6.27.2010 … .. Love meeting new people … Our Fall 2010 South African Exchange Student and her parents were visiting in SC and came up to meet Molly and John and me and see the school. It makes me excited for Liv’s trip here and Molly ‘s trip there!

travel, South Africa: Video – Visiting a South African Township – WSJ.com.

cities, retail: I still want my city to be “big” enough to support pop up shops!

The concept of a “now you see it, now you don’t” store is commonly tied to a holiday theme: the New York beauty store Ricky’s opens more than a dozen Halloween costume shops in September and October. And last winter Toys “R” Us opened 33 Holiday Express locations in the tristate area.

But in the last few years pop-ups have flourished in New York regardless of the holiday calendar. For building owners they are a way to fill vacant space and for sellers they offer a place to gauge the reception to their brand or introduce new products, without a long-term rental commitment.

“The great thing about a pop-up space is that it allows you to have one very consistent, very clear and very distinct message around the brand,” Mr. Gibb said. Belvedere negotiated a deal to lease the 6,500-square-foot second-floor space at 414 West 14th Street a few months in advance. Within a few days of the three-night event, a team of designers, painters and construction workers turned it into a softly lighted den of glamour.

via Square Feet – Pop-Up Stores Become Popular for New York Landlords – NYTimes.com.


There is no greater gift. Athleticism? No way. Intelligence? Sorry. The greatest God-given gift is the ability to see life as it really is and to know of things yet to come. Steve Jobs is a committee of one. Compare his results to the hundreds and thousands of focus groups at Palm(PALM) or Microsoft(MSFT). The difference between seeing and not seeing is exponential. I’ll bet Steve Jobs rarely works up a sweat. We know very little about his personal life but we do know he has time to go out for coffee with Eric Schmidt, he has time to rehearse keynote speeches, he has time to email customers, and he has time to negotiate with the media industry. He has time to do these things because his forecasting decisions are so sure. One Steve Jobs is worth a million tech executives. He releases a single iPhone in black or white. He releases one iPad. His gift is extraordinarily sure.

via Steve Jobs: His Exponential Value for iPhone 4 – TheStreet.

media:  I don’t like Spitzer …

CNN announced Wednesday that Eliot Spitzer, the former New York governor, and Kathleen Parker, who won a Pulitzer Prize for commentary in April for her conservative newspaper columns, are teaming up in September for a newsy conversation show at 8 p.m., replacing “Campbell Brown.”

CNN executives emphasize that the show is not a new “Crossfire” or a combative battle of partisan talking points, but instead a thoughtful roundtable with two original thinkers.

via CNN teams Eliot Spitzer, Kathleen Parker to replace ‘Campbell Brown’ – Mike Allen – POLITICO.com.

Supreme Court, culture, women’s issues:

Do women judge differently than men? Justice Sandra Day O’Connor famously said: “A wise old woman and a wise old man will reach the same conclusion.”

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has made similar observations, but at the same time, she has said that women bring to the table their own experiences, which inform their decision-making.

She points, for example, to a decision written by Justice O’Connor in 1982 telling a state-run, all-female nursing school, that it had to admit a qualified male applicant. The dissenters in that case asserted that the all-female policy was a kind of affirmative action for women, and that, says Ginsburg, was an idea firmly rejected by O’Connor.

via How Women Changed The Supreme Court … And Didn’t : NPR.

science, religion: One of my favorite discussions … spiritual man v. scientific man …

Nothing gets as vicious as fighting for a lost cause. If the proverbial Martian landed in a flying saucer today and saw how religionists war against scientists, he would be surprised at the vehemence on both sides. What is the war about? Fact beat out faith long ago. When Darwin’s theory of evolution replaced Genesis to explain the appearance of human beings, which was in the middle of the 19th century, the trend away from faith was already old. The world had been remade as material, governed by natural laws, random in its effects, and immune to divine intervention. Not just science but thousands of unanswered prayers did their part to dethrone God.

I am not drawn to lost causes, and therefore I’d like to guide the debate away from religion. And since religion is the primary form of spirituality in most people’s lives, we’ll have to step away from spirituality, too, at least at first. There should be renewed admiration for science’s attempts to answer the fundamental mysteries. These are well known by now:

How did the universe come about?

What caused life to emerge from a soup of inorganic chemicals?

Can evolution explain all of human development?

What are the basic forces in Nature?

How does the brain produce intelligence?

What place do human beings occupy in the cosmos?

Many observers have linked these questions to spirituality, too. Facts tell us how life came about, but faith still wants to know why. But what strikes me is how useless these big questions easily become. You and I live our lives without asking them. We may be philosophically curious; we may even have enough leisure time to reflect upon the big picture. For all that, the big questions are posed, by and large, by professors who are paid to pose them. Religion and science occupy different kinds of ivory towers, but until they come down to earth, neither one meets the practical needs of life.

via Deepak Chopra: Consciousness and the End of the War Between Science and Religion.

substances, Colorado:

Since this place opened in January, it’s been one nerve-fraying problem after another. Pot growers, used to cash-only transactions, are shocked to be paid with checks and asked for receipts. And there are a lot of unhappy surprises, like one not long ago when the Farmacy learned that its line of pot-infused beverages could not be sold nearby in Denver. Officials there had decided that any marijuana-tinged consumables had to be produced in a kitchen in the city.“You’d never see a law that says, ‘If you want to sell Nike shoes in San Francisco, the shoes have to be made in San Francisco,’ ” says Ms. Respeto, sitting in a tiny office on the second floor of the Farmacy. “But in this industry you get stuff like that all the time.”

via In Colorado, Pot-Selling Pioneers Try to Turn a Profit – NYTimes.com.

icons: Another icon bites the dust …

The statue will be moved to Goris Stalin Museum, which houses artifacts, documents and the dictators death mask, said Mziya Naochashvili, the museums director of research. “Tourists will come to look at it and it will be a wonderful brand,” she said.

via Georgia Dismantles Stalin Monument – WSJ.com.

tv, gLee, culture, stereotypes:

But the overarching theme of the show is everyone’s in the same club — jocks and divas, gays and straights. The new character also opens the possibility that by joining in the show choir — creating normal, friendly respectful relationships with her fellow singers — the branded official Christian will be shown accepting what her elders reject. Statistics show young adults hold more accepting attitudes on race and on homosexuality.

via Will a new ‘Christian character’ harmonize with ‘Glee’ values? – Faith & Reason.

LOL:  Would you go for it?

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