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1.1.13 Happy New Year and Salut!

New Year, comet, Downton Abby :  Things to look forward to …

1.1Sky-watchers in Australia ogle comet Lovejoy late last year.  Photograph by John Goldsmith, TWAN

New Comet Discovered—May Become “One of Brightest in History”.


… and a final note …



New Year’s Eve:


How to say cheers in French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Italian, and Japanese – YouTube.

At Chez Teague …


Other members of the family had more fun …



destinations, vacations, girlfriends, wasabies: True girlfriends are happy anywhere they are together!   Wasabi love! 🙂

Girlfriend Getaways: Golden Door at Boulders

economy, debt ceiling, fiscal cliff:
Breaking News (@BreakingNews)

12/31/12, 6:17 PM

US officially hits debt ceiling, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner says – @postpolitics


 … and on that note …




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