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‎4.9.2011 … long day/night ahead … CLS Prom :)

movies, Tangled, travel, Mont St. Michel, France:  My high school french textbook had Mont. St. Michel on the cover and I have always said that I wanted to go there … As soon as I saw the castle in Disney’s Tangled,  knew the model had to be Mont St. Michel …  Voila! It is … Maybe I wil go there this summer when I go pick the Molls up from her Tufts Summit Program.

Q – What castle inspired you when drawing this one in TANGLED?

A – Glen Keane: Mont St. Michel in Normandy, France inspired our castle in Tangled. It sits out in the bay surrounded by water and feels so very fairytale like. When I visited it I knew this has to be the kingdom that Rapunzel will someday be Queen of.

via Interview: Glen Keane |

Passover, Haggadah, Maxwell House Coffee, marketing, history:  Still find this fascinating …

Why is this Haggadah different this Passover from all other Passovers?

On all other Passovers, this Haggadah describes God as a King. This Passover, God is a Monarch.

On all other Passovers, the Haggadah tells of the Four Sons, including one who is wise and one wicked. This Passover, the Haggadah talks about “four different sorts of children.”

Changes to any religious texts are noteworthy. But these changes are sure to be the talk around many Seder tables this Passover because this particular Haggadah — a retelling of the story of the Exodus, along with commentary and prayers — is by some estimates the most popular in the world.

And it has undergone its first translation since it was originally published in 1932, with fusty language updated and gender bias removed. Oddly enough, perhaps to those who do not observe Passover, the Haggadah is distributed by Maxwell House, the coffee company. The reason was a simple matter of marketing.

via Maxwell House Haggadah Gets Gender-Neutral Revision –

Great Recession, education:  sad.

The English department at Pennsylvania State University has cut fellowship funding for its graduate creative writing program–no new MFA students will be accepted next year.According to The Daily Collegian, less non-tenure teachers will be available for undergraduate creative writing courses. The changes came after the College of the Liberal Arts pushed for budget cuts.English professor Julia Kasdorf had this comment: “It’s kind of a perfect storm where you’ve got it coming from two directions. We lose our graduate student instructors, then we lose our lecture instructors, and we only have a handful of creative writing faculty to cover all classes … I’ve been talking with students, and they’re very frustrated with scheduling issues.”Dean Susan Welch observed that departments with larger enrollments have not suffered the same cuts. Program director Janet Lyons suggested that schools must attract more English majors to avoid these problems. via The Rumpus

via Penn State Cuts Creative Writing MFA Program Funding – GalleyCat.

The Masters 2011, Tiger Woods:  When will Tiger not be the central character …

The fist kept pumping. The cheers kept growing. The ball kept dropping.In the fading sunlight of Augusta National, Tiger Woods finally looked like himself again.Rory McIlroy goes to the weekend at the Masters with a two-stroke lead, a worthy reward for two superb days of golf by the 21-year-old from Northern Ireland.But all eyes will be on the guy whos three shots back, in a position that used to be more familiar. Woods shot a 6-under 66 Friday, his best round at the Masters since he captured the last of his four green jackets in 2005.75th Masters: Updating Complete Masters coverage”Ive played myself back in the championship,” he said.Woods hasnt gone this low at the Masters since he shot 65 in the third round of the 05 tournament when he went on to beat Chris DiMarco in a playoff.A lot has changed since then. Woods is mired in the longest winless streak of his career — 20 tournaments over 17 months — and hes still dogged by a sex scandal that ended his marriage and tarnished his image.

via Tiger Woods roars at Augusta National – CBS News.

tabloid news, Royal Wedding, Prince Harry:  I understand he is on his way home ….

Prince Harry is currently stranded in the Arctic Circle just a few weeks shy of his big brother’s royal wedding, and some are worried he’ll miss the big day.

According to E! Online, Harry is at the North Pole on an expedition with the charity Walking With the Wounded and was supposed to leave Thursday to return to the U.K. However, things didn’t go quite as planned.

“Prince Harry was due to leave the Arctic today, but owing to damage to the runway at Ice Camp Barneo his departure has been delayed,” says a rep for the prince. “He will now spend an extra day trekking with the team and return to Barneo tonight to await the first available flight.

The prince and his team are expected to leave the region within the next 48 hours, however the spokeswoman for the expedition explained that “given the unpredictable nature of conditions in the Arctic the situation may change.”

via Will Prince Harry Miss the Royal Wedding? |

The Masters 2011:  The whole event is  like no other … A Gift Shop Unlike Any Other – The Daily Fix – WSJ.

politics, budget crisis:  Crisis averted … but we had to be tortured with the politics …

The federal government prepared Friday evening to close its operations across the country, as near round-the-clock negotiations among congressional leaders on a budget deal failed to settle what each party said was only a few remaining issues.

With funding for federal agencies due to end Friday night at midnight, Democrats and Republicans traded accusations about which side was to blame for the stalemate. But privately, negotiators continued talking, and some lawmakers said they saw a pathway to striking an agreement. “A resolution is within reach,” Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R., Ky.) said Friday morning. “The contours of a final agreement are coming into focus.”

via Budget Stalemate Persists –

exhibits/museums, Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art, NYC:  sounds interesting.

The room-window-view equation turned out to be a satisfying, self-ordering arrangement that continued to attract painters, reaching an apotheosis of sorts — but hardly exhausting itself — in the art of Matisse. Over the course of this marvelous show, that equation is under constant adjustment. In addition to windows that look like paintings in their own right, some windows are mere blank rectangles; others expand the painting-within-a-painting concept until the room all but disappears.

These fluctuations, with illumination as the constant, offer support for the argument that painting may ultimately be about little more than the communication of some quality of light and space, however abstract or indirect. In “Rooms With a View” this communication is marvelously direct.

via ‘Rooms With a View’ at the Metropolitan Museum of Art – Review –

Texas, green, oil crisis:  Texas, you are crazy and wasteful.

They say everything is bigger in Texas, and now it seems everything might be faster too. The House of Representatives in Texas has approved a new transportation bill, and it includes legislation that would allow the Texas Department of Transportation to raise speed limits to 85 miles per hour. The state’s Senate is presently considering a similar measure.

The DOT cannot simply go out and slap up a fresh new set of 85-mph speed limit signs. Both engineering and traffic studies must be done before motorists are given a green light to those increased speeds. Don’t feel too bad for those speed-restricted Texans, though. 85 mph wouldn’t be much of a stretch for Texas, since the state already enjoys 520 miles of highway with an 80-mph speed limit.

via Texas House approves nation’s fastest speed limit at 85 mph — Autoblog.


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