‎7.31.2010 … goodbye ATL … hello CLT … home again … Lucky Charms mystery … who and why?

random, (my) children: I admit this is not nearly as serious as the ice cream fiasco, but WHO TOOK ALL THE MARSHMALLOW CHARMS out of the new box of Lucky Charms and left me with the sweetened oat cereal and WHY??

games:  OK, so I  think I would like this game…

The concept is simple: Your opponent reads you the first sentence(s) from a work of great literature—categories include children’s books, mysteries, nonfiction, novels, poetry, Shakespeare’s plays, and short stories—and you name the title and/or author. If you answer correctly, you get a cute little book token…collect eight and you win.

via Bas Bleu – “It Was a Dark and Stormy Night” Board Game.

internet, 1984:  Big Brother is watching … The Web’s New Gold Mine: Your Secrets – WSJ.com.

history, culture, place, sense of place: The Tuttle farm must have a powerful sense of place.  I pray Mr. Tuttle XI does not regret his decision.

Since 1635, the Tuttle farm has been passed from father to son and after years of thought, Will Tuttle has put what’s known as the country’s longest family-run farm on the market.

As the 11th generation Tuttle man to farm this now 134-acre plot of land in New Hampshire, Will Tuttle says he has no regrets. “I’m not a museum curator, I’m a farmer,” Tuttle says.

He’s tall, lean and tanned from head to toe, apart from his red cheeks and white beard. Shaking his head underneath the beating sun, he adds, “I wasn’t the first one. I may be the last one. You can’t live anybody else’s dream, and 57 years is enough.”

via America’s oldest family farm for sale – CNN.com.

movies, culture, quotes:  I must admit I missed all the subtle and not so subtle nuances of this film the first time I saw it as a teenager.

In Fifth Avenue, 5 A.M. — Audrey Hepburn, Breakfast at Tiffany’s and the Dawn of the Modern Woman, writer Sam Wasson shows how Paramount made a Hollywood hit out of a story about a call girl when some magazines deemed it too shocking to serialize.

“If Audrey [Hepburn is] playing a call girl and George Peppard is playing a gigolo, the problem is not a lack of sex; the problem is too much sex — such that they’re so tired by the time they actually do get together that they don’t get together,” Wasson says. “You see that in that scene when [Holly] first climbs into bed with [Paul]. They’re not sleeping together — but they’re two gigolos — because it’s the end of a long day’s work. And George [Axelrod] is clever about suggesting all of this. He can’t come right out and say they’re gigolos, obviously, but the implication is strong. And it’s because of that that the movie has the conflict that it has and the legs that it does.”

Salesman: “Do they still really have prizes in Cracker Jack boxes?”

Paul: “Oh, yes.”

Salesman: “That’s nice to know. It gives one a feeling of solidarity, almost of continuity with the past. That sort of thing.”

via Holly Golightly: Breaking Rules In A Little Black Dress : NPR.

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