7.8.13 … Phantom Planter: After 34 years of secret plantings without a problem, D.C. gardener runs afoul of transit system … Broadway’s ‘First Date’: Chuck’s Zachary Levi and Smash’s Krysta Rodriguez move on …

Phantom Planter: , secret plantings, D.C. gardener, DC Metro transit system:  Definitely a WTF situation …

It turns out I underestimated Metro bureaucrats’ capacity for folly.

Two weeks ago, I wrote that the transit system would look silly if it let perish 1,000 flowers planted secretly at the Dupont Circle station by local garden artist Henry Docter, the self-described Phantom Planter.

(Ricky Carioti/The Washington Posy) – Docter, known as “The Phantom Planter” had taken it upon himself to plant Morning Glories, Cardinal Flowers, and Cypress Vines on Metro property at the Dupont Metro North Station. He was told that he would be arrested if he watered or tended to them in any way.

Metro threatens Phantom Planter with arrest if he waters his flowers

Robert McCartney JUN 22

COLUMN | After 34 years of secret plantings without a problem, D.C. gardener runs afoul of transit system.

I feared that Metro would merely neglect the flowers. Instead, last Sunday, it sent workmen to yank them out.

The transit system regularly pleads poverty, yet employees devoted supposedly valuable time to remove more than 1,000 morning glories, cardinal flowers and cypress vines that Docter donated to the city — albeit without permission. The plants would have bloomed from August to October in a patriotic display of red, white and blue.

Instead of greenery today and colors to come, the 176 flower boxes along the top stretch of the escalators at the station’s north entrance now feature dirt, a few straggling stems and the occasional discarded soda can.

“It never occurred to me that Metro would think it was more efficient to rip out the plants than to let someone water them,” Docter said.

Metro tore out the foliage without waiting to solicit the neighborhood’s opinion, as it said it had planned to do.

“We want to meet with the community and see what the community would like. We will move forward with their wishes, as long as they are reasonable, sustainable and safe,” Michael McBride, manager of Metro’s Art in Transit Program, said June 21.

No meetings have taken place since then. Local leaders were aghast that Metro ignored their wishes for a compromise to keep the flowers in place.

via Metro rips out Phantom Planter’s flowers at Dupont Circle station – The Washington Post.

Metro threatened Docter with “arrest, fines and imprisonment” if he dared to weed, water or otherwise tend to more than 1,000 morning glories and other flowers whose seeds he planted in 176 barren flower boxes alongside the top stretch of the north escalators at the Dupont Circle station.



Metro said it’s only concerned about safety. The boxes are set in steep, cobblestoned inclines, so Metro fears that Docter could hurt himself or others if he fell.

That doesn’t impress the man who calls himself the Phantom Planter. He said Metro is exaggerating the risk. He’s had little difficulty walking up and down two narrow service ramps to get to the boxes since he started planting there in October.

In addition, Docter has told Metro that he’s willing to use a harness as Metro workers do. He’d sign a liability waiver saying he wouldn’t sue Metro if he’s hurt.

“I’ve never gotten in trouble for planting flowers,” Docter, 52, said last week. “Never has anyone overreacted with such an absence of common sense.”

Docter spoke in the first interview in which he openly discussed 34 years of clandestine horticulture. The District resident estimated that he’s planted more than 40,000 flowers in spots ranging from the Israeli Embassy and Navy Memorial in the District to faraway locales, including Argentina, Spain and Cambodia.

via Metro threatens Phantom Planter with arrest if he tends his DuPont Circle station flowers – The Washington Post.

Broadway’s ‘First Date’: A Greek Chorus Of Emotional Baggage  … moving on …  Chuck I tried to watch … I liked the idea but i never got into it … Smash I wish had made it … c’est la vie.

Many fans of the TV show Chuck fell in love with the nerd-turned-unwitting spy at the heart of the show, but most probably didn’t know that he could sing.

Zachary Levi is now rehearsing for his first role on Broadway — a new musical comedy called First Date — which also features Krysta Rodriguez, the star of another NBC program, Smash.

The musical is based on a simple concept: two people on a blind date that goes cringingly wrong. But it’s not just about the couple; each character brings along all the baggage from the past relationships — and those voices in their heads provide the musical with its “Greek chorus.

via Broadway’s ‘First Date’: A Greek Chorus Of Emotional Baggage : NPR.

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