‎7.12.2011 … planning France …

France, travel, travel guides:  Currently we plan to go to Paris, Annecy and Talloires, Lyon, Normandy and back to Paris.  Both Karen Brown‘s and Rick Steves’ books have been highly recommended.  Any body used either?  How about Fat Tire Bike Tours in Paris?  Any suggestions?

music:  For your listening pleasure as recommended by a Davidson friend, Linda … YouTube – Great Big Sea – A Boat Like Gideon Brown ‏.

Steph Curry, Davidson College, kudos:  Go Steph!

The National Basketball Association locked out its players last week after the players and owners failed to negotiate a new contract. The NBA seems likely to miss games this fall, and that has players like former Davidson Wildcat Stephen Curry devising alternate plans.

The Warriors’ star says he might re-enroll at Davidson College to finish his degree, according to news reports.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that Curry is considering his options for returning to campus this fall.

A sociology major, he left Davidson after his junior year to turn pro. He reportedly needs five more classes to graduate and he has said that he’d like to eventually complete his degree.

via Could Steph Curry be back on campus this fall?  | Sports.

Harry Potter, faith and spirituality:  Oddly, part of our discussion at my childhood church, North Ave. Pres., in a class led by my brother-in-law, was  a discussion on the existence of EVIL and the denial by many Christians of evil/the Devil, etc. I think this fits in nicely.

But listen: we’re free to enjoy the good and the beautiful, even from the most unlikely places. We’re free—and this is huge—to look for the light in people (and things!), to give them the benefit of the doubt, to laud their beauty, to outlove unloveliness–in short, to love as Christ loves us. That includes billionaire authors like J.K. Rowling. She didn’t grow up in the Bible Belt of America; she grew up in England. And yet, in defiance of a culture that tends to snub its nose at Christianity, she wrote a story that contains powerful redemptive themes, stirs a longing for life after death, piques the staunchest atheist’s suspicion that there just might be something beyond the veil, and plainly shows evil for what it is—and not just evil, but love’s triumph over it.

As for the witchcraft debate, I heave a weary sigh. No, God doesn’t want us to practice witchcraft. Of course he doesn’t. I’ve read arguments on both sides of this, and believe we could spar for days without doing a lick of good. (By the way, no debate is raging over Glenda the Good Witch of the East in The Wizard of Oz. Most Americans have probably seen that film and/or read that book, and didn’t start conducting seances on the weekends—though the flying monkeys have creeped me out for years. And Oz, when compared to Potter, is practically bereft of Christian meaning.)

via The Rabbit Room — Harry Potter, Jesus, and Me.

bookshelf, The Story of Charlotte’s Web: E. B. White’s Eccentric Life in Nature and the Birth of an American Classic, E.B. White:  I may add this to my long list once I work it down a bit!

Thus was hatched the idea for Charlotte’s Web, White’s magical meditation on the passage of time, mortality and the great gift of finding a “true friend” in this world. However, as Michael Sims tells us in his wonderful new book called The Story of Charlotte’s Web, there was also a much longer incubation period for White’s classic — a period that began with his isolated childhood as the youngest of seven children; the snappy creative bustle of the New York newspaper world in the 1920s, which gave White his career and his writing role models; and White’s own lifelong struggle with anxiety. That anxiety was soothed, in part, by writing and by the company of animals (except, that is, for rats — take that, Templeton!). If you love Charlotte’s Web — and, please, if you don’t, just get help now! — Sims’ lively and detailed excursion into the mystery of how White’s classic came to be is a perfect read for this season: full of grass and insects, pigs and summer rain.

via How E.B. White Spun ‘Charlotte’s Web’ : NPR.

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