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‎7.17.2010 … errands today, then book club …

food – Southern:  I guess potluck dinners are not really Southern … but I just associate them with the South.

Potluck dinners, as anyone who’s been to one knows, can be anything but lucky. It doesn’t have to be that way — just ask Chris Kimball, host of PBS’ America’s Test Kitchen. For his new book, Kimball and his editors collected their favorite recipes for sharable treats.

Kimball brought NPR’s Renee Montagne a sampling of dishes from the new book, Cook’s Country Best Potluck Recipes.

Kimball says that if you’d rather use a different part of the chicken — perhaps just an egg — nothing says “potluck” like deviled eggs.

The name for the spiced eggs goes back to the 18th century, Kimball says.

“But the funny part is that in a church, they wouldn’t call them deviled eggs — they called them ‘dressed eggs,'” he says. “Because they did not want to use the word ‘devil.'”

via Chris Kimball’s Potluck Dishes To Please Crowds And Cooks Alike : NPR.

Facebook: There are some teachers I would love to find and say thank you!

On Facebook walls and dedicated tribute pages, the writings betray emotions that students dared not display in their youth. They include moving messages (“You inspired each of us to learn and go beyond what we thought we could achieve”), lighthearted claims on old debts (“You owe us a pool party — you promised us one if the Dow ever reached 3,000”) and recollections of specific events (“You got me out of detention one time”).

via On Facebook, Telling Teachers How Much They Meant –

Davidson basketball:  We hosted a Croatian player at Davidson, Davor Halbauer, and loved every minute of the experience.

Bob McKillop spent his 60th birthday in Austria on Tuesday, where one of his Davidson players had his Israeli teammates sing happy birthday to him in Yiddish.

On Wednesday, McKillop will sit in the stands at the European under-20 championships as Jake Cohen and Israel face future Davidson player Chris Czerapowicz and Sweden. Later that night, he’ll watch another incoming Davidson freshman, Ali Mackay, lead Great Britain against Denmark.

McKillop’s best season at Davidson may have come from the sensational play of Stephen Curry from nearby Charlotte, but the coach’s long-term, steady success at the school is due in large part by his overseas recruiting.

via Davidson’s McKillop uses overseas route to success – Sports – Wire –

bookshelf:  sounds intriguing

ROWAN SOMERVILLE’S second novel, “The Shape of Her”, opens with a quote from William Faulkner: “The past is never dead, it’s not even past.” It’s a smart choice, a phrase the American Nobel laureate used several times in different forms, notably in his 1951 novel “Requiem for a Nun”.

via New British fiction: Past and present | The Economist.

food:  I am a Breyer’s natural vanilla (#4) kinda girl … but maybe I should try Ben & Jerry’s, Haagen-Dazs and Wells Blue Bunny (#1-3) and tell you what I think.

You think vanilla is plain? Take a good look at the freezer section of your supermarket—the sheer number of choices in vanilla ice cream could make your head spin. With nearly 40 brands on the market nationwide and each one offering a slew of different styles (vanilla bean, natural vanilla, French vanilla, homemade vanilla, extra-creamy vanilla, to name but a few), who knows which to pick?

Supermarket Vanilla Ice Cream – Cooks Illustrated.

The South, secret societies:  On of my favorite magazines, Garden and Gun, has started a “secret Society” … which anyone can join for a fee … don’t you just love that!

On June 25, more than 100 members of the Garden & Gun Club gathered for the first Secret Society Weekend at Blackberry Farm near Walland, Tennessee. The event was meant to be a celebration of Southern culture, a sensory overload of food, wine, art, and music that would feel like the pages of Garden & Gun brought to life—and by all accounts it was.

via A Blackberry Farm Photo Gallery.

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