7.5.13 … New Imperialism: Snowden revealing a new world order? … Diane Rehm: how old? … Mme. Curie: “martyr to science” … Iran: 12000 year old seeds …

South America, Edward Snowden, Bolivia, New Imperialism, Philip Bump – The Atlantic Wire: “Being united will defeat American imperialism.”

Morales went a step further Thursday, indicating that he was considering ending the American diplomatic presence in his country. The Guardian:

“Being united will defeat American imperialism. We met with the leaders of my party and they asked us for several measures and if necessary, we will close the embassy of the United States,” Morales said. “We do not need the embassy of the United States.”

Representatives from five other South American countries — Argentina, Uruguay, Ecuador, Surinam, and Venezuela — held a summit in Bolivia today to discuss the diversion. Its final result was a statement calling on four European countries to answer questions about the alleged airspace closures. (Not all of those countries appear to have actually done so.)

At the summit, Venezuela, one of Snowden’s possible asylum destinations, jumped into the fray.

The point bears repeating: If and when the United States asked European allies to help stop Snowden — and which countries may have tried to do so this week — is not clear. But from a political standpoint, it’s largely irrelevant. The U.S. is seen as having violated the sacrosanct immunity of heads of states (as Fernandez tweeted). If President Obama hopes to convince Venezuela or Bolivia — or, perhaps, any other non-NATO country — not to accept Snowden’s bid for asylum, it’s just become substantially harder.

via South America Sees the Snowden-ized Bolivian Flight as the New Imperialism – Philip Bump – The Atlantic Wire.

Diane Rehm: 76

Diane Rehm (/ˈriːm/; born Diane Aed on September 21,[1] 1936) is an American public radio talk show host.

via Diane Rehm – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

July 5, 1934 Obituary, Mme. Curie,  Brain Pickings:

“Few persons contributed more to the general welfare of mankind and to the advancement of science than the modest, self-effacing woman whom the world knew as Mme. Curie.”

farming, Iran, archeology, The Salt : NPR: 

Archaeologists digging in the foothills of Iran’s Zagros Mountains have discovered the remains of a Stone Age farming community. It turns out that people living there were growing plants like barley, peas and lentils as early as 12,000 years ago.

The findings offer a rare snapshot of a time when humans first started experimenting with farming. They also show that Iran was an important player in the origin of agriculture.

In 2009, archaeologist Nicholas Conard of the University of Tubingen led an excavation in the foothills of the Zagros, a mountain range that runs along the Iran-Iraq border.

via Farming Got Hip In Iran Some 12,000 Years Ago, Ancient Seeds Reveal : The Salt : NPR.

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