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RT @treehugger: Are you younger than 28? If so, you’ve never lived a month of below average temperature http://goo.gl/n7aIFr

Brookwood Hills, Great Depression, hoboes:  From a childhood friend who along with his dad also grew up in Brookwood Hills, thanks BW…

 My dad grew up in Brookwood Hills, and they went fairly unscathed through the Depression. (grandmother started a telephone answering service to help make ends meet) My dad tells the story though of “hobos” coming through the woods from the railroad tracks into the neighborhood looking for food. My grandmother never turned anyone away who came to their house. Years later, my dad read/heard that the hobos would scratch an “x” somewhere on the door hardware or near it as an indicator to others that the occupant was sympathetic. Dad went and looked, and there was an ‘x” scratched on the handle under the thumb latch on their front door.

federal auctions, future offshore wind farms, The Two-Way, NPR:

A Rhode Island company was the highest bidder in the federal government’s first-ever auction for the right to build an offshore wind farm.

After 11 rounds, Deepwater Wind outbid two other companies for two patches of ocean off the coasts of Massachusetts and Rhode Island. The winning bid was $3.8 million.

Not as many companies participated in the bidding as was expected, but industry representatives and government officials heralded the outcome as a sign that offshore wind power is on its way.

“This sale marks a really historic moment in the clean energy future of this country,” said Tommy Beaudreau, director of the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, which is part of the Interior Department.

The United States has no offshore wind farms, but some industry experts say the fact that there was competition for these leases shows that despite all the setbacks, the offshore wind industry might soon take off.

“The resource is too big to be ignored for very much longer,” says Todd Griset, an attorney who advises clients on ocean energy projects.

via Sold! First Parcels Auctioned For Future Offshore Wind Farms : The Two-Way : NPR.

Ponce City Market, Atlanta INtown Paper:  I saw the work in progress when I went to Juliannas’:

Three hundred construction workers are onsite daily to keep the mammoth Ponce City Market project on schedule for its late 2014 opening. The transformation of the old Sears/City Hall East property into Atlanta’s version of Seattle’s Pike Place Market or San Francisco’s Pier 39 will ramp up sharply in the fall when 800 to 1,000 workers onsite, according to James Irwin, vice-president of Jamestown Construction and Development.

Driving along Ponce de Leon or North Avenue, there is clearly a hum of activity going on, Irwin said. “We’re working on the surface parking and greenspace that faces North and will lead to the main entrance of the food hall,” he said. “Inside, there’s new electrical, plumbing and elevator work going on.”

via Market Watch: Ponce City Market on schedule for 2014 – Atlanta INtown Paper.

 John 14:  A friend posted this on Facebook.

Improv on the opening of John 14 Don’t let your hearts be troubled, your minds distracted,your hands turn to fists, or your spirits wiltfor lack of music or art,a walk on the shore, or a friend.Believe in the impossible possible grace –God once, God come in Jesus, God coming again.God has a house with a footprint so holy,a floor plan so extensive,there is room for everyone,and all the self-defined interior decoratorsof all the religions of the worldcannot spoil the beauty of its proportions.We try very hard to make reservations.Many of us want to book the chapel,but others only want to sit at a kitchen tablewith grandmothers,or find a bedroom and sleep weariness away.One says, “take me to a balcony whereI can look once again at sunset over the ocean.I promised to meet someone there.”And another, “The conservatory –I’ll see every flower that has become extinct,and let the butterflies rest on me.”“Is there a kennel? I want to find, well …this Jack Russell loved me so muchit turned the sadness away.Or are all the dogs free ranging in heaven,and only a few theologians live in cratesthey built for themselves?”But back to the text …“You say you’ll go and prepare a place,but we don’t know the way.”That was Thomas, speakingfor those of us with GPS for soul.Jesus answered originally …“I am the way and the …”but in the translation of my longing,he stops, looks in our faces,and simply says, “Come home.”

Birth Scroll, William & Kate , The British Royals, The Royals, Royal Baby, Kate Middleton, Prince George, Prince William:  So I wonder if anyone else gets a scroll?

See the Birth Scroll Given to William & Kate

New parents Prince William and Kate were handed a special scroll marking the birth of son Prince George when they left the hospital.

The gift is almost identical to the one made 31 years ago to celebrate William’s birth at the same place – the private Lindo Wing of St. Mary’s Hospital, London.

The memento was inscribed by hand, using traditional calligraphic styles and presented in an embossed leather case.

via See the Birth Scroll Given to William & Kate – Babies, The British Royals, The Royals, Royal Baby, Kate Middleton, Prince George, Prince William : People.com.

SCOTUSblog on camera,  Justice William J. Brennan Jr, Geoffrey Stone:

Clerking for Justice William J. Brennan, Jr., and the influence of clerks and outside events on the Court during the October Term 1972.

via SCOTUSblog on camera: Geoffrey Stone Part one : SCOTUSblog.

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