8.25.2010 … lots of errands!! … welcome, welcome, liv and sedi … Charlotte schools are back in session …


People who buy e-readers tend to spend more time than ever with their nose in a book, preliminary research shows.

via A Look at the Reading Habits of E-Reader Owners – WSJ.com.

the law, local news, Charlotte:  Why? Why would a detective plagiarize and throw away notes?

A Mecklenburg judge ruled Tuesday that Demeatrius Montgomery should not face the death penalty because a detective’s misconduct has tainted the trial in the killings of two Charlotte police officers.

But Superior Court Judge Forrest Bridges allowed the trial to continue, rejecting a request by Montgomery’s attorneys to dismiss the murder charges entirely.

Bridges called the case a “moving target.” He said former police Detective Arvin Fant’s admission that he threw away and plagiarized notes has “placed a cloud of suspicion over these proceedings.”

via No death penalty in police slayings – CharlotteObserver.com.

education, NC, Great Recession:  I would prefer not to need the funds, but would rather get the funds than not.

The states named to receive sums from $75 million to $700 million each were Hawaii, Rhode Island, Maryland, Massachusetts, Ohio, North Carolina, Georgia, New York and Florida.

via Ten Winners Selected to Receive ‘Race to the Top’ Education Funds – WSJ.com.

the brain, technology, iPhone: I am definitely fatigued!

Sure, smart phones and mobile devices help pass the time whenever you have a tedious task to do: standing in line; waiting for the train; working out at the gym. But is the constant barrage of information overloading your brain?

The New York Times reports that researchers have concluded that the constant distraction today’s electronic devices provide, could be fatiguing your brain.

via Is Your iPhone Killing Your Creativity? – TIME NewsFeed.

Apps:  I use a few more … but many I just try and leave … hey most are free.

When I recently received my new iPhone 4, I took great delight in organizing my apps into folders, finding new apps in the app store, and seeing how beautiful various apps looked on the new screen. Then I used it for a couple of days and realized, not counting pre-loaded Apple software, I use exactly five apps: The New York Times, Dropbox, Pandora, MenuPages, and Skype. Why am I wasting time collecting and organizing all these apps? We’re in an app bubble.

via The Great App Bubble | Fast Company.

health, diet: Go H2O!

CONSUME more water and you will become much healthier, goes an old wives’ tale. Drink a glass of water before meals and you will eat less, goes another. Such prescriptions seem sensible, but they have little rigorous science to back them up.

Until now, that is.

via Obesity: Drink till you drop | The Economist.

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