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3.18.13 … Supreme Court justices split on proof of citizenship issue …

Supreme Court, proof of citizenship,  The Washington Post:  Intellectually, I have no problems with requiring proof of citizenship … but practically I can understand how this is a barrier to exercising a citizen’s constitutional rights that is unequally impacts different groups.

In Monday’s case, the court is deciding the legality of Arizona’s requirement that prospective voters document their U.S. citizenship in order to use a registration form produced under the federal “motor voter” registration law. The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said that that 1993 National Voter Registration Act, which doesn’t require such documentation, trumps Arizona’s Proposition 200 passed in 2004.

Arizona appealed that decision to the Supreme Court.

The case focuses on Arizona, which has tangled frequently with the federal government over immigration issues involving the Mexican border. But it has broader implications because four other states — Alabama, Georgia, Kansas and Tennessee — have similar requirements, and 12 other states are contemplating such legislation.

The federal “motor voter” law, enacted in 1993 to expand voter registration, requires states to offer voter registration when a resident applies for a driver’s license or certain benefits. Another provision of that law — the one at issue before the court — requires states to allow would-be voters to fill out mail-in registration cards and swear they are citizens under penalty of perjury, but it doesn’t require them to show proof. Under Proposition 200, Arizona officials require an Arizona driver’s license issued after 1996, a U.S. birth certificate, a passport or other similar document, or the state will reject the federal registration application form.

via Supreme Court justices split over whether states can ask for proof of citizenship to register – The Washington Post.


3.18.13 … I would love to be a spring watcher …

science, spring, National Phenology Network,  I would love to be a spring watcher.

While satellites can capture the global sweep of seasons across an entire hemisphere, there is no substitute for field work when it comes to gauging the local effects of pollution, urban development and greenhouse gases that most scientists say contribute to climate change. The aim is to create a reliable technical daybook of seasonal change that researchers can use to better calculate the response of crops, forecast the onset of allergy seasons and manage wildlife.

Among nature’s most sensitive climate sensors are flowering plants. Long-term botanical records could show trends that yearly swings in seasonal weather don’t, as when unusually warm springs alternate with cooler ones, which has been the U.S. pattern for the past five years.

To enlist an army of observers, the U.S. Geological Survey and the National Science Foundation set up the National Phenology Network in 2007. This year, the network has more than 2,000 people tracking variations among 600 species of plants and animals in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. So far, the group has logged almost two million data points through a public online program called Nature’s Notebook and hopes to add an additional million observations this year.

The federal project joins efforts by groups such as Project Budburst, which has collected seasonal data from more than 15,000 volunteers across the country, and an educational project called Journey North, funded by the Annenberg Foundation, which every year mobilizes students in some 6,000 schools to report sightings of migrating birds, butterflies and flowering plants.

“We want to capture the changes day-by-day throughout the seasons,” said geographer Mark Schwartz at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, who monitors lilacs at a thousand U.S. locations.

via A Science of Signs of Spring –


3.18.13 … Boston Tea Party …

Boston Tea Party, YouTube:

The story behind the Boston Tea Party – Ben Labaree – YouTube.

The story of the Boston Tea Party – including how the actual “tea” part  came to be – animated.

via Explore – The story of the Boston Tea Party – including how….


3.18.13 … Tournament Challenge …

Davidson College, Davidson Basketball, It’s a great day to be a Wildcat, Steph Curry: Gotta love Steph!


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via ESPN – Tournament Challenge – Group.


3.18.13 … Unpaid internships reinforce American inequality …

unpaid internships, careers, college,  US,  inequality, USA TODAY College:  

But not everyone can take that hit. Unpaid internships are not an option for students who use summer earnings to pay for their education. The situation is lose-lose for low-income students.

My first internship, unpaid, was the key to every other paid opportunity that followed.

As a result, unpaid internships give students from wealthy families a leg up on their peers. It builds their resume and sets them up for better jobs upon graduation.

According to Investopedia, unpaid internships, filled by a single socioeconomic class, hurt industry diversity and reinforce class divisions in society.

via Opinion: Unpaid internships reinforce American inequality | USA TODAY College.


3.18.13 … walkin’ in the light … singin’ in the rain …

“Solvitur Ambulando” – It is solved by walking, 2013 Lenten labyrinth walks, Avondale Presbyterian Church – Charlotte NC: 



IMG_6694 IMG_6693  IMG_6691 IMG_6690


IMG_6687  IMG_6688


IMG_6685 IMG_6684

 IMG_6698 IMG_6696



I took another late afternoon walk. I walked  at 5:45 PM and it was 46° and drizzling heavily.
I love it the the Sacred Garden keepers are preparing the Garden for Spring.  It is looking much better.  I hope they have a sunrise service on the labyrinth like they did last year.  (hint, hint)
I am singing in my head  a song that we sang at the FPC PW Retreat last weekend and which I had not sung since I was in college …
Walkin’, walkin’, walkin’ in the light.
Walkin’ in the light (ooo), we can trust each other (ooo).
Walkin’ in the light (ooo), we can see ourselves.
It’s a sad situation, people running scared
It’s a crazy mixed up world, where there’s nothing to fear but fear.
Two, three, four, tell them what your feet are for…
We always walk in darkness, forget about the day,
We’re afraid to face our problems, we’re hoping they’ll go away.
Two, three, four, tell them what your feet are for…
So we finally pull our heads out of the sand
Where there’s light and warmth and sunshine, and it’s never dark again.
Two, three, four, tell them what your feet are for…

3.18.13 … stoic bracket wrecker … I’ll take it!

Bob McKillop, Davidson College, Davidson Basketball, Forde Minutes, Big Dance: stoic bracket wrecker … I’ll take it!

But it also is the province of the serious (Ben Howland of UCLA) and the stoic (Bob McKillop of Davidson).


Davidson (19). This team isn’t like the Steph Curry-led regional finalist of 2008; there is no superstar on this Bob McKillop team. But there are a bunch of veterans who are efficient offensively and lead the nation in free-throw accuracy – and that could be a huge factor in close tournament games.

via Forde Minutes, Big Dance Edition: 2013 tourney favorites, bracket wreckers, frauds and more – Yahoo! Sports.


3.18.13 … skyfall … Don’t forget my pathetic love of country …

Skyfall, quotes, filming locations, M, Q, James Bond: I feel really stupid … I never wondered why Q was Q … Quartermaster!

Kincade: [after shooting two of Silva’s men dead] Welcome to Scotland!

Raoul Silva: Just look at you, barely held together by your pills and your drink.

James Bond: Don’t forget my pathetic love of country.

M: Orphans always make the best recruits.

M: [quoting Ulysses] Though much is taken, much abides, and though we are not now that strength which in old days moved earth and heaven, that which we are, we are… One equal temper of heroic hearts, made weak by time and fate, but strong in will to strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.

via Skyfall (2012) – Memorable quotes.

Skyfall filming location: Buachaille Etive Beag, Glencoe, Scotland

Skyfall filming location: 007 returns to the Highlands with M: Buachaille Etive Beag, Glencoe, Scotland

Bond’s childhood home, along with the chapel and entrance gate, was constructed on Hankley Common, a stretch of Ministry of Defence land just south of Elstead in Surrey – which had previously appeared in two Pierce Brosnan Bond movies: The World is Not Enough (where it stood in for the oilfields of ‘Azerbaijan’) and Die Another Day.

via Film locations for Skyfall (2012).

Other possible inspirations include Lieutenant Colonel Sir Claude Dansey, deputy head of MI6 and head of the wartime Z network, who achieved different interpretations of his character from those who knew him: Malcolm Muggeridge thought him “the only professional in MI6”,[2] whilst Hugh Trevor-Roper considered Dansey to be “an utter shit, corrupt, incompetent, but with a certain low cunning”.[2] A further inspiration for M was Maxwell Knight, head of MI5, who signed his memos as “M” and whom Fleming knew well.[1] The tradition of the head of MI6 signing their name with a single letter came from Mansfield Smith-Cumming, who would sign his initial “C” with green ink.[3]

via M (James Bond) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


3.18.13 … I have a friend who went to Yonahlassee … and she was a Southern deb …

The Yonahlossee Riding Camp for Girls, Southern debutantes, novels: I have a friend who went to Yonahlassee …  and she was a Southern deb …

After her mysterious role in a family tragedy, passionate, strong-willed Thea Atwell, age fifteen, has been cast out of her Florida home, exiled to an equestrienne boarding school for Southern debutantes. High in the Blue Ridge Mountains, with its complex social strata ordered by money, beauty, and girls’ friendships, the Yonahlossee Riding Camp for Girls

via The Yonahlossee Riding Camp for Girls: A Novel: Anton DiSclafani: 9781594486401: Books.


3.18.13 … Coming Together in Poverty …

Henri Nouwen, quotes, community, poverty:

Living community in whatever form – family, parish, twelve-step program, or intentional community – challenges us to come together at the place of our poverty,  believing that there we can reveal our richness.

via Daily Meditation: Coming Together in Poverty.

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