6.2.13 … just added a bunch to my bucket list and at the top is Frying Pan Tower! …

vacation, bucket list, The South, Frying Pan Tower,  Garden and Gun: One of each, please.

Southern Summer Escapes

Rob Howard


Twenty-five getaways, small towns, hidden beaches, and back road adventures

Shoot skeet over the ocean at an offshore hotel. Paddle downriver to a
 hidden tree house. Take in bird dog trials and a pint of Guinness in the English countryside. 
Our travel guide is packed with fourteen unforgettable adventures—one for each weekend from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Plus: Southern beaches, warm-weather towns, and one very special tourist trap. Start packing

1. Offshore Escape: Frying Pan Tower

After more than a year of rehab, Neal’s tower is now open for business, with room for up to fourteen guests. Amenities include 5,000 square feet of Wi-Fi- and HDTV-equipped living space, with kitchens, office space, fully equipped bathrooms (with piping hot showers), and spectacular 360-degree views. There’s also a skeet range, a Brunswick pool table original to the station, and a driving range stocked with ocean-friendly biodegradable golf balls.

TYPICAL DAY: If relaxing on the deck is too low-impact, try fishing or diving—or both. The gin-clear, Gulf Stream–warmed water teems with tornadic schools of baitfish (which happen to love hanging beneath the tower). “The fishing is just insane out there,” Neal says. “Mahi and grouper especially. Last summer, some free divers taught me their breath-holding techniques. I made it to the bottom on the first day. I watched a loggerhead turtle and found the ocean floor was just littered with crabs and lobsters. That night, the guys all came up for a feast. So if you come, don’t forget to bring butter.”

via Frying Pan Tower | Garden and Gun.

2. Lowcountry Hospitality: Pelican Inn

3. Barbecue 101: Pork U

4. Heart of the Keys: Moorings Village and Spa

5. Treetop Hideaway: Edisto River Tree Houses

6. Farm Stay: Serenbe

7. Folk School: Festival of Learnshops

8. Country Pursuit: CLA Game Fair

9. Mountain Jam: FloydFest

10. Private Island: North Beach

11. Shotgun Camp: Sea Island Shooting School

12. Hill Country Outpost: Sinya on Lone Man Creek

13. Handmade Holiday: Alabama Chanin’s Studio Weekend Workshop

14. Delta Blues Reunion: Otha Turner Family Picnic

via Southern Weekends | Garden and Gun.


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