2.21.13 … I can’t talk and walk at the same time …

“Solvitur Ambulando” – It is solved by walking, 2013 Lenten labyrinth walks, CMC – Northeast/Concord NC:

image-6 image_8
Today I persuaded  my good friend Allison to join me for  a labyrinth walk and adventure.
We headed out from her  home at about 1 PM and drove about 40 minutes to CMC Northeast in Concord. I have visited  Concord several times in the last year, and never have i gotten lost, but today was different. Allison and I were talking away and i missed the exit, and then it just took us a while to work our way back to the hospital campus.
The labyrinth is a small mini Chartres adjacent to a multistory parking lot. The setting is very well done for the location. It is always cool when you walk and  enjoy this  very pleasant garden courtyard around it.
image-3  image-5   image-4 image image-9
I found  myself chatting as I walk the labyrinth with Allison. I don’t usually talk when I am walking even when I am walking with a friend. However, for some reason today was different. Maybe it’s just that Allison and  have a continual conversation whenever we are together, and we both are constantly going back and forth between stories. I just couldn’t pause long enough to walk the labyrinth 🙂
image-2 image-8
After walking the labyrinth, we went to IKEA where we shopped for a while.  We both love IKEA.
All in all, it was a very good labyrinth walk and adventure.

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