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6.2.2011 … 27!


Anniversaries:  Today is my 27th wedding anniversary … seems like yesterday … seems like a long time ago …

RIP, William Gresham:  Big William’s funeral was hard for everyone there … He was 51 and wasn’t sick … it wasn’t expected, it wasn’t a blessing … and the funeral was different, beautiful, touching , but different.  They played this song … so now it will forever be William’s song to me …

Paris, travel:  A few ideas from Bon Apetit!


You know how we feel about the City of Light. Remember this gorgeous Guy Savoy video we fell in love with? Remember the budget-friendly Paris travel guide we asked Clotilde Dusoulier to write for the March 2011 issue? Or that time we told you a certain bartender at Paris’s Bar Hemingway made it one of the world’s best?  And then there are the hours we’ve spent perfecting our versions of classic French recipes, from macarons to coq au vin.


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commencement speeches, fails:  Another one for you …  I am beginning to think they are an anachronism.

If you’re keen on delivering a great speech, a wise strategy would be to actually write one.

Tasked with responsibility of delivering the commencement address for the University of Maryland University College Class of 2011, actor Richard T. Jones, best known for his roles in the Why Did I Get Married films, attempted — with limited success — to improvise his way to inspiring remarks.

The video is circulating around the Web, and to say the least, the reviews are not pretty. As one member of the graduating class put it, “Richard T. Jones = Commencement Speech Fail!”

via Actor Richard T. Jones Improvs Embarrassing UMUC Commencement Speech (VIDEO).

photography, Arctic Lights: beautiful


Terje Sørgjerd has done it again — you’ll never see light quite like this.

Just weeks after producing two incredible viral hits, “The Aurora” and “The Mountain” (the latter of which attracted over 26 million views), the 32-year-old Oslo, Norway native has created this clip, a fantastic time-lapse shot shortly before “midnight sun” near the Arctic Circle. It’s the result of a grueling 12 day journey (it was shot between April 29 and May 10) that could have easily claimed the life of the filmmaker. He managed to fall in freezing Arctic water twice, and was even hospitalized after falling from a rock during the trip.

Incredibly, the footage is virtually unadultered. “The only post-production here is all done in raw adjustments, there is absolutely no HDR, composite or photoshop involved,” Sørgjerd said in an interview with The Huffington Post.

via ‘The Arctic Light,’ Time-Lapse Video Captures Breathtaking Northern Phenomenon (HD VIDEO).

colleges, superlatives, small classes, lists:  I think this is one of the most important criteria in evaluating a college.

Yesterday, US News and World Report released their list of universities with the highest percentage of small classes. Unwieldy, research-centric universities aren’t generally famous for their individual attention, but some large universities do have a surprisingly high proportion of classes with 20 people or less in them.

via 10 Universities With The Highest Percentage Of Small Classes.

Facebook, unfriend, culture, divorce:  It is hard to unwind a marriage … even harder now …

By the time my ex and I filed for divorce, however, Facebook was so ingrained in our lives, it was actually on the table during mediation.

“I think we need to unfriend each other,” my soon-to-be ex wife said across the big conference room table.

We hadn’t even begun discussing splitting up the furniture or the house or the dogs.

All of a sudden, my divorce was Real. And perhaps there is no better symbol of the finality of a divorce than how it’s borne out online. After several years of learning how to communicate with each other (and thousands of dollars in therapist’s fees), we were now deciding not to communicate via the world’s easiest way to stay connected.

Which is to say, for all the remarkable bringing together that social networking affords us–for all the warm fuzzy long lost high school classmates and unknown cousins and dictatorships brought down–there’s another side to the phenomenon.

It makes it really hard to let go of someone.

via Adam Paul: Til Death Do Us Unfriend.

food, comfort food, grilled cheese sandwiches, San Francisco:  I want one in Charlotte!


A surprisingly appetizing announcement was made today at a tech conference in Silicon Valley today: The creator of the Flip camera plans to open a small chain of high-tech grilled cheese restaurants.

Jonathan Kaplan, whose Flip cam was recently phased out of production by the tech giant Cisco, said his fast-casual (think Chipotle) restaurant chain will be called The Melt, specializing in grilled cheese and soup combos. The first four locations, hoped to be open by Thanksgiving, will all be in the Bay Area. As befits its hi-tech terroir (the silicon in the soil adds a distinct “venture capital” scent), The Melt will have its own mobile app for ordering on the run. Last time we checked (i.e. ordered Domino’s from our beds), this wasn’t a super novel development, but we’re obviously sold on anything that makes it easier to eat melty sandwiches.

via Flip Cam Creator to Open Geeked-Out Grilled Cheese Chain: BA Daily: Blogs :



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