5.16.13 … we loved him first …

Stephen Curry, Davidson College, Davidson Basketball:  We loved him first.  Even the old alums knew he was Davidson material.  🙂

Stephen Curry is the hottest thing in the NBA this postseason. But as he steals hearts around the nation, a tiny college town north of Charlotte wants you to know: Davidson loved him first.

“I did not like him ’cause he always beat us,” Reigel tells me. But Curry and his teammates at Davidson, “were great from the moment I stepped on campus.”

Like most people, I was skeptical, too. He’s too good to be true, I often thought. But I’ve tried to find flaws in Curry for nearly six years, and I still can’t. For this story, I went to Thompson and our other teammates Monica Payne and Julia Paquette, all 2010 Davidson grads and close friends of Curry’s since they were freshmen. Payne recounted an incident during finals their junior year when she and Paquette spread out all their materials to study in a classroom in Chambers, the main academic building. At one point they went to the student union for a snack. They came back to an empty room and a note on the whiteboard saying their stuff had been “kidnapped.” The note included a math problem that was supposed to help them solve the mystery. According to Payne, though, the numbers “didn’t add up to anything that made sense.” The women finally found everything in a classroom down the hall. There, they looked out the window and spotted Curry and teammate Steve Rossiter on their bikes.

“He’s such a good guy that the pranks are always so harmless,” Biggers says, laughing. She recalls one occasion when everyone in the sports information office left it briefly, and Curry and Rossiter put everyone’s chairs on top of their desks and scattered media guides and papers on the floor.

Davidson grad and writer Michael Kruse, author of the book Taking the Shot: The Davidson Basketball Moment, posed a key question in the November 2008 issue of Charlotte magazine: “Can Stephen stay Stephen?”

Almost five years later, people close to Steph don’t hesitate to answer with a resounding yes.

via Stephen Curry.

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