12.25.2010 … Joy to the World! … Snow in Atlanta … New wrinkle … Electricity off in Brookhaven … Adds to the Peace thing …

Christmas: Yuletide: Christmas around the world | The Economist.

quotes, 2010:  Interesting perspective … but Jon Stewart usually is interesting …

“Every one of the cars that you see is filled with individuals of strong belief and principles they hold dear — often principles and beliefs in direct opposition to their fellow travelers.

“And yet these millions of cars must somehow find a way to squeeze one by one into a mile-long 30-foot wide tunnel carved underneath a mighty river. … And they do it. Concession by concession. You go. Then I’ll go. You go. Then I’ll go. You go, then I’ll go. Oh my God, is that an NRA sticker on your car? Is that an Obama sticker on your car? Well, that’s OK — you go and then I’ll go.” — Jon Stewart, on the National Mall, Oct. 30 (quote starts in video at 8:45 mark).

via Year in Review: 13 Most Memorable Political Quotes of 2010.

pop ups, restaurants, green: Pop-Up Restaurants Popping Up All Over : TreeHugger.

It makes sense that the rise of pop-up restaurants has coincided with the decline of economy—the smaller investment, use of social media, and potential for a huge customer base overnight considerably reduces the risk in such dismal financial times. Treehugger reports today about a newer aspect of the pop-up trend, highlighting spots that are constructed using reclaimed, borrowed, or already existing building materials. Examples are all over the globe, using everything from old shipping containers to leftover scaffolding. The post quotes an interview from DeZeen with the architect of Studio East Dining in London:

via Pop-up Eateries Implement Sustainable Design – Environment – GOOD.

graphics, stats: presentation is very interesting.

YouTube – Hans Rosling’s 200 Countries, 200 Years, 4 Minutes – The Joy of Stats – BBC Four.


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