3.15.13 … “break some rules” …

“Solvitur Ambulando” – It is solved by walking, 2013 Lenten labyrinth walks, Barium Springs Home for children – Troutman NC:

First, I loved finding a new labyrinth … Barium Spring Home for Children.




Second, I couldn’t find the labyrinth although I thought the directions were fairly clear. But if it went to the other side of the parking lot and look down below it was sitting down in a low point.

IMG_6599 IMG_6600 \

Third, the labyrinth is at a seasonal low point, but you can tell they are preparing it for something more …

IMG_6601 IMG_6602

IMG_6603 IMG_6604


Fourth, I found it information she quite interesting.

In looking at Barium’s mission and challenges, it occurred to me that both their staff and clients could benefit by walking the labyrinth.  In studying the various designs, I realized they all have one issue for Barium. The folks at Barium deal with conflict on a daily basis. Reducing conflict is at the heart of their mission! The last thing they need is conflict while in prayer or meditation. Thus,  I set out to “break some rules” and design a labyrinth with one path going to the center and the same design (but not touching or crossing except at the “center”) as an exit path.

Some say the labyrinth represents a metaphor of our lives. We begin life totally dependent on God’s gift of life and love of God and our family. As we grow, we wander away from our my child-like faith to explore the world and its alternatives. Finally, we find God in a new way and then continue our lives changed in our centers. As we move away from the center, we may realize we’re walking in the arms of God even when we don’t know what is around the next turn!

IMG_6606 IMG_6607 IMG_6608 

The sheet suggested that I walk in on the gray path and out all the white path. Of course I didn’t see that until I read the sheet after I finished. 🙂 I walked in on  the white and out on the gray … so I missed the symbolism of walking out cleansed.


IMG_6612 IMG_6613 IMG_6614

IMG_6615 IMG_6616

IMG_6617 IMG_6618 IMG_6619


Blessings …




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