1.18.13 … shotcakes … poptarts … lobster, shrimp, oysters, wedge salad, filet oscar, coconut cake …

ShotCakes:  OK, so on every other street corner are signboards for    …

ShotCakes© is founded on a simple concept: combining a fresh baked cupcake with creamy soft serve ice cream. By utilizing its patented & revolutionary ice cream technology, ShotCakes© is able to serve its customers ice cream cupcakes, baked fresh and filled fresh!

via http://m.shot-cakes.com/?_escaped_fragment_=About%7Cabout_page


Boston, Walking/T Tours, Flour Bakery:   I always start at Flour … and now there is a new one in Back Bay … 131 Clarendon Street Boston MA 02116.  I prefer the feel of the Farnsworth Street location which I have visited plenty of times before. I am hopeful that the homemade pop tarts are just as good. The sun is streaming, and I’m looking out the window. There are beautiful but almost dead flowers.  Did I mention the homemade poptarts are HUGE! — at Flour.

Photo: Did I mention they are HUGE!

Boston, Walking/T Tours, Financial District, Robert Burns, public art, dogs:  Okay, I had to stop by Starbucks to recharge the miserable iPhone five, and recalculate my path to the labyrinth. On my way I look over and see some public art, a statue of Burns with his dog. I am both a big fan of public art as well as public art that contains dogs. So here’s a picture. And by the way, I am surrounded by pigeons chirping or whatever they do. — at Downtown Boston.

Robert Burns was a poet 1759-1796 in Scotland. He was known worldwide for his own poems, and the folk songs that he collected and sometimes adapted. His most famous song is “Auld Lang Syne.”One of his poems was, “The Twa Dogs”, which is about the differences between living rich and poor in Scotland. Though the poem is not about his dog, “Luath”, the description of one of the dogs in the poem is his dog. He named his dog after Cucullins dog in Ossians Fingal–Luath means “swift” or “fleet” in Gaelic.The statue was made in 1920 by Henry H. Kitson and was erected in the Fenway section of Boston before it was moved to its present location in the Financial District.

via Robert Burns and His Shepherd Dog, “Luath” – Boston, MA – Dog Statues on Waymarking.com.

Boston, Walking/T Tours, Labyrinth, Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway, Armenian Heritage Park:  The labyrinth in the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway (On top of the big dig, I think) and  is a key feature of Armenian Heritage Park located on the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway between Faneuil Hall Marketplace and Christopher Columbus Park. The labyrinth is a full Chartres type labyrinth, which makes me very, very happy. I think that there is a fountain in the middle as well as a fountain on the Armenian statue. Around the perimeter of the labyrinth are additional features – in each quadrant a stone walk – art , science, commerce and service. The dedication on the sculpture reads as follows:

Boston and Commonwealth of Massachusetts have offered hope and refuge for immigrants seeking to begin new lives. This park is a gift to the people of the Commonwealth and the City of Boston from the Armenian-American community of Massachusetts. The sculpture is offered in honor of the one and one million victims of the Armenian genocide of 1915 – 1923. May it stand in remembrance of all genocides that have followed, and celebrate the diversity of the communities that have re-formed in the safety of these shores.

Boston, Walking/T Tours:  Did I mention it was 21°.    My iPhone touchscreen does not work even with the special touchscreen gloves when it is that cold. And after a long walk to the South station, i took at the redline to the green line. The green line feels like you’ve walked back 50 years. It sounds like it too. Anyway, I always love experiencing the past. Don’t even have to go to a museum for it here. Along the way, I saw a fire call box, a pay phone, a woman listening/rocking out to “Single Ladies” (via earbuds … very loudly) and a convenience kiosk right next to the green line tracks. My hands are almost thawed so back out I go …

Boston, Smith And Wollensky: I can’t believe … whatever … Dinner: lobster, shrimp, oysters, wedge salad, filet oscar, coconut cake  — at Smith And Wollensky.

Dave Barry, quotes, coffee:  Just liked this one …


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