7.10.13 … I was tired of Sarah Palin from day one … I am disappointed and quickly tiring of Pat McCrorey … I am thinking I should go to raleigh on a Monday … no joke …

Sarah Palin, Pat McCrorey, Moral Mondays:  Right now I might as well be Snowden.  I have no home.  I think both sides have gone over the edge.

There was a time when I would have groaned with disgust at the coverage of the tumultuous Moral Monday protests. As a conservative activist and blogger (and registered Republican), my feet remain firmly planted on the right, but I have become surprisingly sympathetic to the passionate protesters who gather every week in Raleigh.

To my Republican brethren, take what I say as constructive criticism. I still adhere to our principles of smaller, leaner government. But we, the poor and unemployed, need hope and to be reminded, as Ronald Reagan did in 1980, that this economic malaise is not the result of our bad choices.

I want the governor to pull me back into the flock, to talk to me and not about me. I truly do not want to be defined, either by the left or the right, by my employment status. Usually in politics, we go with the side we feel has got our back, and, at the moment, I identity with those Moral Monday-ers carrying signs reading “I am Not a Deadbeat.” My heart truly aches for them.

I soldier on, reminding myself not to wallow in victimhood – it only feeds on itself. Furthermore, no government entity will ever care for me like I care for myself, so keep your federal extensions, I’ll get by.

But I must remind state Republicans that the challenge of life is not just survival, it is dealing with medical emergencies after your insurance has run out. It is praying for a miracle to avoid raiding your retirement account. If state Republicans don’t think they can or should cover those burdens, then maybe their best and brightest minds should tell the poor and unemployed how to cope and where to turn.

And a little compassion wouldn’t hurt. After all, it’s not what you say that matters; it’s what I hear. And I hear “Deadbeat.”

via Moral Mondays make sense when GOP compassion is lacking | Other Views | NewsObserver.com.

Uh oh, does someone need attention? Sarah Palin, who skipped naptime five years ago and has been so fussy ever since, told Sean Hannity that she has “considered” an attempt to depose Alaska’s Mark Begich from his Senate seat. “I’ve considered it, because people have requested me considering it,” Palin told Hannity. “But I’m still waiting to see what the lineup will be and hoping that . . . there will be some new blood, new energy, not just kind of picking from the same old politicians in the state.” She continued: “Yeah, like the old Palin lady. She’s just been kicking around Alaska forever, always halfway to the airport in case reality-television producers come a-callin’. What’s she even—oh. Oh no, wait. Never, uh . . . mind. Nevermind.”

According to The Washington Post, Republicans will probably wind up running Alaska lieutenant governor/Viking pornographer Mead Treadwell against Begich. Mead Treadwell, who served as a piece of 80s-era gym equipment before his lieutenant governorship, is described as a “solid candidate.” The people of Alaska might just prefer Mead Treadwell—who, when combined with bloodletting and absinthe, was used in the 18th century as an ineffective treatment of consumption—to Sarah Palin, who, by her own admission, is only fake-considering running at the behest of other people allegedly begging her to do so.

Anything else going on in Alask

via Cranky Sarah Palin Arises from Nap, Needs Attention | Vanity Fair.

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