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7.6.2010 hot, hot, hot … happy birthday, Julie! … the molls will be on her way to winter in 4 days … so we are buying tights, jackets, long sleeve shirts, etc. today … very strange …

events: happy birthday, Julie!

culture, science:  Some things seem obvious to me …

“On a practical level this means that the average adolescent has difficulty falling asleep before 11 p.m.,” Dr. Owens said. Teenagers still need slightly more than nine hours of sleep each night, which would call for an ideal wake time of about 8 a.m.

via The Benefits of Starting School Later and Letting Teens Sleep Later –

language, culture, international:  American English as the international standard … hmmm … Is there American English?  Economist Debates: English: Statements.

The President, Kagan nomination, the Roberts Court, politics:  collision course …

Some advisors counseled caution, but the president opted to criticize the conservative justices in the uncomfortable spotlight of national television as Senate Democrats roared their approval.

Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. is still angered by what he saw as a highly partisan insult to the independent judiciary. The incident put a public spotlight on the deep divide between the Obama White House and the Roberts court, one that could have a profound effect in the years ahead.

The president and congressional Democrats have embarked on an ambitious drive to regulate corporations, banks, health insurers and the energy industry. But the high court, with Roberts increasingly in control, will have the final word on those regulatory laws.

Many legal experts foresee a clash between Obama’s progressive agenda and the conservative court.

Obama chose Kagan for the court believing she could bridge the gap with some of its conservatives. Her mission is to help uphold the laws that Obama and Democrats are pushing through Congress.

During her hearing, Kagan found herself in the odd spot of defending judicial restraint before senators who usually worry aloud about sending a “judicial activist” to the court.

“Can you name for me any economic activity that the federal government cannot regulate under the commerce clause?” asked Sen. John Cornyn (R- Texas).

“I wouldn’t try to,” Kagan replied, emphasizing that the court has long said lawmakers have broad powers to regulate economic activity.

The high court, however, will decide whether making Americans buy health insurance amounts to economic activity.

It may be another year or two before a true challenge to the Obama agenda reaches the Supreme Court.

McConnell, the law professor, said the administration’s broad set of regulatory moves made a clash almost inevitable. “It does not mean the courts are being ‘political,’ ” he said. “It is the way the institutions are designed, to create checks and balances.”

via Obama and Supreme Court may be on collision course –

music, people, life: Since John spotted Ringo in Boston last week … I found this interesting … and yes, I’d like peace and love for my birthday, too.

Rob Shanahan Ringo Starr during this year’s tour with his All Starr Band.

Ever since Ringo Starr vowed, on a well-known cover of Buck Owens’s hit “Act Naturally,” that he’d become “the biggest fool to ever hit the big time,” the renowned rock ’n’ roll drummer has done all right for himself. As a member of the Beatles and as a solo artist, Mr. Starr has sold more than a few records, won some Grammy Awards and even had a minor planet named for him. But on Wednesday Mr. Starr will reach a very special milestone: he turns 70 years old.

via Ringo Starr at 70 – ‘Not Hiding From It, You Know’ – Question –

culture, the South, LOL: I enjoyed the article …

So, here we have two Southern boys who made it good. Among other things, they both gave their houses names, they both left this world before their time, and they both recorded You Ain’t Nothin’ but a Hound Dog. Ok, Faulkner didn’t record Hound Dog, but I have it on good authority that he hummed it a lot, and I think he went to school with one of the Jordanaires.

Although the two men were quite different, they were like identical twins when contrasted with how well their houses compare.

via Graceland vs Rowan Oak by Raymond L. Atkins |

news, life, FIFA World Cup 2010: Sometimes life is just not fair.

This probably wasn’t the reception he was hoping for.

CNN reports that Brazil’s football coach, Dunga, was fired upon arriving home to Rio de Janeiro after the team’s 2-1 loss to Holland on Friday. Brazil was a favorite for many in World Cup pools and the unexpected loss has hit many football fans hard. Dunga, whose real name is Carlos Caetano Bledorn Verri, has been coach since 2006.

via Fiiiiiiired! Brazil Word Cup Coach Loses Game, Then Job – TIME NewsFeed.

economy, travel: If you ever wanted to run … now would be the time.

In Pamplona, the crisis is expected to take a toll for tourism and nonstop street parties during its weeklong festival of bullfighting made famous by Ernest Hemingway’s novel “The Sun Also Rises.”

Hotels used to sell out three to four months before the event – but not this year.

“You can still find good quality rooms going for around euro100 ($125) and vacancies even in some top class hotels, something unheard of four years ago,” said Nacho Calvo of the Navarra Restaurant and Hotel Association.

At the plush, sought-after AC Ciudad de Pamplona hotel, “we have seen fewer foreigners, and this year the absence of Americans is notable, there are hardly any,” said manager Gabriel Pascual.

Bullfighting promoter Luis Miguel Ballesteros two years ago put on 27 or 28 small town bull spectacles in villages with populations ranging from 2,000 to 5,000 people each across the Castilla-Leon region, part of Spain’s historic heartland.

via Can Spanish Bullfighting Survive Bans, Economy? – CBS News.

random:  We call this ninja ping pong 🙂

random, gardening: pretty impressive …YouTube – Mosaïcultures Intenationale de MONTREAL.

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