6.25.13 … Moral Monday: “what is happening in North Carolina is more extreme than when tea party politicians were swept into office at the federal level and pushed a similar agenda” …

Moral Monday, NC Legislature, NC Gov.  Pat McCrory:  6.11.13 … Moral Monday: This picture should make the NC powers that be think again …  It appears our legislators and governor are not listening. I don’t like it when either side deems itself to have a mandate to do as they please.


The Rev. William Barber, chief architect of the protests that now bring national media crews to the capital, said much of the policies and laws from the Republican-controlled N.C. General Assembly and governor’s office have been putting pen to paper, or “politics and signatures.”

Nearly 120 people were arrested and charged with trespassing, disorderly conduct and failure to disperse on command. That brings the total number of arrests to almost 600 on the same day that the first wave of protesters made their first appearance in Wake County District Court.Irving Joyner, the N.C. Central University law professor representing the protesters, said he entered not guilty pleas on behalf of the 17 arrested on April 29. He also asked that their cases be dismissed, challenging the arrests as unconstitutional.

.“The North Carolina Constitution says that every citizen has the right to go to the General Assembly and address their legislators and to issue any complaints that they have about the work that they’re doing,” Joyner told District Court Judge Dan Nagle, who was presiding over the hearing. The protesters, Joyner added, “were protesting against actions that we deem to be improper, untimely, spiteful and mean-spirited toward the poor.”

Nagle scheduled the trials for late September.

As legal questions lingered, demonstrators were adamant about the messages they wanted to send later to the General Assembly and Gov. Pat McCrory.

With labor issues, women’s rights and economic justice as their themes for the week, the demonstrators hoped to halt what many described as “arrogant” and “vindictive” policies that favored the very wealthy and caused great harm to the state’s poorest and weakest.

U.S. Rep. David Price, a Democrat from Chapel Hill, was among the crowd outside the Legislative Building. “This is beyond politics as usual,” Price said. “It’s so extreme, so drastic and so threatening to so many people.”

Price said what is happening in North Carolina is more extreme than when tea party politicians were swept into office at the federal level and pushed a similar agenda. “They created plenty of problems,” Price said. “But in the U.S. Congress, they didn’t have unchecked power.”

Critics of the demonstrators have described them as bitter about Republican victories and unwilling to accept the new party in power.

They contend the weekly arrests are a drain on tax dollars, requiring the General Assembly police and other Wake County law enforcement agencies to spend more on personnel than they otherwise would.

The John W. Pope Civitas Institute, a conservative think tank that has been largely funded by the family foundation of Art Pope, the governor’s budget director, posted an online database last week of the people arrested in the demonstrations. The database included the age, race, employment and hometown of 382 of the arrested protesters. The site also included a “Pick The Protester Game,” which invited people to match descriptions of the protesters with their mugshots.

The posts brought quick criticism from groups on the other side of the political aisle – the Institute for Southern Studies compared the database to the actions of White Citizens’ Councils, which published names of NAACP supporters in local newspapers in the civil rights era to encourage retaliation.

A statement on the Civitas site said the information was posted to let readers decide whether the “protesters disrupting the General Assembly at ‘Moral Mondays’ represent a cross-section of North Carolina citizens.”

via RALEIGH: Moral Monday crowds swell in week 8; first protestors appear in court | State Politics | NewsObserver.com.

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