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1.16.13 … New Haven and the “new” Art Gallery at Yale University

Boston, snow, travel:

Boston …

Photo: Boston ... And snow. Welcome North!¬†… and snow. Welcome North!

On the free Silver Line bus to South Station … Big bus with doors … Next amtrax train to new haven, ct. I am sitting sideways in front with my luggage between my knees. This is for you, Eleanor Winborne Murray!

So far car, moving sidewalk, plane with uncontrolled heat … Now bus to train.

On the AMTRAX today … Given the snow, I felt it the better option (knock on wood ūüėČ ). So maybe MegaBus tomorrow … I am sure it is cheaper. It’s nice to see snow in someone else’s backyard. Train is very nice. It has big seats, wifi, outlets and a cafe car for my dining pleasure. I should be in New Haven before 2.

On time in New Haven!

New Haven CT, Art Gallery at Yale University, Shake Shack:


Great day in New Haven with Debbie … Snow everywhere ..

Before hitting the town, we visited St. Luke’s where Debbie Shew is serving as Interim Priest … very interesting history …

Saint¬†Luke’s Episcopal Church is¬† believed to be the third oldest African American¬†parish in the United¬† States. On June 7, 1844, a small group of¬† African descendants who were members of Trinity Episcopal church¬†petitioned the Rector and Vestry for¬† approval to form an Episcopal¬†society. The new congregation was¬† organized under the name of Saint Luke’s Parish and was given use of a¬† building. The Reverend Eli¬†Worthington Stokes, a Black Deacon, was¬† called as the first¬†Minister and was ordained a Priest in 1846 in New Haven.

On April 12, 1852, the church acquired at an auction property  formerly held by the Colored Baptist Society.

The Center

It  is to this work that St. Luke’s has been called. In keeping with the example of  its patron saint, Luke, the physician, St. Luke’s Episcopal Church has  always dedicated itself to the ministry of healing.  In October 2005,  St. Luke’s entered a season of renewal and has since felt a call to  deepen its long-standing commitment to the work of healing.  Specifically, St. Luke’s is being called to play a leading role in healing  the painful wounds in New Haven’s Black community.

We envision a  St. Luke’s Center for Community Healing, a comprehensive ministry of healing serving the Black community in the Greater New Haven area.  We see  a place of healing, forgiveness, and reconciliation for hurting men and  women, boys and girls, and families.  The mission of St. Luke’s Center  for Community Healing will be to take the balm of Jesus’ healing  ministry to wounded places in the Black community to heal and save God’s people.

Among other services, the Center will offer:

1)  community healing  workshops;

2) regular services for community healing;

3) healing retreats;

4): healing workshops;

5) training  in the  ministry of healing;

6)  healing conferences;

7) consultation with other  churches in the community seeking to establish healing ministries; and

8) links to community mental health resources for those needing  professional help.

We launched the Community Healing Ministry with a community conversation and ecumenical healing service held in October 2006.  This groundbreaking event will serve as a foundation through which St. Luke’s can develop a Christian Community Healing Curriculum specifically addressing the emotional legacies of slavery.


In 1863, enslaved Black people were¬†freed physically with the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation.¬†One hundred and thirty-three years later and almost seven years¬†into¬† the 21st century, Black people are still not spiritually and emotionally¬†emancipated. That ‚Äúemancipation proclamation,‚ÄĚ we must sign for¬†ourselves.¬† With its Center for Community Healing, St. Luke‚Äôs seeks¬†to establish a¬† sacred space to promote the spiritual and emotional¬†emancipation of¬† Black people.

via Our History Р

Gallery at Yale and Shake Shack … Makes for a great visit! Below is my favorite painting at the gallery: The Child at the Door by Edouard Vuillard.

JOCK REYNOLDS, the director of the Yale University Art Gallery, likes to say that when he took over in 1998, the collection ‚ÄĒ the oldest and one of the most important university art collections in the country ‚ÄĒ had grown so large that its landmark Louis Kahn building resembled an ‚Äúold sock drawer.‚ÄĚ The museum could show only a small fraction of its holdings, and some works had been in storage so long that even the curators had never seen them. Beyond campus few people knew that there was a world-class encyclopedic art museum in New Haven, of all places, just an hour and a half from New York.

But Mr. Reynolds’s greatest secret may be that he has first dosed himself with his own Kool-Aid and sold himself on his own message. Walking around Yale galleries he sometimes shakes his head in wonder at all their riches and takes evident pleasure in sharing them. He hung the collection of modern and contemporary art himself.

‚ÄúHe‚Äôs believable because he‚Äôs a believer,‚ÄĚ Ms. Halbreich said. ‚ÄúThe joy he gets from art is palpable.‚ÄĚ

John Walsh, director emeritus of the J. Paul Getty Museum, said: ‚ÄúThese are not techniques, you know that right away. He‚Äôs not faking it. He‚Äôs really well prepared. It‚Äôs very hard to say no to Jock because you feel he deserves it. You want to make him happy.‚ÄĚ He laughed and added, ‚ÄúHe‚Äôs used this on me many times.‚ÄĚ

via Jock Reynolds, Transformative Director of Yale Art Gallery Р

Excellent … Shroom Burger, Cheese Fries and Hazlenut Concrete. ¬†ūüôā

The menu for this location

via New Haven | Shake Shack.

Davidson College, rankings:

Many colleges have a strong commitment to teaching undergraduates instead of graduate-level research. Based on a survey conducted in spring 2012, all the schools on these lists are ones that received the most votes from top college administrators as paying a particular focus on undergraduate teaching.

via Best Undergraduate Teaching | Rankings | Top National Liberal Arts Colleges | US News.

technology, posture:

LUMOback device, which went on sale in November for $149, comes with a waistband and rests against a person’s lower back, vibrating only when the back isn’t kept straight while sitting. “We’re helping people develop muscle memory,” said Monisha Perkash, chief executive of Lumo BodyTech Inc., based in Palo Alto, Calif.

For Annie Valdes, the LUMOback has succeeded where her real-life mother couldn’t. After wearing the device for several months, the 37-year-old from Mountain View, Calif., said her back pain subsided as she figured out how to sit properly at her work desk, meaning the device “only buzzes me a few times an hour.”

“I always had other people and my mom telling me to sit up straight,” she said, “but I’ve never been able to do it.”

At home, however, Ms. Valdes now has a new problem: Only one chair, an ottoman, allows her to sit in a way that satisfies the LUMOback.

via Can Good Vibrations Perfect Your Posture? Р

Paris, restaurants, lists:

Gastronomy finds a perennial welcome in Paris thanks to the luxuriant, sensual nature of traditional French cookery. Superlative ingredients ‚Äď including premium wines and cheeses ‚Äď enrich the cuisine, which runs fat with foie gras, escargots,¬†moules frites, and such classics as¬†coq au vin¬†and¬†boeuf bourguignon. Even so, cued by a fashion-forward culture, innovative chefs unabashedly shake up standards, reinventing them in light of globalization and emergent trends. As a result, while incredible bistro and brasserie fare remain strong, fantastic restaurants also offer foods from once-French areas like Vietnam and North Africa.

Haute cuisine distinguishes the city, and Taillevent, the city’s grande-dame of the genre, serves as an elegant, long-lived Parisian landmark. Guy Savoy, another mainstay, drifts towards contemporary tastes while holding fast to class and refinement. Hiramatsu, however, leaps boldly forward, marrying Asian and French cuisines in a seamless fusion of romance and flavor. For more casual occasions, the allure of the brasserie runs strong, and Bofinger is a time-tested haven favored by fans of oysters and Alsatian choucroute. And, night or day, when a light snack or sweet is in order, Ladurée ranks among the city’s best patisseries.

Any restaurant on this list is sure to delight the pickiest palate.

via Best Paris Restaurants: Top 10Best Restaurant Reviews.

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