast Company.

twitter, marketing: Is twitter really here to stay?

Adapted from his book Engage, Brian Solis presents his list of suggestions to help businesses learn how to engage customers on Twitter through the examples of those companies, from Dell to Zappos, already successfully building online communities.

via 21 Twitter Tips From Socially-Savvy Companies | Fast Company.

art, design, architecture: Does being able to manually draw a design make you a better architect?

The draftsmen obviously were obliged to be taught drawing, because the computer hadn’t been born.  So they had no choice…necessity the mother of invention, and all that.

via Cityscapes: Remember when architects knew how to draw?.

The President, politics, places: I cannot imagine how everything, including a weekend in the NC mountains gets dissected like this.  No wonder presidents establish their second home … Reagan’s ranch, Bush @ Kennebunkport, Bush @ Crawford or go to Camp David. Where did Clinton go?  And clearly Obama is not getting what he needs in Chicago …

Nestled in the oldest hills on earth, Asheville (pop. 70,000), the first East Coast city to require sustainable green construction, is a sort of experiment in environmentalism that has made the city the gateway to the new Appalachia and gotten it listed both as one of America’s “happiest places” and as one of the “best places to reinvent your life.”

But it also represents conservative fears about what President’s intentions might wreak: A dearth of high-paying jobs, relatively high taxes, large numbers of homeless and other wards of the state, a high crime rate, and a progressive ruling class perhaps more interested in maintaining quaintness than thickening residents’ wallets.

And compared to other presidential vacations to tony Martha’s Vineyard, this trip represents a “middle class” vacation to portray Obama as what Dolly Jenkins-Mullen of the University of North Carolina calls “a guy like the rest of us” as Congress ponders a crackdown on Wall Street.

Politically, the visit – the President’s fourth to North Carolina – also could be a signal, writes Politico, that his popularity in North Carolina, a state he stole from the Republicans in 2008, is turning as Democratic support fractures.

But if Asheville is indeed an Obama vision for America, there’s a stark lesson about the impact of soaring debt in hard times to glean from the city, as well.

The city’s success today – embodied by its rich catalog of Art Deco buildings – came at a price.

As a result of the 1920s building spree, Asheville “entered the Depression with the highest per capita debt in the country,” writes New Hampshire native Terry Pindell in “A Good Place to Live.”

via Is progressive Asheville Obama’s vision for America? / The Christian Science Monitor – CSMonitor.com.

marketing, bookshelf:

“We are the only industry, I think, that creates our own problem in that we create so much clutter, and then we spend every waking hour trying to break through it,” he says.

via How A Beetle And A Mountie Shaped The Ad Business : NPR.

law, technology: I don’t like this invasion of my privacy … but is it any different from a phone listing?  Maybe its the combination of the picture and your media access control addresses …

Google’s roving Street View spycam may blur your face, but it’s got your number. The Street View service is under fire in Germany for scanning private WLAN networks, and recording users’ unique Mac (Media Access Control) addresses, as the car trundles along.

via Google Street View logs WiFi networks, Mac addresses • The Register.

The President:

President Barack Obama will meet Sunday with the Rev. Billy Graham before leaving North Carolina to attend the memorial service for 29 West Virginia coal miners killed in a recent explosion.

via CNN Political Ticker: All politics, all the time – Blogs from CNN.com.

people, Mark Twain: It is very interesting that his public and private persona are so different.

The rest of the world regarded Americans as a mob of barbarians who happened to live on top of a mother lode of precious minerals, fertile land, inexhaustible woodlands and waterways galore … but were as uncouth as they were rich … and spoke in barbaric yawps. This improbable yobbo, Mark Twain, had risen up from the buried life of the mines and the boiler rooms and done an amazing thing. He had turned the local yokel’s yawping yodels into … literature!

via Op-Ed Contributor – Faking West, Going East – NYTimes.com.

art, marketing, children: amusing … I look at this and think … this would be the perfect job for my Jack!  And since I have always been a fan of the corporate icon Coco-Cola … this is fascinating to me that they would almost daily alter their logo.  I’ll admit it makes me want to go to Google just to see what they  have done today.

At Googles Silicon Valley corporate headquarters, the artists painting on digital canvases are producing works of art that will be viewed by millions . . . but disappear in just 24 hours. They are the creators of Googles Doodles, the often playful illustrations that regularly transform Googles home page to mark things like holidays . . . famous birthdays . . . and notable discoveries and inventions.

In those days Doodles appeared only occasionally. Hwang was doing something that in many companies would be forbidden: Altering the logo.

“The first rule is leave the company identity alone, keep it consistent,” Hwang said. “You look at Coca-Cola or McDonalds or Starbucks, anywhere in the world, and the symbols you see are very consistent.”

The Doodles make opening Google’s homepage a little like unwrapping candy . . . there may be a surprise inside.

via The Art of Google Doodles – CBS Sunday Morning – CBS News.

places, food – Southern, green, the President: I’d like to try all three of these!

For a Friday night stroll, Sanford suggests the drum circle in Pritchard Park, then dinner at either of two farm-to-table restaurants, Table or The Marketplace.  Sanford thinks Mrs. Obama would enjoy the French Broad Chocolate Lounge for dessert.  “The ladies love the liquid truffle,” he says.

via Obama taking weekend break in Asheville by Ron Taylor | LikeTheDew.com.


For the times they are a-changin’


quote, music: loved the “hello” theme for last weeks gLee.

you say goodbye and i say hello … hello, hello … i don’t know why you say goodbye, i say hello … hello, hello – The Beatles

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