5.29.13 … bracing for Sandy …

Hurricane Babies, Hurricane Sandy, Sandy Syndrome, NYTimes.com:  

In rural India, sociologists have found links between improved electrical service and declining birthrates. In New York, Hurricane Sandy may have induced the opposite effect. Couples stuck at home for days with the lights out, elevators inoperable, and lobbies deluged may have had more time for romance.

Call it Sandy Syndrome.

Several New York hospitals are bracing for an increase in births during the last weeks of July and early August. That would be about nine months after power failures and floods caused by Hurricane Sandy paralyzed large swaths of the New York metropolitan area and kept couples at home.

The idea that blackouts, whether caused by storms or accidents, lead to a rise in births has become a virtual cliché. But it is not necessarily accurate, according to researchers. “My first instinct is that people are home, they want to be together more and so there’s an increased rate,” said Dr. Michael R. Berman, medical director for labor and delivery at Beth Israel Medical Center. “But after looking at some of the past catastrophes there wasn’t.”

No statistically sound effect on births was found after the 1965 power failure in the Northeast. Nine months after the 2003 blackout in the region, the number of births in New York City actually dipped slightly compared with a year earlier.

A study several years ago in the Journal of Population Economics revealed a mild correlation between more births after minor squalls, but the opposite effect after severe storms like Hurricane Sandy. Other research found that birthrates sometimes rose during a hurricane, possibly the result of anxiety, but not necessarily nine months later. And the number of births in New York often peaks in July.

Still, officials at other local hospitals say that, based on patient due dates, they are anticipating increases of 10 to 30 percent in midsummer births compared with the last year.

via Preparing for Hurricane Babies – NYTimes.com.

Ravinia Music Festival,  lawncierge, chicagotribune.com:

 The Ravinia Festival on Wednesday announced a new private lawn seating area for select concerts this summer. Dubbed “Lawncierge” and described as capturing “the feel of an outdoor VIP lounge,” the $185-per-person seating area is to include lawn furniture, a private wait staff, beverages and all-you-can-eat food from a menu created by Levy Restaurants.

via Ravinia Music Festival introduces lawncierge – chicagotribune.com.

ISS, Soyuz,  Astronauts, Cosmonaut: Godspeed …

NASAs Karen Nyberg, the European Space Agencys Luca Parmitano and Russias Fyodor Yurchikhin are scheduled to launch to space from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan onboard a Russian Soyuz spaceship at 4:31 p.m. EDT 2031 GMT, arriving at the space station about six hours later.

via Soyuz Launch Today To Send Astronauts, Cosmonaut To ISS.

Keep Calm & Carry On, icons, Maria Popova,  ‏@brainpicker: 🙂

 Maria Popova ‏@brainpicker 2m

Just when you think the Keep Calm & Carry On meme has run its course, these brilliant bandaids make you smile and nod

via (8) Twitter.

These Keep Calm and Carry On bandaids are by far the most ingenious, for reasons of obvious aptness, play on the beloved meme.<br /><br />
(↬ Quipsologies)

Explore – These Keep Calm and Carry On bandaids are by far….

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