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1.7.13 My mother was right … Roll Tide!

BCS Championship, University of Alabama, Notre Dame Alabama, Roll Tide:  Can’t wait for tonight.

Downton Abbey, follow-up:  Downton Abbey was good, but not that good … I truly enjoyed it, but after talking to my mother, I realized that the plot lines just did not work.  Neither of us will give up on it … but I am holding them to a higher standard.

Photo: Will you be watching?

There’s just something about Downton Abbey’s Lady Mary. The prissy, prim, slightly rude but ultimately warm-hearted heiress-in-waiting is one of the main reasons we can’t wait to tune in when our favorite period drama comes back this winter. Michelle Dockery, the woman who lends her graceful looks and acting chops to the role, sat down with Harper’s Bazaar for a chat and a very, very small portion of fish. Turns out she’s nothing like her haughty character (thank goodness!), although she does leave her hair in 1920s waves when she steps out between scenes.

via Michelle Dockery Lady Mary – Downton Abbey Interview.

Downton Abbey, the television series coproduced by Carnival Films and WGBH, has set off a volley of debates about how we see the past, and about how much any drama, even a well-researched one, can contribute to historical understanding. Downton Abbey is, of course, entertainment, not documentary. Even so, Julian Fellowes, the show’s creator, had a definite historical goal. He conceived of the series as an illumination of country-house life in the early twentieth century, particularly of the separate but interconnected orbits of the aristocracy and the servants. In that goal, Fellowes succeeds with panache.

via Downton Abbey as History | Foreign Affairs.

To celebrate the show’s welcome return to PBS this Sunday, here (in the spirit of our Game of Thrones–to–English Premier League Converter) is a handy chart that will expose the hidden footballing subplots, character by character. Once you read it, you’ll be able to follow the allegorical levels of the show like a manic Labradoodle responding to a dog whistle.

via Downton Abbey–to–English Premier League Converter – The Triangle Blog – Grantland.

TEDTalks, Jill Bolte Taylor, global warming:  Reboot!

I trust we can create an age where we stop relating to the world skewed through our left-brain values as individuals focused on profit, personal gain, power, prestige, authority, advantage, and the material goods money can buy. Instead, it’s time to shift our approach to the planet and our relationship to it, as we explore the most important question of our time: How do we each, as individuals of a collective whole called humanity, bring our gifts to the table to be a part of the solution?

The reality of global warming is no longer an issue for debate. The real conversation now revolves around this question: How are we going to manage the repercussions of our actions , and do it quickly enough to sustain life as we have known it? Needless to say, this is not the way our society works now, and as a result, the health and well-being of our planet has not only been threatened but compromised.

I am a true believer that the next step in our human evolution is upon us, and we are becoming more balanced in not only how we live inside our own heads but in how we treat our planet. When we live our lives through the intention of our right minds, and use the skill sets of both minds to achieve our goals, we become a whole-brained and more balanced society. Change is never easy, and there will always be those who fall behind. But overall, I am encouraged by where we are, and the direction we are heading.

via Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor: Does Our Planet Need a Stroke of Insight?.


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