6.20.13 … Home 3-D Printers: I’m not buying one yet (I don’t need any plastic figurines) … but a club might be fun …

home 3-D printers, hackerspaces,  NYTimes.com: 

If you want to dip your tip into the world of printables, it may be wise to begin your experiments alongside an enthusiastic hobbyist or professional who can guide you. Many hackerspaces make 3-D printers available as part of their memberships. Some libraries around the country have begun offering 3-D printers and coaching help. Soon, Staples will offer a 3-D printing service in its stores, using a full-color process from the Irish company MCor Technologies that makes items out of paper instead of plastic. It has already introduced the technology in Europe.

via Home 3-D Printers to Make Things You Need or Just Like – NYTimes.com.


MakerBot, Stratasys, Kara Swisher – AllThingsD: a plastic figurine ….

The democratizing of 3-D printing just saw its first big deal, with the sale of MakerBot to Stratasys for $403 million in stock, with an additional $201 million in performance-based earn-outs.Stratasys is a larger industrial 3-D printing company, which has been around since 1989, while MakerBot has pioneered the desktop 3-D printing. But it has sold more than 22,000 3-D printers since it was founded in 2009, especially the most recent MakerBot Replicator 2 unit.With it, a consumer can print out small objects, such as a plastic figurine. But the entire 3-D industry is innovating rapidly and things such as replacement body parts are also being printed on some machines.MakerBot will continue to operate independently, out of its new factory in Brooklyn, Minneapolis- and Israel-based Stratasys said. MakerBot also has one retail store in Manhattan, where it shows off its printers and the thousands of objects that can be made from it.

via MakerBot Sells to Stratasys for $403M — Plus $201M for Earn-Outs – Kara Swisher – News – AllThingsD.

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