1.24.13 … Breakfast at The White House – Atlanta … MegaBus to home …

Atlanta, The White House, kith/kin:  Breakfast at The White House to celebrate the bingo winners. Mom $35, MS $42, D $0 …

MegaBus:  Waiting on the MegaBus where the vending guy entertained us all selling 2–pack pregnancy tests for $3, yes, pregnancy tests … The students from Spring Hill College, a catholic college of 1300 students in Mobile AL , headed to DC for the March for Life were shocked and amused at the irony. Asked how many tests he sells, the vending man responded, “at least 5 a day.” And then quipped, “hey, when you need to know, you need to know.” You never know what you will experience on the MegaBus.

This time I am downstairs in the seat with table on the high side … life is good on the MegaBus!

Funny, I hear snoring … I don’t think I’ve ever noticed someone snoring on a plane.

Early arrival … 2:00.  A fellow traveler with whom I shared the table pointed out his new grandson when the bus pulled up.  Love my MegaBus!

Boston’s Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, art heists, art, history, The Art Blab:  

Artifacts. TheArtBlab.com. Jan. 24. Thurs.

Alright. I have a good one for you today. This is the sensational art heist where the crooks get away will millions of dollars worth of art.

It was the morning of March 18,1990, at Boston’s Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. It was St. Patricks day. Two police officers showed up to the museum in response to a disturbance call. The two cops recognized the guard at the front desk from a warrant that was out on him. They had him call the other guard to the front while they arrested the first. The cops arrested the second guard as well. Then they took the two to the basement, gaged them, and cuffed them to pipes. The two cops were then free to roam the museum freely taking whatever they pleased. Really? That’s it? It only took me a few sentences to lay out the plan and execution of one of the largest art heists ever. The thieves “casually” escaped with thirteen pieces in all. The paintings they stole read like an art history book.

Rembrandt, two paintings and an etching. Vermeer, one painting. Manet, one painting. Flink, one painting. 5 gouache drawings by Degas. One bronze eagle statue. One bronze beaker from the Shang Dynasty, 1200-1100bc. The estimated value of the loss is around 500 million.

The thieves were never caught and the art never found. There is still a 5 million dollar reward for info that leads to the return of the art. Good luck!

via Theartblab.com.

bucket list, Yosemite, A Room With a View:  From one of my favorite FB pages … A Room With A View~Little Church in Yosemite

via A Room With A View.

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