3.11.13 … looking back, however, we misunderstood the sensitivity of our black peers to the issue …

guns, gun incidents, Grady High School (Atlanta GA), socio-economic divide, picture paints a 100o words:  Sometimes honesty is brutal.  The socio-economic divide is often uncrossable even as young as high school.  So where to we need to close the gap?

Grady High student Joe Lavine shot this photo of the gun in the accidental shooting at Grady Wednesday. (Joe Lavine, Southerner)

Looking back, however, we misunderstood the sensitivity of our black peers to the issue and probably should not have printed six pictures of Johnson, including four mug shots.

One of the reasons that students misinterpreted our motives is that the vast majority of The Southerner staff is white. As a result,  black students think that, in regards to the grim lifestyle that Johnson and many other Grady students have gone through, we are astonishingly and shamefully blind. And they are absolutely right.

This instance illustrates the lack of understanding that fuels the racial divide at Grady. To be clear, this divide is not caused by racial discrimination; it is caused by a drastic socio-economic disparity in lifestyle. While many Grady students live in communities dominated by soccer moms, PTA presidents, and book clubs, many others are submerged in neighborhoods of gang activity and crime.

While many students struggle to find where their weekly housecleaning service moved the waffle maker, many others struggle to walk down the street safely. The difference manifested itself in the aftermath of the gun incident. Some students were frightened and shaken learning that a shot had been fired, even by accident. Some were just going about a normal day.

One thing is clear. We are extremely different. But do our differences have to divide us? Are we not all just humans on this earth, questing for happiness and for love? And aren’t we all so desperately tired and frustrated with the difficulties of this quest?

via Gun incident at Grady High highlights socio-economic divide. Can students overcome differences? | Get Schooled.

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