7.5.2011 … travel to Boston … then dinner in Chinatown … at a Vietnamese restaurant.

Boston, travel, Pho Hoa, restaurants, Chinatown, Zagat Review, InterContinental Boston, hotels, history, architecture:  John and I ventured into Chinatown to have Vietnamese comfort foodfood at his  favorite dive … Pho Hoa.  (Maxwell:  “I believe I saw a drag queen use that name one time- Faux Ho.”)  John had sweet and sour soup and spring rolls, and I had rice in a clay pot with chicken and shrimp. … Both very good.  One of the more intriqguing parts of the meal was the Bubble Tea. The bubbles were very soft gummi like black candies at the bottom. Weird. The peach infused green tea was excellent. The ambiance was a little lacking … piped in radio music … SoundHound – F**k You by Cee Lo Green. (Eleanor : “Couldn’t ask for finah music…”; Liz: “charming”).  Zagat gave it a good review … I think they have reviewed every restaurant in Boston!

However our hotel, the InterContinental made up for it … beautiful from the outside … The historic tall ships were the inspiration for the hotel and once I was told, I could see it. 🙂 And the site of the hotel was 1/2 block from the real tea party.

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I do have one question: Boston InterContinental … Why do I need a pass thru to the bath?

Al Capone, Atlanta:  Al Capone served part of his sentence in the Atlanta Penitentiary.  I learned recently that his family rented a very nice home in Druid Hills during this period, around the corner from my great grandparents.  Anyone else heard that?

“To be 27 years of age and own Chicago, and run that whole empire, that’s one helluva mind, and one helluva desire, do you know what I mean?” said Graham. “And a passion to achieve.”

Capone achieved all of it with a splash of style. The best clothes, the biggest cars, and more.

“The big difference is that Capone talked to the media and really welcomed the spotlight, so that people heard more about him,” said Eig.

But away from the spotlight …

“If you had a butcher shop and you weren’t paying your contribution to the local protection association, the first thing is you’d get a broke window,” said Eig. “The next thing is you might get a pineapple – a homemade bomb, hand grenade equivalent which would cause not only a broken window, but some fire damage.”

“So a brick, a hand grenade …” said Reynolds.

“Maybe a baseball bat to the head, to the knee,” said Eig. “And then finally, you know, if you still didn’t get the message, somebody might get killed.”

While that sort of thing went on, Capone would likely be out on the town. The Green Mill cocktail lounge was a favorite haunt. “I’m guessing he didn’t have to pay for his own drinks

Owner Dave Jemilo tends bar nowadays at the Green Mill – right above a subterranean escape route used by gangsters. He showed us the tunnels: “You went this way, you’re under the street. And then it was boarded up. Then you go down this way and there’s a whole other set of tunnels.”

“So this was pretty elaborate,” said Reynolds. “I mean they were serious about escaping.”

via In search of the real Al Capone – CBS News.

slime bags, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, prosecution of sex crimes, justice:  Makes you think real hard about how to serve justice in these situations …

SO what’s the moral of this Manhattan immorality tale?

That the French are always right, even when their hauteur is irritating?

They were right about Iraq and America’s rush to war. And they may be right about Dominique Strauss-Kahn and America’s rush to judgment.

In both cases, French credibility was undermined, so we resisted seeing things from their point of view.

They say it is roughly analogous — not in terms of the maid’s sexual history but her record of veracity — to a case in which a prostitute is raped. It’s hard to prosecute, and the perp can often get away with it.

The upright-looking Vance is not like the scoundrel prosecutor in the Duke lacrosse case. He did not ignore evidence that was contrary to the case prosecutors were trying to build. It just took several weeks, after they tried to deny DSK bail and after they indicted him, to do a thorough investigation.

via When a Predator Collides With a Fabricator – NYTimes.com.

Great Recession, executive compensation:  23%???

Brace yourself.

The final figures show that the median pay for top executives at 200 big companies last year was $10.8 million. That works out to a 23 percent gain from 2009. The earlier study had put the median pay at a none-too-shabby $9.6 million, up 12 percent.

Total C.E.O. pay hasn’t quite returned to its heady, prerecession levels — but it certainly seems headed there. Despite the soft economy, weak home prices and persistently high unemployment, some top executives are already making more than they were before the economy soured.

via Executive Pay at Big Companies Rose 23% Last Year – NYTimes.com.

twitter, TweetScan:  But what will I do with my 140 character tweets?  I don’t think I will win any awards or even a favorite of the day!

Using the amazing tool TweetScan, you can actually generate an archive of all your tweets that goes back to the olden days of December 2007. Follow this link to create your own archive–a fascinating look at your microblogging evolution.

AllTwitter explained the service: “You can choose whether to view just your old tweets, or include and one or more of the following: @replies, your friends’ tweets, your followers’ tweets, direct messages, or favorite tweets. Your tweets are presented in a “TiddlyWiki” format, which means you can make notes and edit the pages. This service is great for an at-a-glance view of your older tweets, or if you want to review your tweet strategy in more detail.”

via How To Read Your Old Tweets – GalleyCat.

politics:  🙂

Bill Clinton says he called Vice President Joe Biden after last month’s “golf summit” and said he must have thrown the game to lose to President Barack Obama and House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio).

Obama and Boehner each won $2 from Biden and Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R).

“I called Joe Biden, who’s the best golfer in the foursome, and carded an 89,” Clinton told the Aspen Ideas Festival on Saturday evening.

“I said, ‘Joe, I don’t mind if you go to funerals. I don’t mind if have to do go to budget [talks]. But, you know, no vice president should have to throw a golf game to make America a better place.’ [laughter] And he proceeded to swear to me he didn’t throw it.”

via Bill Clinton teases Joe Biden on golf summit – Mike Allen – POLITICO.com.

Great Recession, foreclosure, loan restructuring:  Wow, I’ll be happy to give BofA my number.

As millions of Americans struggle in foreclosure with little hope of relief, big banks are going to borrowers who are not even in default and cutting their debt or easing the mortgage terms, sometimes with no questions asked.

Last year, JPMorgan Chase cut in half what Rula Giosmas owed on her condominium in Miami.

Two of the nation’s biggest lenders, JPMorgan Chase and Bank of America, are quietly modifying loans for tens of thousands of borrowers who have not asked for help but whom the banks deem to be at special risk.

Rula Giosmas is one of the beneficiaries. Last year she received a letter from Chase saying it was cutting in half the amount she owed on her condominium.

Ms. Giosmas, who lives in Miami, was not in default on her $300,000 loan. She did not understand why she would receive this gift — although she wasted no time in taking it.

Banks are proactively overhauling loans for borrowers like Ms. Giosmas who have so-called pay option adjustable rate mortgages, which were popular in the wild late stages of the housing boom but which banks now view as potentially troublesome.

Before Chase shaved $150,000 off her mortgage, Ms. Giosmas owed much more on her place than it was worth. It was a fate she shared with a quarter of all homeowners with mortgages across the nation. Being underwater, as it is called, can prevent these owners from moving and taking new jobs, and places the households at greater risk of foreclosure.

via Banks Easing Terms or Debt on Some Option ARM Loans – NYTimes.com.

sex crimes, prosecution, slime bags: Thorny issue …

Strauss-Kahn, 62, who was arrested hours after the allegation and resigned from the IMF, was ordered released from home confinement in Manhattan on Friday. But the district attorney’s office has not moved to dismiss the rape case.

“She said it happened, and he’s sort of a pompous guy with a reputation . . . for grabbing women, so they thought, well, of course, it must have happened,” Greenspun said. He said police generally spend too little time investigating such cases before making arrests, especially when the suspects are prominent men.

A housekeeper at a Manhattan hotel accused the former managing director of the International Monetary Fund of attacking her. In a July 1 court hearing, the sexual-assault case appeared to shift in his favor.

Prosecutors have serious questions about the credibility of a hotel housekeeper who has accused former International Monetary Fund leader Dominique Strauss-Kahn of raping her, a person familiar with the case said Thursday. (July 1)

Even if Strauss-Kahn’s attorneys have information about his accuser that they could use in court to cast doubt on her veracity, prosecutors have a “moral obligation” to proceed with the case if they believe that the woman is being truthful, said lawyer Mai Fernandez, director of the National Center for Victims of Crime.

“You could have Attila the Hun come to you and say he’s a victim, and the truth of the matter is, in this particular case, he may be,” Fernandez said.

“You have to look first at the evidence that’s directly related to the case at hand,” she added. “The victim? Well, everybody has a past. None of us is without sin. There’s always something that a defense lawyer can use to tarnish your reputation.”

via In sex-crime cases, credibility a thorny issue – The Washington Post.

tweet of the day, misleading headlines:  Why is this misleading … look who is modeling the sexy mommy jeans … not your average mom …

InStyle (@InStyle)7/3/11 5:00 AMSexy mom jeans…they do exist!http://ht.ly/5vmLW


Nicole Kidman

tweet of the day:  Actually, this is a few days ago …

Conan O’Brien (@ConanOBrien)
6/30/11 12:13 PM Is it me, or do people on Segway scooters look pre-wedgied?

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