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12.15.2010 … cold … boys are done and enjoying the CO snow … one more days for the Molls …

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My father-in-law is a historian, and about 20 years ago he mentioned his concern that cheap long-distance telephoning was going to make the work of future historians far harder.

“Letters are one of our best sources of information about the past, but these days nobody writes letters—they just call.”

“Yes, and I hate that,” I said. “Interrupting what I’m doing right now because this is the moment when it’s convenient for them to call.”

Little did we know that both of us were about to get our wish.

When the Internet was first opened to the general public in 1992, I was unimpressed. What I saw was exactly as interesting as the brochure rack in the grocery store. Hadn’t people read my sci-fi novel “Ender’s Game” (1985), where a couple of anonymous kids used something like the Internet to pass for experts and influence public opinion; or “The Worthing Saga” (1978), where millions of people watched superstars play computer games?

Well, probably not. But I was impatient for others to catch on to how much potential there was for public networks to change politics and entertainment.

We got there soon enough. became the department store of instant gratification. MP3s became the preferred way to buy music—for a buck a tune. Bloggers did an end-run around Big Media to break the ideological stranglehold of the left. Twitter turned stalking into a cooperative art form. Facebook turned “friend” into a verb.

via Orson Scott Card: How ‘Friend’ Became a Verb –

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By quitting the New Year’s glasses business last year however, the founding fathers of the New Year’s eyewear fad have conveniently dodged the most vexing design challenge in the 20-year history of the field: 2011 lacks an obvious place for a second eyehole.

via Founding Fathers of New Year’s Novelty Glasses – Metropolis – WSJ.



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