5.15.13 … RIP, Charles Walte … a wonderful visit in Chicago to celebrate your life. I never knew you were a office supply aficianado!o

Charles Walte III, RIP: In Chicago celebrating a very special life – John’s uncle, Charles Walte III … add to the list a wonderful uncle and great uncle to the many Teagues!

Charles Walte III




He was a loving father, an enthusiastic coach, an avid lover of a mystery, a fan of all sports except professional basketball, a cunning wordsmith who made his own aphorisms, a constant reader, a crossword puzzle addict, an office supply aficionado, and always the life of the party with his creative sense of humor. In his search for the meaning of all things, he can now find peace.

via Obituary For: Charles Walte III | Countryside Funeral Homes and Crematory.






Chicago IL, Wilmette IL:  In order to attend the funeral, we were able to get my whole crew in by booking hidden cities and one ways and using Southwest and Spirit Airlines … quite an adventure!   Spirit Air was from a physical plant standpoint way below the standard set by  my beloved  MegaBus! But now I know! I’ve lowered my expectations.


I flew in a day early and headed to visit some wonderful Wilmette friends who are the very essence of the word “neighbor.”  I visited with Julie and Dennis, Melanie and Doug and Marcia and Mike.  What a treat.  Julie and Dennis took me to Gilson’s.  I am always amazed how much Julie and I have in common.  We even share the same favorite painting, The Song of the Lark, and a very similar taste in books.  The neighbors enjoyed ribbing me about my Southern accent, so I enjoyed this Winston Churchill quote:



On Saturday I headed to MDW to connect with the rest of my crew … Wilmette to Chicago via metra, then a quick walk to the  CTA Loop platform at Washington & Wells to catch the Orange Line to MDW.   I do love this city.



936610_10151668044224052_483725156_n 942223_10151668096614052_220218403_n


The weather seemed wintry for May, even in Chicago.  It was overcast and cool, never going over 50 degrees.  There are many things I miss about Chicago, but spring, or the lack of spring, is not one of them.  Once again, Chicago and its two seasons, winter and the 4th of July, proved true.

After the service, Uncle wanted a party.  What fun to relax in Bloomingdale, eating White Castle burgers and Portillo’s Chopped salad.  I had never been to Portillo’s, but my kids had, so I loved learning about a new  local treat.

On Sunday we had Mothers’ Day brunch and birthday lunch at Ellys Pancake House,  and it was actually quite good.  The Louisville Teagues were all headed South by 1.  We went back on Sunday night  for hot dogs and more chopped salad at Portillo’s.

Welcome to Portillo’s Hot Dogs, Inc., started in 1963 by Dick Portillo in a small trailer and soon will be operating 48 units. His dedication to serving “the best food” and “the best service” available will make it worth your visit. Requests for his “type” of food and “service” are received daily at the corporate office from many of the 50 states (including Alaska) and many foreign countries.

via Portillo’s Hot Dogs, Chicago Italian Beef, Chicago Hot Dogs, Famous Ribs | Portillo’s Restaurant Group.

We had staggered departures on Monday.  I left first at 8 am … A 20-something female fainted in the ORD security line. That slowed my morning down. I was happy to get on my flying bus at Chicago O’Hare International Airport, flying ORD to MYR.

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