3.1.13 … walking and resting simulate the believer’s journey through life …

“Solvitur Ambulando” – It is solved by walking, 2013 Lenten labyrinth walks, The Oratory – Rock Hill SC, Glencairn Garden, Two’s Company,  Pope Benedict’s last day  :

I dragged Allison on a second 2013 Lenten labyrinth walks and adventure.  This time we went to Rock Hill to the Oratory.


IMG_6194 IMG_6223  IMG_6196

IMG_6215 IMG_6202 IMG_6199

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The Rock Hill Oratory, founded in 1934, is a part of a worldwide federation of 60 independent houses. It is the oldest and largest house in the United States.Founded by St. Philip Neri in Rome, members of the Oratory are bound not by vows, but by bonds of love. The community remains deliberately small to encourage interpersonal relationships. Governed democratically, the entire community shares in making major decisions with all members having equal rights and responsibilities.

via About Us | The Rock Hill Oratory.

It is a quirky place, filled with Catholic icons and symbols. It’s labyrinth was built in 2002 and is a seven circuit gravel labyrinth …

We encourage seasonal retreats during Advent, Lent or Holy week for individuals or groups, and encourage the faithful to walk the prayer experience in The Labyrinth Prayer Garden on the Oratory grounds.

via About the Center | The Rock Hill Oratory.

As before when I walked with Allison, we walk and talk.  It makes for an interesting Lenten practice.


IMG_6221 IMG_6218 IMG_6213

One thing Allison and I talked about was Pope Benedict’s last day … because her father was having surgery yesterday, she watched th Pope’s last day non-stop.  We talked about  how much he was loved, how kind he was … 

Pope Benedict XVI’s final farewell Thursday was Page One news Friday around the world. Most front pages chose the striking image of a helicopter flying past the dome of St. Peter’s Basilica carrying the pope to his new pilgrimage. Others chose to show the pope at all angles, resplendent from the front, side and back.

via Newseum | Today’s Front Pages | Top Ten.

After leaving the Oratory, we see a beautiful park, Glencairn Garden.  


    IMG_6240 IMG_6235 IMG_6230

IMG_6239 IMG_6236

IMG_6233  IMG_6227 IMG_6224 IMG_6217

IMG_6243 IMG_6246 IMG_6245

Glencairn Garden, considered by many to be the jewel of Rock Hill, resides in the heart of Old Town. The Garden began as the six acre backyard of Dr. David and Hazel Bigger, and in 1959, it was transformed by renowned landscape architect Robert Marvin into a beautiful public space. Glencairn is the birthplace of Rock Hill’s annual Come-See-Me festival and remains a popular location for events and concerts. In 2004, a Master Plan for the Garden was adopted by Rock Hill City Council. Howell Beach with Robert Marvin/Howell Beach and Associates has since perpetuated the original landscape design while incorporating many new features into the Master Plan. Significant por- tions of the Master Plan were completed in 2009.

via brochure.

The park is just about to erupt with color … 

Spring (March – May) is a fairy land of color with thousands of azaleas in many varieties.  Pansies, candy tuft, wisteria and periwinkle greet birds and butterflies.  Double file viburnum is nestled beneath lace canopies of pink and white dogwoods.  Redbuds, peonies, saucer magnolia trees, and flowering yoshino and kwanzan cherry trees complete the scene.

via Glencairn Garden.

The last stop on our adventure was Jane’s lovely needlepoint shop … Two’s Company – Needlepoint to Enhance Your Life.

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