7.13.13 … Wheels on the bus …

Wheels on the bus …

I arrived at 6:38, and the bus driver was about to shut the door .. And did … then I tapped on the window.

The driver shook her head and informed me that bus left at 6:30, and she was not going to be late because if me. I apologized, but reminded her that the  bus did not leave until 6:45. She finally opened the door … I asked her what time I needed to be there in order to get on the 6:45 bus because that should be the scheduled bus departure time or clearly posted. After this uncomfortable banter, it was now only 6:42 which I showed her, and she began to be a little more pleasant.

Given that I am reading about the Montgomery Bus Boycotts of the civil rights era…I can sense how powerless blacks felt when those in power drew an arbitrary but fluid seating line in the bus. My driver’s line is not arbitrary … 6:30, but she is dead wrong because the bus schedule says 6:45,  and she wanted to pick a fight with me. Why?

My companion at the table is a 6 ft 6 man moving from NC to Dallas. He has been up 23 hours and smells horrendous. He is a part time psychic reader, part time computer repairman and now has a new carrer. He is is moving to Dallas for a job with security with the Cowboys. He has recently lost 75 pounds, down from 425. He has $20 left. I am not sure I believe him … However, I am using my calming techniques to be kind …

Pleasant ride other than the driver and the companion.

I’ll stop and smell the roses when I arrive! — at I 85 North Clemson South Carolina.


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