6.4.13 … Chris Christie: between a rock and a hard place …

Gov. Chris Christie, Death of Senator Lautenberg, NYTimes.com:  Politics!

Mr. Christie, a Republican, is up for re-election in November and hoping to roll up a huge victory margin, which he could then use to accelerate his drive to present himself as a presidential candidate with broad appeal even in a blue state.

But adding a special election for the Senate seat to the ballot could put Mayor Cory A. Booker of Newark at the top of the Democratic ticket, potentially energizing more Democrats, who already outnumber Republicans in New Jersey by 700,000 registered voters, to come to the polls.

The implications extend beyond New Jersey to Washington, where both parties are maneuvering for strategic advantage in a Senate where even a single vote can derail legislation. The replacement of Mr. Lautenberg, a Democrat, with an interim senator appointed by Mr. Christie creates immediate complications for the White House and Democrats on Capitol Hill as they try to push through presidential nominations and an overhaul of immigration laws under the constant threat of Republican filibuster.

via Death of Senator Places Chris Christie in Difficult Spot – NYTimes.com.

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