7.24.13 … Michelle Nunn: “Nunn said she would be aiming for the middle” …

Michelle Nunn,  Georgia Senate 2014 election:  It’s ok to like Michelle Nunn for Georgia Senate 2014.  She a Democrat “centrist” which means she sounds a lot like  a traditional Republican conservative (pre-religious right, pre-Tea Party), just like her dad.  I’d look real hard at her if I lived in Georgia.


Nunn, 46, said she intends to make the nation’s finances and deficit reduction a key focus of her campaign, picking up where U.S. Saxby Chambliss leaves off. Chambliss, a Republican who retires next year after serving two terms, has played a central role in the so far unsuccessful “Gang of Eight” effort to craft a deal to reduce the $17 trillion federal deficit.Nunn is a first-time political candidate facing steep odds. Even so, her entry has been anticipated for months, and is sure to turn Georgia into a 2014 battleground state, unleashing millions of dollars in campaign contributions and super PAC expenditures.Republicans hold every statewide office in Georgia, but understand that the state’s rapidly changing demographics ultimately threaten that hold. To Democrats, the Georgia contest represents one of only two potential Senate pick-ups in 2014. The other is Kentucky. The race here could determine whether Democrats retain control of the chamber.Nunn isn’t the only Democratic candidate in the Senate contest. Branko Radulovacki, an Atlanta physician, has already announced. Former state Sen. Steen Miles of DeKalb County is considering a run. But Nunn, with a last name that bespeaks Georgia centrism, is the candidate most Democrats with money will bet on.Given the stakes, Nunn’s announcement was surprisingly low-key. We were alone – save for an aide on her side and a photographer on mine — in a booth at the Thumbs Up Diner on Marietta Street in Atlanta, around the corner from the Points of Light Foundation that Nunn founded. Points of Light is a legacy operation of President George H.W. Bush that promotes volunteerism. Nunn has built it from one employee to 130.Four Republicans are already in the contest, pushing the conversation ever rightward. Even as she anticipated a GOP onslaught that would begin at daybreak, Nunn said she would be aiming for the middle.

via Michelle Nunn declares herself a U.S. Senate candidate | Political Insider | www.ajc.com.

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