5.25.13 … random and/or interesting or both …

NYC Subway,  Riders’ Quirks,  Studies, Sophie Blackall, NYTimes.com: I love to take pictures of people on subways … they often do not like it, but no one has ever asked me to delete a picture. I also love it that the poster above the passengers is by Sophie Blackall, the artist commissioned for NYC subsway which I have commented on before.

The decisions arrive with each approaching train, testing the hard-won instincts of the New York City subway rider — world-weary, antisocial and at all times strategic.

Riders on the A train in Manhattan on Monday. A study shows that some prefer to stand, even when seats are available.

Stand, or sit in a crowded row, brushing thighs with strangers?

Surrender a seat to a shuffling elder, or pretend not to notice his buckling knees? Remain in the same seat throughout the ride, or contend for a more desired seat near a door?

Now, the daily seating calculations of subway riders have been recorded for academic use, as part of an observational study conducted by researchers of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. A draft of their report, published on the Web site of the Transportation Research Board, drew on data collected over three weeks in late winter 2012.

Some of the findings might seem intuitive to the veteran subway rider, even if the rationale is not.

When a subway car has more passengers than seats, the study found that an average of 10 percent or more of the seats were not taken. And even when a subway car is less than half-filled, the authors found that a small percentage of riders would inevitably choose to stand.

via Subway Riders’ Quirks Studied – NYTimes.com.

3D food printer, technology, NASA,  world hunger, Fox News: interesting …


A schematic diagram shows how a 3D printer for food would work. (SMRC)

NASA has announced it is to fund construction of the world’s first ever 3D food printer.

The American space company has given a $125,000 grant to mechanical engineer Anjan Contractor, who has already designed the machine. And the space agency hopes it will eventually be able to provide food for astronauts on long-distance journeys through space.

Some commentators also say the design is just as exciting for Earth-dwellers, as the machines could eventually become a standard kitchen appliance. Families would then be able to simply print off their dinner, rather than spend time preparing it.

Once it is up and running, Contractor will test the machine by trying to print a pizza, which was an obvious choice due to its flat shape.

The dough will be printed first, then the tomato base, then the “protein-layer” topping.

3D printing hit headlines recently when a group of American anarchists created a 3D printed gun and published the designs globally, allowing anyone with a 3D printer to create a firearm.


‘We eventually have to change our perception of what we see as food.’

– Mechanical engineer Anjan Contractor

via NASA to fund world’s first 3D food printer | Fox News.

Gilmore Girls, Madeleine Albright, kith/kin: One if my favorite episodes is this one with Madeleine Albright.

Photo: It's finally Friday, whew! Kick off your shoes and snuggle up with a pal. How do you plan on celebrating this three day weekend?

It was a dream in which Madeline’s character (herself) was recounting Rory’s birth instead of her mother who always does the same thing

via Gilmore Girls.

The Princess Bride, kith/kin: This one’s for my niece (happy birthday by the way!)

via The Princess Bride.

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