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6.7.2011 … Almost finished three cups of tea … Sad that some of it is fabricated …

Three Cups of Tea, bookshelf:  This book is really good for anyone who has traveled in a third world country.   Sad that some of it is fabricated … See post for 5.12.2011.

political cartoons:  

6/3 cartoon: Mike Luckovich on U.S. economy | Mike Luckovich.


Dr. Carol Quillen, Dr. Cora Louise Nelson, Davidson College, Women at Davidson College:  Cora Louise!!

Around the D is delighted to welcome Dr. Carol Quillen as the college’s 18th president. This seems a good time to look at some of the groundbreaking women faculty and staff.

Dr. Louise Nelson


The first woman professor to get tenure was Cora Louise Nelson, who taught in the Economics Department from 1964 to 1988. Both women taught before the campus went co-ed.

The Board of Trustees went coed in1974 and around 30 women have served as trustees.

The first woman to become a vice-president was Nancy Cable. She served as Dean of Admission and Financial Aid, 1992-2001 and Vice President and Dean of Admission and Financial Aid, 2001-2005.

Who are the women you remember from your campus days?

via Women at Davidson — Around the D.

Carl Sandburg:  Since my visit to Sandburg’s home in Flat Rock NC last weekend, I have enjoyed researching Sandberg this week …

‎”be careful, be careless, be careful, be what you want to be.” – Carl Sandburg

One of my first questions was did he mention goats in his poetry … and according to The Year of the Goat: Mrs. Sandburg’s Goats, he did, but only once.  The article is really interesting and focuses on the goats, not the poetry.  Read it if you have an interest.  I  really enjoyed the post.  And here is the poem:

The sober-faced goat crops grass next to the sidewalk.

A clinking chain connects the collar of the goat with a steel pin

driven in the ground.

Next to the sidewalk the goat crops November grass,

Pauses seldom, halts not at all, incessantly goes after the grass.

—Carl Sandburg

from “Suburban Sicilian Sketches”

via The Year of the Goat: Mrs. Sandburg’s Goats.

Paris, travel, restaurants, hotels, lists:  Another list!  Anybody tried any of these?  Restaurants: L’Avant-Comptoir, Chez Casimir, Rosa Bonheur, Le Garde-Robe, Drouant, Coinstot Vino, Aux Deux Amis … Hotels: Mama Shelter, Le Notre Dame Hotel

But what if you’re not up for a three-hour, multi-course marathon? What if all you want are a few bites of something more exciting than standard bar fare? These days, Parisians turn to a new generation of fine spots with drinks (natural wines, preferably), snacks (from well-sourced ingredients), and a relaxed ambience.

via The Snob-Free Paris Travel Guide: In the Magazine :

To Kill a Mockingbird, movies, Fox Theater, Atlanta, places:  I would kill to see To Kill a Mockingbird at the Fox!

To Kill A Mockingbird

Saturday, June 11 at 7:30 pm

via Coca-Cola Summer Film Festival 2011, Fox Theatre, Atlanta, Georgia.

2012 Presidential Election, Mitt Romney, politics and religion, Mormon faith:  It will be interesting how this plays out.

But there was one challenge—a challenge that could alienate the kind of Republicans who vote in early primary states such as Iowa and South Carolina—that Romney didn’t address: his Mormon faith.

No question the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is “having a moment.” Not only is Romney running again—this time, he’s likely to be competing against his distant Mormon cousin Jon Huntsman Jr. The Senate, meanwhile, is led by Mormon Harry Reid. Beyond the Beltway, the Twilight vampire novels of Mormon Stephenie Meyer sell tens of millions of copies, Mormon convert Glenn Beck inspires daily devotion and outrage with his radio show, and HBO generated lots of attention with the Big Love finale. Even Broadway has gotten in on the act, giving us The Book of Mormon, a big-budget musical about Mormon missionaries by South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone and Avenue Q writer Robert Lopez that, with 14 nominations, is expected to clean up at the Tony Awards on June 12.

But despite the sudden proliferation of Mormons in the mainstream, Mormonism itself isn’t any closer to gaining mainstream acceptance. And nowhere is the gap between increased exposure and actual progress more pronounced than in politics. In recent weeks NEWSWEEK called every one of the 15 Mormons currently serving in the U.S. Congress to ask if they would be willing to discuss their faith; the only politicians who agreed to speak on the record were the four who represent districts with substantial Mormon populations. The rest were “private about their faith,” or “politicians first and Mormons second,” according to their spokespeople.

via The Mormon Moment – Newsweek.


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