4.10.13 … Storybook good … TWEET!

2013 NCAA Tournament, college basketball, Louisville Cardinals, Kevin Ware, Luke Hancock, Rick Patino, tattoo, Spike Albrecht, Pat Forde, Yahoo! Sports:  My husband came in dead tired from a business trip and although he is a native Louisvillian, he fell asleep … so I was left to watch on my own. I did love this pre-game prayer … LOL.  Little did I know how much they were going to need it!

One thing I truly enjoy about modern technology is watching on a big tv and following on twitter and social media. As the game was played I was amazed at the silence among my friends .. and said on FB: my, my … basketball fans are very quiet. Wolverine got the birdie’s tongue? … more silence.  But Louisville got the last TWEET!

Pat Forde nailed it in his followup article …

Not far away was Hancock, watching the video after scoring 42 points in two games in a brilliant display of clutch shooting. When Michigan raced to a 12-point first-half lead on the strength of little-known freshman Spike Albrecht’s stunning 17 points, Hancock provided the emphatic answer. He scored 14 points in 2 minutes and 33 seconds, stroking four 3-pointers in a dazzling eruption, and signaling that the Wolverines were not going to get away from Louisville.

Hancock’s gravely ill father, Bill, was watching from the front row behind the Louisville bench – the first games he’s been able to attend this NCAA tournament. What Luke did to calm Kevin Ware in Indy, he did to inspire his dad here. When it was over, Hancock went to his frail, 70-year-old father and repeated the question he asked him Saturday night, “How was that?”

It was good. Storybook good.

“I kind of feel like this pushed him,” Ware said of Hancock. “Going out there and playing for his dad.”

via Kevin Ware’s inspirational story gets picture-perfect ending with Louisville’s national title – Yahoo! Sports.

I’ve commented that I am Not a fan of Patino … but very impressed with his team. I look on him more favorably after this article … He’s human. And I can’t wait to see the tattoo!

Postgame, there was a bit of everything. There were moments of silliness and joy, such as Pitino laughing about how he was going to live up to a deal he made with his players about getting a tattoo if they won the national title. With an 82-76 victory over Michigan accomplished, his fate was sealed.

Sixty years old and for decades the most polished and properly presented coach in America, one who never let a thread of an Armani get frayed, Pitino was going to get inked up. “He would’ve killed us if we had gotten a tattoo,” his son Richard said before shaking his head at the thought of his dad, of all people, with art.

via Rick Pitino makes sure to share spotlight with whole family after years of tragedy and scandal – Yahoo! Sports.

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