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1.19.13 … On the Trail again … met a Prince …

Boston, Freedom Trail, Old North Church, Prince the Cat:  Old North Church to Starbucks …  And how could I forget Prince who spends most days inside Old North Church … And those nice Episcopalians are just fine with that. 🙂



We got lucky!

Special place, steeped in History.

The Reverend Ayers is a class act.

Although part of the Freedom trail, this is private property, and with all the bottom feeding lawyers we are all fortunate that we are allowed on it at all.  The Feds, State, and City do not assist them financially in any meaningful way, and the foot traffic is tremendous.  When they ask a dollar to use the bathroom it is because they have to, pay it or more gratefully.  The same for the Church tour.  The parish is doing this themselves, they deserve to be supported, a few bucks from many would really help.

If you are lucky you will get to meet Prince the Cat, a dashing black fellow with a splashy collar, who has claimed this campus as his, and likes to work the crowd.

via Old North Church – North End – Boston, MA.

Boston, Freedom Trail, Boloco:  Starbucks to the State House/ Boston Common and now burritos for lunch.




“Inspired burritos” and Nutella milkshakes. 🙂 — at Boloco Boston Common.

Our mission is to better the lives and futures of our people. We use ridiculously delicious burritos to do it. And it’s literally the most important thing we do.

We know…it’s hard to take a burrito this seriously. Super hard. And don’t worry, you don’t have to, that’s our job.

You just need to love what we do. If ever we fail to inspire or delight, let us know. We’ll make it right..


We believe even a burrito aspires.

Boston, Beacon Hill: Final walking tour … Beacon Hill. Everything is still decorated for Christmas … Lost glove … Bad tour choice … I’ll research next time … Now home. 🙂


Davidson College, Davidson Basketball: Davidson downs College of Charleston, 77-68

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