6.15.13 … Paul McCartney, Beatles, Wings … and Stephen Colbert ….

The Colbert Report,  Paul McCartney, Paul McCartney,  Beatles, Wings:  fun …

The Colbert Report opened last night with a segment called “Stephen Colbert’s Tribute to Having Paul McCartney on His Show, Featuring Paul McCartney, With Special Guest Stephen Colbert.” And, for the next 12 minutes, Paul and Stephen covered a lot of ground. Because McCartney has just released material from Wings – a 1976 concert film called Rockshow and a reissue of Wings Over America – the conversation begins with the Wings era: how Macca started all over again; drove to gigs in a van, with no hotel reservations booked; eventually recorded a fine album (Band on the Run) in Nigeria, amidst a cholera outbreak; and began performing live for the first time in years … which led to inevitable questions about the Beatles: why they stopped performing live in 1966, and how their songwriting evolved. It all ends with interviewer and interviewee singing a charming duet of Irving Berlin’s 1936 classic “Cheek to Cheek.” Later, McCartney treated the Colbert crowd to six songs. We’ve embedded a couple of clips below. You can watch the full 60-minute show here.

via Paul McCartney Talks Beatles & Wings with Stephen Colbert, Performs 6 Songs Live | Open Culture.

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