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‎8.6.2010 … helping JBT on some projects … enjoying the sweet sounds of a sleeping son … a peer will be a grandmother … yeah for her and hallelujah it’s not me … mine are certainly not “adults” yet … :) … … and surprise lunch with husband and brother-in-law Gary at the Penguin … what a nice surprise!

Kagan Nomination/Justice Kagan:  I wonder if she will travel to Paris to get her lace collars  … which I love … where can a woman justice get a good collar for her robe!  Congratulations to our new justice.

The Senate on Thursday confirmed Elena Kagan on a 63-37 vote to become an associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, with a handful of Republicans joining almost all Democrats in making her the fourth woman to

via Senate Confirms Supreme Court Nominee Kagan –

Kalman visits with Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

“I think, move over Jane Austen as my imaginary best friend forever. Make room for Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who would have gone to my high school for music, if her parents had let her. Whose favorite artist is Matisse. (I rest my case.) Who went on to study law because she wanted to combat the forces of injustice (McCarthyism) and graduated tied for first in her class at Columbia Law School, but could not get hired as a lawyer.”

Cancer is a distraction, the real work must go on, Kalman says of Justice Ginsburg. So the author moves on, detailing pleasures (simple and not so) that carry through the whole of a person’s life, help in its most challenging moments, and define the person just as much as all the big stuff.

Find Kalman’s full column, May It Please the Court, here.

(We couldn’t resist and so grabbed a screen shot of one of those pleasures – Justice Ginsburg’s lace collars, as rendered by Kalman.

via Maira Kalman’s Pursuit of Happiness: The Supreme Court and Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

technology, RIP: I tried to figure it out and figure a use for it in my technology life … just didn’t do anything for me.

As you may have heard, Google Wave is dead. But why is it dead? Google CEO Eric Schmidt took some time today after his panel at the Techonomy conference in Lake Tahoe, CA to answer that.When BBC reporter Maggie Shiels asked about the reasons behind the product’s demise, Schmidt noted that Google liked the UI and a lot of the technology behind the product, but it simply to take off. “We try things,” he said. “Remember, we celebrate our failures. This is a company where it’s absolutely okay to try something that’s very hard, have it not be successful, and take the learning from that,” he continued.

via Schmidt Talks Wave’s Death: “We Celebrate Our Failures.” [Video]

food, travel, Asheville:  My in-laws are planing a weekend of family in Asheville … so far we have recommendations for  Corner Kitchen, Pisgah Inn, 12 Bones Smokehouse, Red Stag Grill at the Bohemian Hotel and Zambra.   Anybody have a few more ideas?  Here’s what I found on the internet …

Welcome to Asheville, NC—the home of the world’s only Foodtopian Society. Visit a city where food is the centerpiece of daily life with 12 farmers markets, nearly 250 independent restaurants and a bevy of local breweries.

Start planning your visit to Asheville today by learning more about local flavors, farm-to-table dining, and Asheville food experts. Book your food vacation now!

via Foodtopian Society | Foodtopian Society.

-and  – Biltmore Village Tour – Walking Food Tour.

snippets from ZA Molly, Family, GoGo/Sandra, language, culture:  Molly is in South Africa, and when a friend saw a post card from her grandmother GoGo, she asked Molly if she knew that gogo was Zulu for grandmother … Molly did not know … and GoGo did not know it either. She got the grandmother name because Jack, the first grandchild, called her that when he was 18 months old … she liked it (much better than “granny”) and so it has been her name ever since. It makes you wonder if there is not some universal core language that we all share.

Gogo is Zulu for Grandmother.

Lovelight has formed an alliance called GOGO ~

Grandmother’s Organized in Global Oneness.

via Volunteer Opportunities & GOGO Alliance.

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