3.3.13 … the Advantages of Being Useless … Ok, I feel very useless … and proud of it!

liberal arts:  Ok, I feel very useless … and proud of it!

Because I’m going to convince you that the uselessness of Liberal Arts degrees is advantageous. I’m going toargue that people who major or minor in a liberal arts discipline are better off than people who don’t. And I’m going to argue that these people are better off  precisely because Liberal Arts degrees are useless.

via Liberal Arts, and the Advantages of Being Useless | Nicholaos Jones – Academia.edu.

Arab Spring,  climate change, stressor, NYTimes.com:  Very interesting …

IN her introduction to a compelling new study, “The Arab Spring and Climate Change,” released Thursday, the Princeton scholar Anne-Marie Slaughter notes that crime shows often rely on the concept of a “stressor.” A stressor, she explains, is a “sudden change in circumstances or environment that interacts with a complicated psychological profile in a way that leads a previously quiescent person to become violent.” The stressor is never the only explanation for the crime, but it is inevitably an important factor in a complex set of variables that lead to a disaster. “The Arab Spring and Climate Change” doesn’t claim that climate change caused the recent wave of Arab revolutions, but, taken together, the essays make a strong case that the interplay between climate change, food prices (particularly wheat) and politics is a hidden stressor that helped to fuel the revolutions and will continue to make consolidating them into stable democracies much more difficult.

via The Scary Hidden Stressor – NYTimes.com.

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