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7.13.2010 … et will be off in a bit and then it’s just us … I will have no excuses for not doing all the things on my list …

history, Atlanta, oral history:  This is one of my “stories.”  The Atlanta History Center posted this today — “On this day in 1980, Atlanta temperatures reached a record 105° F.” I remember being out with Eleanor one summer night and at 11 pm it was 90 degrees. I bet it was during that heat wave.

icons, places, Pineview:  Clan Morgan of Pineview had a reunion and Lyn Kirksey posted some great pictures of Pineview GA.  These brought back a flood of memories.  I  consider the Pineview GA watertower an icon of my childhood.  Others here are the corner store, the McLeod’s Peanut facility,  and my mother’s cuzzin’s barn … where in the 80s, at Thanksgiving,  we joked we didn’t have an open bar, we had an open barn!  Thank you Lyn for these great pictures!

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music, South Africa:  Maxwell reminded me of a few South African artists … enjoy!

YouTube – lucky dube-together as one.

FIFA World Cup 2010, random:  Whoever thought to ask an octopus???

Call now for your underwater psychic reading.

Whether it’s his affinity for the red and yellow, or just plain genius, sports bettors have found their underwater messiah for future big-ticket games.

With Spain’s 1-0 victory over the Netherlands on Sunday, Paul the octopus showed his ability to perform in the clutch, correctly predicting the World Cup victor.

As for the third-place call? Paul went with Germany — another correct pick — partially to avoid being paella by the end of the tournament.

via Paul the Octopus: The Greatest Underwater Psychic Ever? – TIME NewsFeed.

FIFA World Cup 2010: I agree, SA impressed the world.

South Africa defended itself against criticism about violent crime, disruptive labor strikes and lackluster organization ahead of the 2010 World Cup. Now the country is winning widespread praise after a successful tournament, boosting its ambitions to host other major sporting events.

via South Africa Has Big Goals After Cup Success –

technology, travel:  interesting

The mobile phone and laptop are not just tools to stay in touch with the office or home anymore. As Mr. Jarvis can attest, a growing number of frequent fliers are using their mobile devices to create an informal travelers’ community in airports and aloft.

via Itineraries – Social Networking Takes Flight –

Apple iPhone, icons:  Another icon for our lives … at some point doesn’t “icon/iconic” lose meaning?

On Monday, Consumer Reports, America’s trusted source of product reviews, said it would not recommend the iPhone 4 because of a hardware flaw with its antenna that sometimes resulted in dropped calls. The independent consumer magazine also cast doubt on Apple’s recent explanation that a software bug had caused the widely reported problem. Apple did not return requests for comment.

“It’s iconic, it’s cool, it’s the ‘it’ device and people want it,” said A. M. Sacconaghi Jr., an analyst with Sanford C. Bernstein & Company.

Still Mr. Sacconaghi and other analysts said Apple could eventually suffer from the bad publicity it had received over the antenna problems and for its seemingly contradictory responses.

Apple has promoted the iPhone 4’s innovative design, including its antenna, which is built into a steel band that encases the phone.

via Consumer Reports Says iPhone 4 Has Design Flaw –

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