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7.18.2010 … the empty nest days are going rapidly … oh, no! waiting to skype with Molly … I missed the call yesterday …

skype, Molly, followup: Just got off the phone with Molls.  Skyping is wonderful!!!

people, basketball, end of an era: This just breaks my heart.

It has been an open secret for months among people close to North Carolina basketball: Dean Smith, the legendary Tar Heels coach, is facing health issues. Smith, who’s 79, is an intensely private man. But rumors about his condition spun so out of control, a school spokesman had to confirm last week that Smith is still alive.

Asked if she could put a specific name on his condition, Smith’s wife, Linnea, said in an exclusive interview Saturday: “It is a complex medical diagnosis. … It’s in a category of progressive memory disorders, and we’re staying away from labels.”

via Dean Smith’s disorder doesn’t diminish legendary UNC coach’s spirit –

travel: This sounds like fun!

A bottle of Bordeaux was breathing; other amenities included a pantry stocked with cereal, milk and yogurt. I also had a phone number to call if I needed dinner recommendations or, perhaps, extra shower gel. But I was happy sitting at the window, nodding at my new neighbors as they wheeled their bikes onto the street and headed into the cafe-lined Marais.

Hotel guests pay handsomely for such perks, but I wasn’t in a hotel. Nor was I in some vacation rental. I was in the home of Julien Szeps, a 26-year-old chef whom I met through a new kind of short-term rental service called And the studio apartment was only 65 euros a night, about $80 at $1.23 to the euro. Not bad for an entire apartment with a full kitchen and bathroom, less than 10 minutes by foot from the Louvre.

While AirBnB is the largest of these new services, it isn’t the only one. A half-dozen upstarts have emerged in the last two years — with names like and — offering the convenience of a hotel, the comforts of a home and the price tag of an up-market hostel. Call them social B&B networks, or maybe peer-to-peer hotels. Despite the confusing legal issues in many cities surrounding subletting, these new short-term rentals are making inroads into the hospitality industry, with hundreds of thousands of listings across the globe; there are over 3,500 short-term rentals in New York State alone.

via Europe Without Hotels –

children’s literature, Jack, oral history: Every time I hear the Owl and the Pussycat I become sentimental.  jack, at 4 and in a Montessori school, had to memorize and recite this poem … he did a great job … and I will not forget such terms as “runcible spoon”.  Do you know what one is?

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A Prairie Home Companion for July 17, 2010 | American Public Media.

BP Oil Spill:

The capped well was estimated to be gushing between 35,000 and 60,000 barrels of oil a day into the Gulf, beginning shortly after the April 20 blast aboard Transocean Ltd.’s Deepwater Horizon rig, which BP had leased to drill a well in its Macondo prospect.

The spill, now one of the largest in U.S. history, has had a severe impact on fishing and tourism along the Gulf Coast. BP has paid more than $200 million in damage claims to residents and businesses, and has set up a $20 billion fund to pay for damages related to the spill.

Mr. Suttles said that as of Sunday morning, the well’s pressure was at 6,778 pounds per square inch, and rising at a rate of 1 or 2 psi per hour. The pressure reading, which has climbed more slowly than expected, is a sign that the reservoir is partially depleted.

Mr. Suttles reported the presence of bubbles in the area being monitored. He said that BP does not believe the bubbles are related to hydrocarbons, but they’re being closely watched, he said.

via BP Cap to Get Continued Testing –

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