8.4.13 … ‘Spirit Waves Fountain’ …

Davidson College Campus, public art, ‘Spirit Waves Fountain’, DavidsonNews.net:  I love all the new art!

"Spirit Waves Fountain" by Jesús Moroles. (Bill Giduz photo)

Workers at Davidson College this week are assembling the latest addition to the campus’s outdoor sculpture collection, a work called “Spirit Waves Fountain” by Texas artist Jesús Moroles. The piece, carved from Texas pink granite, is being installed in the courtyard behind the Sloan Music Center, and it’s the college’s first to include a water feature.

The central component of Spirit Waves Fountain is a wavy, 10-foot granite pillar weighing more than a ton. The pillar sits in the middle of a circle of grooved flat stones, with a raised bench around the perimeter. Viewers may sit on the bench and watch water slowly trickle down the pillar from a basin at its top.

The sculpture is a gift from Dr. Hugh “Chip” McAllister, a 1961 Davidson graduate who knows the artist and previously housed the work on his property in Houston. McAllister is also a generous supporter of the Davidson Research Initiative and other college enterprises.

Lia Newman, director of the William H. Van Every/Edward M. Smith Galleries, orchestrated the installation of “Spirit Waves Fountain,” and said it represents a first in the Campus Sculpture Program.

“This piece is more abstract than many other sculptures on campus, which are figurative, or evocative of the human body,” she explained. “This is a sculpture everyone can enjoy. It becomes part of the landscape and encourages interaction in a different way than other works on campus.”

via Campus gains a sculpture: ‘Spirit Waves Fountain’ | DavidsonNews.net.

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