6.19.13 … Common Core: Glad I am not a parent … seems more about mastering the technology than the common core ….

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“I was pleasantly surprised that these third graders were able to maneuver from problem to problem much better than I had anticipated,” says Kent Henson, the assistant superintendent for instructional services for the West Ottawa public schools in Holland, Mich. About 240 students in the 7,200-student district took tests in the Smarter Balanced pilot this spring.Henson says: “They had to drag and drop, to highlight, and they had to compare and contrast. They had to write a letter. They had to watch a video, which meant putting on headphones. They had to fill in boxes on a table. There were a lot of different mouse-manipulation tasks.”The pilot test questions were a mix of multiple-choice questions, problem solving, short-answer responses, and other tasks. Students had to drag and drop answers into different boxes.

…”You want a kid to take a test that relates to what is going on in the classroom,” Cummings says. “The only way to make the Smarter Balanced assessments meaningful is if common core is effectively integrated into the coursework.”

Not only do teachers need to adjust their curricula to meet the new standards, they also will need to adjust how they are framing questions to test students throughout the year, educators say.

“We need to be writing rigorous and challenging assessments,” Henson says. “If all we are doing is giving multiple-choice questions, then we are doing our kids a disservice.”

The biggest idea that the pilots underscored for many educators was that the key for getting ready for the tests is not just getting the technology ready, but also having students and teachers know the standards.

“I think we have to make sure we are teaching and assessing with intent on the common core,” Henson says. “It is really skills-based. Reading, writing, and listening skills are a huge part of being able to take that test.”

via Education Week: Schools Test-Drive Common Core.

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