4.28.13 “gracefulness and stealth nastiness”

Steph Curry, gracefulness and stealth nastiness, SportsonEarth.com: “gracefulness and stealth nastiness”  🙂

Everything about Stephen Curry, it seems, comes coated in sugar. Even his tattoo is sweet, just three letters and his jersey number — “T.C.C. 30” — delicately inscribed on the underside of his left wrist. Its shorthand for the motto of Davidson basketball coach Bob McKillop, “Trust, commitment and care,” and Currys ink matches that of four teammates.

via Steph Curry plays with gracefulness and stealth nastiness. | SportsonEarth.com : Gwen Knapp Article.

Chile, earthquakes, Earth,  LiveScience:  Very interesting!

In northern Chile, “the driest place on Earth, we have a virtually unique record of great earthquakes going back a million years,” Allmendinger said. Whereas most analyses of ancient earthquakes only probe cycles of two to four quakes, “our record of upper plate cracking spans thousands of earthquake cycles,” he noted.

via Chile Earthquakes Permanently Deform Earth | How Earthquakes Work | LiveScience.

Lambeth Palace,  1,400 stolen publications, thieves note, MobyLives:

When a librarian noticed a gap in the shelves in 1975, sixty volumes were suspected to be missing. Booksellers in the UK and abroad were on the lookout for these rare editions, but none turned up. In fact, 1,000 books were recently recovered from the thief’s attic, and a grand total of 1,400 publications were eventually found to be in his possession. Many were among the collections of three 17th century archbishops of Canterbury: John Whitgift, Richard Bancroft and George Abbot.

In February 2011, a new librarian at Lambeth Palace received a letter written by the thief, forwarded to a solicitor after his death. It contained a full confession of the theft and detailed instructions about where the books were stored. The report carefully avoids disclosing the name or location of these books: “The librarian and a colleague were dispatched to a house, where they discovered a vast quantity of books hidden in the attic, along with three drawers of cards from the old catalogue,” reports The Spectator.

“We were staggered,” said Declan Kelly, director of libraries and archives for the Church of England, in an interview with the BBC. “A couple of my colleagues climbed into the attic. It was piled high to the rafters with boxes full of books. I had a list of 60 to 90 missing books, but more and more boxes kept coming down.”

via Lambeth Palace recovers 1,400 stolen publications, thanks to thief’s note | MobyLives.

history,  Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, citizenship, Slate Magazine:  

WiIlkie argued that the exercise of a citizen’s freedom of thought—even by a foreign-born American Communist years after his naturalization—did not mean that he’d done anything fraudulent at the moment of naturalization. Schneiderman had not lied: He’d never been asked if he was a Communist, and being a Communist did not bar an immigrant from being naturalized in 1927. Willkie won. The court decided that denaturalization could occur only for acts that took place beforehand and that could be demonstrated through clear and convincing evidence.

via History lesson: Why Dzhokhar Tsarnaev can’t be stripped of his citizenship. – Slate Magazine.

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